Kaikoura the Siberian Husky

Puppy Breed: Siberian Husky

This is Kaikoura, our Siberian husky puppy. My fiance and I brought her home when she was 7 weeks old and have been in love ever since. She is as friendly and social as they come, even getting upset when we see another dog or person on our walk and we don't say hi. Her training is going very well as she has already learned sit, shake, roll over, lay down, up, stay and kisses. She attends doggy daycare a couple times a week and loves every second of it, even making a boyfriend (chocolate Lab puppy who is 2 weeks younger) and a best friend (a 10 month husky pup). Her favorite activities right now are to hunt bugs, splash around in any water she can find and to sit and observe everything going on outside.