Monday, July 28, 2014
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Jun 17, 2013 DaveTheDog
For those of us old enought to remember Ed Sullivan, here's Kaiser. "Well, folks tonight we have a really big shoe..."
Jun 17, 2013 ebead
Kaiser the intrepid hunter... stalking the elusive Slipper....
Jun 17, 2013 doggieaunt
I knew I recognized a star puppy when I saw one! Congrats, little Kaiser, on being today's featured puppy! I feel like I "discovered" you yesterday before you skyrocketed to fame!
Jun 17, 2013 swanruadha
Now this is what the term puppy-dog eyes means. Radiating innocence with a soulful look. "I don't how those slippers got shredded. Wait-I know, it must have been my evil twin-he's always getting me in trouble!"
Jun 17, 2013 Abiglen
Kaiser, you're killing me with all your cuteness. :o) ox ox ox
Jun 17, 2013 pupfanatic
Kaiser, your back feet! Ack, I want to kiss every part of you.
Jun 17, 2013 Missmilamae
Ah Kaiser, you look so sorry in this pic...whatever you've done would certainly be forgiven!
Jun 17, 2013 spunky
Kaiser, you are one adorable little beagle! Your little soft, pink pads on your feet are sooo cute!
Jun 17, 2013 topcat
Be honest, do you think my eyeliner is a little too thick?
Jun 17, 2013 amyliz
What a cute little rascal you are, Kaiser! Many happy and healthy years to you, buddy!
Jun 17, 2013 LizzieBB
I love my Westie, but now I want a beagle. In particular, Kaiser, but since he's taken, another beagle....
Jun 17, 2013 elviswestie
Kaiser - in all of your photos you seem to be thinking deep thoughts or plotting on how to steal slippers, shoes, etc. In Elvis's puppy days, he would steal anything that wasn't bolted down and run around with it in mouth! One summer he began stealing the ripe tomatoes from the vine! It was a war, who would get the tomato first! So what are you plotting, little Kaiser??
Jun 17, 2013 Mmmousemaid
Kaiser is one of the prettiest beagles I have ever seen. Fave File
Jun 17, 2013 imissjess
I positively love Beagles and have had two although they didn't live long lives for some reason. This little guy has the look of an old soul and is beautiful. Best of luck and may he have a long life!
Jun 17, 2013 lucymom
Awww, smile you little cutie pie! You've got the life of Riley!
Jun 17, 2013 Economist
Bad Pun alert!. Kaiser you are clearly on a roll....
Jun 17, 2013 virgilsmama
"I am a Beagle, this is what we do!"
Jun 17, 2013 poochies=love
How could anyone stay mad at this face! He's a perfect Beagle puppy isn't he? - love him!!
Jun 17, 2013 virgilsmama
"They all say I am cute, everyone believes them! So am I cute or what?" Kaiser, I say these things because I have one just like you, 'very naughty, but very cute'.....I understand!!!! Love you, you are so cute!
Jun 17, 2013 Glassgirl
Kaiser, You are so adorable! It must be hard to scold you when you're naughty because you are so cute! Just want to kiss your sweet nose and your adorable ears!
Jun 17, 2013 gumby1958
"Adorable Factor" is off the charts! What a cutie-pie!
Jun 17, 2013 2chichis4me
"But I AM happy. Really."
Jun 17, 2013 veronica
so cute x
Jun 17, 2013 Black magic
He looks so sad ,but loveable. Have one of my own she loves to dig..
Jun 17, 2013 monkeynbubba
Jun 17, 2013 buzzy
you are indeed a real cutie. *hugs*
Jun 17, 2013 goldenlover
Very good looking puppy ! Sounds like a fun guy.
Jun 17, 2013 bucky21
Pink spotted puppy belly....The Best!!!! What a cutie you are Kaiser. I bet you roll really well. xoxo
Jun 17, 2013 The Raven
"Why did I come to this lecture? I thought it was about tummy rubs ..... not an analysis of tummy sizes and weight loss.... it is just putting me to sleep. Where did I put that shoe? I want to throw it at the speaker!!!"
Jun 17, 2013 michael.rhyne.7
Kaiser roll? *squawk*
Jun 17, 2013 piobaire
Kaiser you are too cute!
Jun 17, 2013 Jakesmum53
Kaiser you are so handsome and noble looking! You sound like a fun guy! I know you bring great joy to your family and friends. Have along and wonderful life. Loads of love and biscuits to you and your family! :-)
Jun 17, 2013 SavvysMom
Absolutely ADORABLE... who could resist those eyes and that soft, kissable puppy muzzle... Beagles are the BEST
Jun 17, 2013 cokie
u are so cool. How do I meet your parents so I can purchase one just likeyou. I have been googling for one like since my Shorty has passed on to Rainbo Bridge
Jun 17, 2013 flutey48
May you always be happy Kaiser! I wish we could hit LIKE on Dave the Dog's comments like on Facebook!
Jun 17, 2013 waterwriter
Kaiser is an adorable Beagle pup. Sounds like he'll grow into the perfect dog with the proper training, he's already got the perfect ground work : loving and loveable, fun and playful! Enjoy your lives together!
Jun 17, 2013 pelligrino
Kaiser is one adorable beagle boy!
Jun 17, 2013 Papa Bear
Another one bites the dust. Kaiser you are a cute one. Wish you many belly robs and biscuits with your family.
Jun 17, 2013 nancybatt1
Kaiser you are just to cute and so full of mischief. I love that. Your a great looking puppy!!!!!
Jun 17, 2013 milton's mom
Beagle faces are the incarnation of inverse properties in mathematics. The sadder the face, the happier the soul.
Jun 17, 2013 StilettoSchu
Kaiser is ADORABLE! Such a typical hound dog! Beagles are the best :)
Jun 17, 2013 Cindylu001
Oh baby boy, you look so sad. Treats are coming to good dogs who deserve them, so learn your manners and be a good boy! You ARE a handsome one, and you look like you can cuddle Big Time! Sweet boy, be happy and live a long healthy life with lots of smelling adventures!
Jun 17, 2013 drakes' granny favorite!!! What a sweet face and I'm sure personality too. Kaiser is a treasure and will be a wonderful companion for a very long time. Love him lots xoxoxo
Jun 17, 2013 longislander
OMG what a sweet face. I love little Kaiser
Jun 17, 2013 earnesen
What a cute young boy!! Kaiser is a heart stopper. Much love and kisses!!!
Jun 17, 2013 RobinSpringer
What else can I say, but "Awwwww"! Nobody gonna take your slipper away from you, bay-bee!!
Jun 17, 2013 RobinSpringer
Oh my gosh, look at that little guy! I'm melting!
Jun 17, 2013 dianel99
What a sweetie!
Jun 21, 2013 TearsofPearl
love beagles, luv em....adorable one!!!
Jun 21, 2013 TearsofPearl
love beagles, luv em....adorable one!!!
Jun 24, 2013 nancy24tarn
Kaiser, that is one HUGE slipper you are holding on to...:):) Lucky you that mom and dad really don't seem to mind you get their slippers..We don't have many beagles here in Parsippany, NJ; but, you are surely a beautiful beagle puppy.. LOVE your markings, Kaiser.. Tons of biscuits and belly rubs from Cindy's mom in New Jersey.. Have fun!!!!
Jun 27, 2013 doglover3702
awww you are so cute your ears are so biggg!!!!!
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