Jiggs the Bulldog

Puppy Breed: Bulldog

Jiggs's mom says: Mr. Jiggs is our little whirlwind. We have another bulldog and they're like potato chips -- it's hard to have just one. Jiggs is the complete opposite of our first bully. He's into everything and usually all at once. He has the saddest, most expressive eyes of any dog we've seen. If he does something he knows is wrong, he looks up with this sad "the other dogs MADE me do it" look and it's hard to stay upset. Jiggs is very food-driven so he knows the word "treat" and that it means to come here. This helps if we're outside and he gets distracted and wants to wander off; I just say "treat" and he comes running. We love our little man and he is such a joy, always making us laugh. But really bulldogs are little clowns in doggy disguise.