Jenny the Welsh Springer Spaniel

Puppy Breed: Welsh Springer Spaniel

Jenny's dad says: Jenny is a happy puppy. She arrived in our home in early March, just in time for springtime in Central Texas. Plentiful rain has the springs flowing, and she is discovering her water-loving spaniel nature. Her frequent walks and swims with me use up some of that puppy energy and help keep her out of trouble at home. Jenny is smart and sweet, and she learns best from a firm but gentle approach. Every day we find ourselves gushing about what a great puppy she is and what a wonderful dog she is becoming. Her only vice is that she is a sock monger. Fortunately, she just mouths them for that irresistible essence of human foot but does not tear them up. She is so good otherwise that we find ourselves tolerating this one vice that she loves so much. In return, when we catch her with a sock, she gives it up without a fight, knowing that another opportunity is waiting around the corner in the dirty clothes bin... as soon as we're not paying attention. See more of the adorable Jenny at her dad's photo blog.