Jessie the Mixed Breed

Puppy Breed: Australian Shepherd / Border Collie

This is Jessie. She has been a part of our family for 2 months and we could not have asked for a better addition. We believe she is an Australian shepherd / border collie mix with some kind of northern breed. Either way we think she is a cutie. The moment we saw her face we knew she was ours. Jessie loves to play in the snow and can play outside for hours. She loves people so much that when someone comes over she follows them around and will sit in front of the door so they can't leave. Jessie sleeps a lot as she is still little; her favorite napping places are by the front door, under the couch or bed. Poor Jessie has been finding it more and more difficult getting under the couch as she is growing so fast! Jessie is learning so fast and we know she will make the best companion. We can see that she will be a very unique and beautiful dog; she is already turning heads.