Tuesday, July 29, 2014
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Jun 8, 2007 GOLDENPUP
What a cutie pie!! she a doggie model and your her photographer!!! i love her ears!! tummy rubbs to you kayla
(11 biscuits
Jun 8, 2007 GOLDENPUP
Oh yes and i love the cat too!! i love the pic with kayla and the cat!!!!
Jun 8, 2007 katiesh
look at those FEET! beautiful!
Jun 8, 2007 sneezy and dach
Looook at the paws!!! Huge beautiful paws!
Jun 8, 2007 lintilla
Great dane puppies look so goofy. Goofy in a good way, of course. *head tilt*

I just want to stroke those ears!
Jun 8, 2007 fireflymairi
Hi everyone, this is Kaya's Mum here, Charlotte! Thanks for the comments so far! Yes they are incredibly goofy AND clumsy when they are young, they grow out of the clumsiness but not the goofiness! lol
Jun 8, 2007 allimarie
Her paws are GIGANTIC and her ears are out of control! I can't stand the cuteness! :D
Jun 8, 2007 gnosticway
Michelle thinks this dog has the most lovely ears in the world !
Jun 8, 2007 MichelleT
I LOVE the photo of Kaya wrapped up in the blue blanket... how cute!!!
Jun 8, 2007 subarugirl06
She is at such an awkward growth stage, but it is absolutely ADORABLE! I love great danes, you are going to have a very pretty, big girl on your hands! 11 biscuits for sure!
Jun 8, 2007 puplover
what a beautiful girl! such an expressive face - many happy years to you and Kaya!
Jun 8, 2007 BTLabs
What a beautiful Dane! My sister had one many years ago and I remember carrying out to do his business when they first got him. There was no way he could manage those steps! I love Kaya's floppy ears.
Jun 8, 2007 Mia_x
Her ears are so funny! She is so loveable!
Jun 8, 2007 DogyLvr
One gorgeous, intelligent pup! True beauty.
Jun 8, 2007 flashsma
LOVE HER! LOVE HER! LOVE HER! A million biscuits! GREAT ears! Super can tell she is a lot of fun to have around!
Jun 8, 2007 luridhue
One of the most beautiful puppies I've ever seen! All legs and feet.. adorable :)
Jun 8, 2007 ads3w
She is so beautiful - what a sweetheart! My pup has a blanket he loves to play with too - hours of entertainment! In her blanket picture Kaya looks like she's saying "Save me momma!"
Jun 8, 2007 elusivek
She is soooo very cute! Especially love the look on her face in that picture where she is curled in the blue blanket! :D
Jun 8, 2007 dogcopper
What a beautiful puppy! I hope you have many years of fun!!!
Jun 8, 2007 loveanimals
o,she could be a model with that legs,adorable and lovely child,what a sweetheart!
Jun 8, 2007 edb1917
Great Danes are one of my favorite dogs - and your's is gorgeous. Love her ears - and given those paws I'm thinking she's got some major growing to do. Thanks for sharing with us
Jun 8, 2007 DogMom
okay, first the stretched out lanky girl picture grabbed my heart, but i have to admit the photo shoot of ear position killed me!!! She is beautiful, yet goofy -- in my opinion the perfect dog. She reminds me of a supermodel -- all legs with a beautiful face!!!!!! Lovely girl.
Jun 8, 2007 susannajon
Those EARS!!!She's such a princess. I love her sense of drama.
Jun 8, 2007 Sarges'Mom
Kaya! I just looked at your doggie blog and you are sooo special!! You really have a tough time with those ears dontcha? Your Mum and Dad love you so much, you are one lucky pup. And you sure have gotten HUGE!!!! Kisses and Bisquits to Kaya!!!
Jun 8, 2007 bulldogmom
Kaya, you have fun written all over your face. I can't imagine getting to come home to you every day. What lucky humans you picked! Many wishes to and your family for a long, healthy life.
Jun 8, 2007 bulldogmom
...and those ears, how could I have left those out! xoxox
Jun 8, 2007 daysie
Kaya, you are SO ADORABLE. Your ears alone deserve their own webpage!!! :)
Jun 8, 2007 zoozieQ
what silly ears! so cute!
Jun 8, 2007 GeniaNC
Let me join the chorus and say I love the ears. He He He He But my favorite picture is the one of her in the blanket. Looks like mommy and daddy where playing huh? Love, snorggle her and give her big sloppy puppy kisses. You are adorable Kaya!
Jun 8, 2007 AmericanDingo
LOL, I love the 2nd photo of Kaya with the cat... it looks like the cat just told her a great joke.
Jun 8, 2007 roscoeroxypepper
what an adorable little girl, i just love her!!!! and the little kitty too.
Jun 8, 2007 Yourmomsage
Kaya, with your huge paws, multi-directional ears and furrowed brow, you are just adorable!!!!!!!!
Jun 8, 2007 Charlotte Smith
What a sweet girl! I bet everyone she meets wants a puppy just like her!
Jun 8, 2007 aychihuahua
I love Kaya! She makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Brings back many wonderful memories. I now have a Black Great Dane with white bib on her chest--Lexus 12 yrs old, floppy ears not cropped. I figured she would be the closest thing I would ever get to a big black Lexus (vehicle) LOL. I raised her from a puppy and even though you might think those are the best of times, believe me, the good times never end. Kisses and Hugs to Kaya from me and Lexus.
Jun 8, 2007 3dogmom
What a beauty!! And your Mum is a wonderful photographer. Those ears are like a wild hairdo. Lots of belly rubs and bisquits for you!!! :)
Jun 8, 2007 Ilovedogstheresocute
So Cute!
Jun 8, 2007 theowensfamily
Thank you for the photo of this beautiful baby!!!!!!!! We lost our 2 danes last year to cancer so it's so wonderful to see the new ones coming behind them!!!
Jun 8, 2007 sams*mom
What a gorgeous girl! And oh my goodness - those paws!
Jun 8, 2007 sdv in slc
Those ears! Those ears!! Those ears!!! I'm dying from the cuteness...*thud*
Jun 8, 2007 louthepurplefairy
beautiful. cool paws, adorable ears sparking personality. i'm as jealous as all hell!!
Jun 8, 2007 sue
shes so cute
Jun 8, 2007 sandi
She is a beauty. I love that happy face in the 1st pic. The 1st pic with the cat is funny-- she is like "what the heck is that" then in the next pic, she has made a friend. In the blue blanket is hysterical- she looks like she is really clowing around there.-- she is a beautiful dog. The shot with the ears up is sooo funny.-- I love her floppy ears and her long tail!
Jun 8, 2007 lovanamals
big,cute,furry and lovable! 11 biscuits!!!!!!
Jun 8, 2007 Brady32
She is the cutest Great Dane I have ever seen! Enjoy her! 11 biscuits for sure! :)
Jun 8, 2007 TheWrightPups
So so so adorable!!! My hubby has been begging for a Great Dane for 3 years. I know he'll be so happy to know your Kaya has convinced me that our next pup with be what he's been wishing! Kaya is too cute and beautiful!
Jun 8, 2007 Daisy's mom
WOW, did I day WOW? What a beauty of a puppy. She is just adorable with a capital 'A'. I absolutely love Danes and there is a reason that they are 'great'.

