Wednesday, July 23, 2014
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Nov 13, 2006 erinn
An adorable 'muppy'! Love her colour, like peaches and cream.
Nov 13, 2006 Whitley-s Mommy
Josie is a doll! I love the pic of her sleeping, with the one ear flopped out to the side. She even looks cute in the bath-- and that's not easy to do!
Nov 13, 2006 Melissa-Zozie-s mom
Okay where do you live I'm coming to puppy-nap her!!! I'm in love!!
Nov 13, 2006 anon
AHHHH SOOOO CUTE! She looks like a stuffed animal! I especially love the pics of her in action :)
Nov 13, 2006 samir
awwwwww..impossibly cute little dog.. seriously..:)
Nov 13, 2006 Oaktown Girl
Cute cute cute!
Nov 13, 2006 yummi600
what a cute little stinker!!!
Nov 13, 2006 DogMom
Wow! What a cute little furry girl! She is paws-itively the most precious baby girl!!!! I just want to kiss her little head!!!
Nov 13, 2006 scobig
In picture #5 you cant tell which one is the stuffed animal! What a wittle teddy bear!
Nov 13, 2006 Lisa
I'm currently obsessed with cockapoos! I totally want one, and Josie is an absolute sweetheart. So cute and cuddly!
Nov 13, 2006 Evelyn Stevenson
Very darling little puppy and she looks like lots of fun.
Nov 13, 2006 jenniferlea
What a cute little ball of fur! She looks like she has a ton of personality!
Nov 13, 2006 tonia
Too adorable!! Just want to snuggle!! LOVE the bathtub pic.
Nov 13, 2006 Margie, Rex-s mom
Oh, she looks so much like my little girl, Trilby, just less white. Trilby died back in 1999 and I still miss her to this day. She was a stray that we took in. Or she adopted me. Cockapoos are smart, high energy and fun. And head strong. ;-) Enjoy Josie, she is absolutely beautiful!!
Nov 13, 2006 gryt
What a little darling! She looks a little bit like a "Westie", a Westhighland terrier.
Nov 13, 2006 souscee
Josie looks just like my Annie. Annie is a Bischon/Poodle mix we adopted from the shelter 12 years ago. She has been the joy of our lives. I have had other dogs and loved every one of them. But, Annie is the star. Like Josie she is super bright and was trained in less than a week. Enjoy your little darling. She is beautiful. I would get another one of these poodle combos in a heartbeat.
Nov 13, 2006 Murphy-s Mom
What a darling puppy. I love the photo where she is running with her toy. Too cute...
Nov 13, 2006 Ellie
This is a truly precious little dog!

I'm glad to get here before Julia does today. Julia, I just wanted to say that I'm disapppointed that you have toned down your comments after that one incredibly mean person criticised you. What made your comments so wonderful is that they were so totally over the top in a truly delightful way. They just brightened my day.
Nov 13, 2006 Jobo
Yes, Julia, you rock!
Nov 13, 2006 Always 11 Biscuits!
Josie deserves 11 biscuits!
Nov 13, 2006 beth
...what a sweetie!!
Nov 13, 2006 Bunnied816
I am so sorry, but I have to disagree...Josie does NOT deserve 11 biscuits. But I can't figure out how to give her 12, or 13, or...

How delightful!!! And what a wonderful way to start off your life as Dog-Parents! She looks like an absolute treasure, and yes, Cockapoos are enormously intelligent! But I don't know if you want her fraternizing with the cats. We've made that mistake; now they work as a criminal team. Dog treats for special occasions mysteriously kept disappearing - until we caught one of the cats in the act of snagging one out of the dish and tossing it to the poodle!! Beware...! And look at that would never be able to punish the crime! :-)
Nov 13, 2006 ilovedogs
AWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!! Josie is just a sweet name!!!! She is soooooooooo adorable!!!!!! I love the photo of her with the stuffed animal!!!! I can't tell which one is her or the stuffed animal!!!!!!! She looks like a furry fuzzy teddy bear!!!!!!! Her white cute fur looks really soft!!!!!!
Nov 13, 2006 Jill
I abdolutely ADORE her! By the way who's Julia?
Nov 13, 2006 arlene
Nov 13, 2006 sugarbaby110
how adorable!!! and yes it does kind of look like a westie... just the slightest! josie is so0o0o cute!!!

hugs and kisses for josie!
Nov 13, 2006 Princess Tootsie
I don't know enough cute words to describe this absolutely precious puppy.
Nov 13, 2006
Aww!! What a cutie!!! I was going to post on some sort of poodle mix today but failed. heh. Thanks for making me smile :-)
Nov 13, 2006 Animefreak
What a sweetie! She has such beautiful eyes! The bathtub picture is darling!

