Jovie the Bulldog Mix

Puppy Breed: Beagle / Bulldog

Jovie is half Beagle (on her mother's side), and half English bulldog. She was only eight weeks old when she arrived. It took her a while to adjust to her new home, but she is the best companion we can imagine! We named her Jovie after the character by the same name in the movie "Elf," and because the name means "jovial," which certainly describes our puppy. Her favorite activities are running around with other dogs at daycare, playing fetch, taking long naps on the couch with us (she's extremely affectionate), and eating peanut butter. She loves her many chew toys and our shoes, and yet has never gone after the furniture! She loves to make us happy by sitting, staying, watching, and waiting...just like she learned in puppy school (and she doesn't mind the treats we give her as a reward, either!). Her dual heritage gives her the best features of both breeds...she has sweet, sad bulldog eyes but with a beagle snout and ears; little wrinkles on her face; and a stout little cinnamon-and-white body. She's our best friend and we never get tired of showing her how much we love her!