Her ears are soooooo cute. I love floppy Dane ears. Those paws too. Larger breeds are so cute when they are at the stage where they have not grown into their paws or ears yet. You must be head over heels in love with her. I too love taking photos of my puppy Daisy (she is a yellow lab). She gets tired of the camera at times and wants to bite it. I can't stop taking photos and I am glad I have a lot. They grow so fast.

Enjoy your 'little' girl and I hope you are blessed with many wonderful years of fun.
Jun 8, 2007 kukie
Kaya oh kaya - do you know what kaya means? I had a dalmation named kaya and was told kaya meant marijuana...they said there was Bob Marley song called kaya...

I love kaya she is a big beautiful baby!
Jun 8, 2007 dogsrule
Woweee! That is a great dog. Just gorgeous. Wonderful animal.

Glad you didn't cut her ears. Dogs are always better natural.
Jun 8, 2007 Eowyn831
Oh the cuteness. Love the ears and FEET! Those feet are humongous. I WANT ONE! : )
Jun 8, 2007 soshyviolet
ahhhhh so cute! she's just gotta grow into those ears!!!
Jun 8, 2007 gerty4ta
Kaya is beautiful! She's sooo cute in these photos!!!
Jun 8, 2007 cindyloo224
I love the ears!! She is adorable! Going to be a big girl judging by the size of her feet!
Jun 8, 2007 Bailey'sMom
LOVE, LOVE LOVE Her!!!! My secret desire is to have a Great Dane the most magnificent dog ever. Love those HUMUNGUS paws and her sweet face and her with the cat and JUST EVERYTHING!!
Take lots more pictures!
Jun 8, 2007 marleysmom
Look at those paws!!! What a happy face and beautiful eyes, she is certainly a little heart-breaker!
Jun 8, 2007 Faye
What an adorable monster of a puppy! ;oP She's so big! Love the ears!
Jun 8, 2007 poch
OMG!! she is soo cute!! i give kayla 100 BISQUITS!!! && i give her ears 1000000000 bisquits :D
Jun 8, 2007 eslapin
Holy Paws Batman! She is quite the looker, between her ears and her paws, she is one adorable pup.
Jun 8, 2007 Loizhanne
[color=red][B] Would you look at the stompers on this pretty baby!
What a sweetheart. Just love her ears, too![/color][/B]
Jun 8, 2007 mom2jgd
Gorgeous! I love her blog too. What a lucky dog to be so loved. My favorite picture is the one withe the blue blanket -- awesome.
Jun 8, 2007 sputnik
Oh Kaya, you are a beauty... that shot of her in the blue blanket could win awards!
Jun 8, 2007 birdygirl
Those ears alone are worth 11 biscuits! LOL What a beautiful girl.
Jun 8, 2007 yoliesf
She's bootiful! and HUGE!!!! Can't wait to see more pictures. I can understand how she loves playing with her friends on the beach. What a cool thing to be able to do!!!!
Jun 8, 2007 tigger9
he ears are mad!!!!! those paws just look too big for - i bet she has a fab personality!!! i love her to bits!!
Jun 8, 2007 pauleenm
What a beautiful, big baby. I love her eyes and ears.
Jun 8, 2007 bulldogmom
Okay Kaya, I have spent most of my day at work reading your blog... how absolutley loving you are,and your family too. Very photogenic, the whole family. Mum, Dad and Kaya. Love you all! Muuuuuah! XOXO
Jun 8, 2007 becca97
ooooo how sweet and adorable, couldn't you just cuddle the sweetie :)