Ellie, I agree with you. Julia's comments are always awesome. I love her enthusiasm, that's what makes her special. That person who insulted her was a very mean person. Or maybe they were having a bad day. Either way, Julia is an awesome person. Rock on!
Nov 13, 2006 Samantha Gee I-m a puppy Lova!
!!!!!! Shes so cute! omg! i luv her so much! shes a cute pup
Nov 13, 2006 lala and panesita
what a cutie of a puppy.LOVE the pics she outo be a model
Nov 14, 2006 Marie
You sure picked one cutie pie for your first dog. A darling puppy. Loved the pics. Such a sweet face.
Nov 14, 2006 Baylee and Cooper-s Mom
Josie is beautiful and so full of energy and personality! Thanks for sharing your new "baby" with us. She deserves an 11, for sure!
Nov 14, 2006 Marissa Miller
I want a cockapoo now! That is the cutest dog EVER!!!
Nov 14, 2006 Julia
Hahahahahaha!!! JOSIE!!!! You look like you were made by Jim Henson's creature factory! Goodness, girl! When will your "Sesame Street" cameo be? I can totally imagine you frolicking beside Elmo and the gang!

That bathtub picture made me dizzy. ADORABLE.

To Ellie, Jobo, and AnimeFreak:

Thanks, you guys! I admit, I got a bit self-conscious after someone suggested that I was not mentally balanced. I can assure you all that I am mentally balanced until I am exposed to dogs, and then I do tend to lose myself in their adorable faces and antics. Thanks for understanding! :)
Nov 14, 2006 Diana and Nico : )
Thank you for sharing these ADORABLE pics!

I loved them all, spcially the one of the bath. LOTS of hugs for Josie, Gizmo and Callie!
Nov 14, 2006 GoPups
YAY!!!!!!!!!!!Thanks for coming back,Julia!! tottaly cute puppy!!!!!!!!!11 biscuits from me!!!
i thought i would never see anything cute "today" but of course josie corrected me! GO JOSIE. you should be named cutie!
Nov 16, 2006 Kellie Tolbert
So cute got one just like it name is tink
Nov 16, 2006 And they call it Puppy Love
Wow! She sure is an adorable puppy - it looks like each picture shows a different part of her personality. She should be a puppy model!
Nov 17, 2006 loewus
She looks as if she was waiting for the camera, just so you could send me the pictures! She is just too, too sweet.
Nov 18, 2006 Maria
Nov 19, 2006 kiki
super adorable:)
Nov 19, 2006 the Audets
Josie is the most adorable puppy we have ever seen. And she is so smart, learning fast...
Nov 21, 2006 Rosie
What a sweetie!
I love the bathtime picture -- how well behaved!
Nov 24, 2006 cockapooluvr712
what a sweet heart!!!!!!i luv the last pic of her!guess what!my cockapoo puppy lookes just like her!im getting my puppy today!
Nov 24, 2006 cockapooluvr712
what a sweet heart!!!!!!i luv the last pic of her!guess what!my cockapoo puppy lookes just like her!im getting my puppy today!
Nov 24, 2006 cockapooluvr712
I luv her soo much!
Nov 30, 2006 Christine
She's adorable. The bath picture is the best. I should be on a 2007 cute dogs calendar.
Dec 4, 2006 Puppy Love
Josie and the pussycats!!! She is just TOO cute!!! Cockapoos are the most fantastic (new) breeds out there!!! I <3 you Josie!
Dec 9, 2006 Brightrain
cockapoo's are my favorite dogs, she is sooo sweet, one of the cutest i've seen!
Dec 23, 2006 lvasavadatta
she is beautifulllllllllllllllllll !! u r lucky to hv her
Jan 22, 2007 fro01
Jan 22, 2007 LabMom
Josie is tooooo cute. Absoultely aborable! By the way, I missed the critisism of Julia, but I must admit, I've been missing her comments. I took notice that they were not being posted, and was quite disappointed, as I always find them funny and interesting to read.
Mar 21, 2007 iluvmydog
that is one of the cutest puppies i have ever seen. they are my favorite little ones
Apr 6, 2008 Mummm
Oh my goodness Josie is adorable!!!
May 2, 2008 pups rox
owh how cute is that my other dog looks a bit like that dog
May 18, 2008 s & w's mom
Josie is absolutely adorable. Each picture is great so it's hard to choose one.
Nov 23, 2008 bjager25
Awww too cute!
Nov 26, 2008 wolfgirl66
Soooooooooooooo Adorable!!! I wonder how she is doing these days???
May 1, 2009 Bella'sMom
Oh my gosh!! Josie is the cutest little heart-breaker!!! I love the bathtime photo!! She is toooooo cute!!!
Aug 7, 2009 preciouspuppylove
awwwwwwwwwwwwwww - how precious! i LOVE cock-a-poos!!!!!!!!!!! DEFINITELY going to get one when i get older!!!!!!!!! they are the cutest and fluffiest puppies ever! i just adore them!!!!!!!!!!!! and this one is very, very cute!! josie, i want you to remember these things: 1. you are TOTALLY going on my favorites list!!! 2. you are the cutest cock-a-poo i have seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3. i'd bbsit for you ANYTIME if i could 4. (last but not least) keep on being adorable and only look on the bright side of things - keep your cute, little chin up!!!!!!!!! again, big, big fan - soooooooooooooo cute! lots of kisses and hugs and unlimited supply of doggy bones for you, josie!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo!!!!!!!
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