Jun 8, 2007 Lizanne
What a gorgeous Dane. I too have spent way too much time enjoying your wonderful blog. What a beautiful family. Kaya reminds me of my Katie when she was a Baby. I love her PADDY PAWS. She is such a PERSONALITY PLUS. Her natural ears are so beautiful and she is a love. Hugs.

Elizabeth & Miss Katie~
Jun 8, 2007 Gisele
She's a 12! No doubt about it.
Jun 8, 2007 Terry C
Your kitty looks like mine!

I would like to give Kaya a hug and Great Danes being what they are, she'd probably hug me back.

Leave her ears natural, please!
Jun 8, 2007 Terry C
Danes are all legs and feet when they're young. The gracefulness comes with age.

A neighbor of mine had a Harlequin Great Dane who, when he was about six months old, tripped over his own feet and fell onto a antique brass and glass coffee table, shattering it into a billion pieces.

My neigbor, to her credit, said "To hell with the table. I had that covered under my homeowners insurance. I just didn't want Samson to get sliced to ribbons!"

Samson grew up to be an elegant, handsome doggie.
Jun 8, 2007 dalmylove
your dane is amazing! So pretty, but I must advise against the feeding of raw eggs to her. It ties up Biotin (an important vitamin) and can cause some damage.
Jun 8, 2007 bopeep
Kaya, you are beautiful. Beautiful pictures, but my faves are the one nosing (kissing?) the cat, and the blue blanket. Huge hugs and kisses.
Jun 8, 2007 yourgypsy
Oh, Kaya is just adorable! Those paws! And the radar ears! I love the pic of her in the blanket. 11 bones, most definitely :)
Jun 8, 2007 Taiyin
OMG those EARS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jun 8, 2007 rozee9893
OMG! That has got to be one of the cutest dogs i've ever ever seen!!! I love the ginormous paws and the ADORABLE ears and all their funny positions! The dog will grow into a beautiful adult, good luck!
Jun 8, 2007 ais4ali
These are my favorite pictures so far! the photography is beautiful especially in the last one! and the pup's not so bad either :)
Jun 8, 2007 Katjurls
Thank You for sharing her!! I had a Great Dane who looked just like her! Her name was Marmalaide. I now have a Lab who looks the same. Again, Thank You for the memories.
Jun 8, 2007 caraschotch
The blue blanket picture made me laugh out loud! Thank you for sharing wonderful Kaya with us!
Jun 8, 2007 Annie03
Kaya sure has charisma. great dog-great dane.
Jun 8, 2007 K9zRock
Kaya is darling! My dogs vomit raw eggs, so I have to cook them first.
Jun 9, 2007 litchy_ko_ko
Kaya is the most adorable puppy I have seen in a LONG LONG time!!
I can't wait until the day I get to buy a gorgeous, Great Dane sweetie just like her. :D
Jun 9, 2007 TXJulie
What a beauty!! That very first picture...the great big smile on her face says it all. Happy girl! Congratulations!
Jun 9, 2007 Fudge 1624
I want his ears - on me!!!LOL
Jun 9, 2007 FDonald
What GINORMOUS legs.. I was completely awestruck by how HUGE the legs are on that puppy - Good LORD.

Like most though, I think the blue blanket picture is just
AWESOME and can see plenty of personality there. I used to love playing blanket games with my old girl.
Jun 9, 2007 Maltese Crew
The ears are incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She's so pretty!!!!!
Jun 9, 2007 mountainfamily
Beautiful dog! Have you guys seen pic. 2? Talk about MUSCULAR!
Have a lot of fun with your *big* baby!
Jun 9, 2007 rdimonte
Kaya is quite the character. She should be in pictures. I never knew a great dane could do all that stuff with their ears, too funny. Love the pictures of her in the blanket, & all the posing pictures with her ears in a floppy position. You can see that she is going to be huge, when she is fully grown. I am very happy that she gets lots of love from her mum & dad.
Jun 9, 2007 mash18020
She is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!! And those ears are great!!!!
Jun 9, 2007 Glinda08
aaawwww...she is soooo beautiful!!!!!!!! i luv her ears!!!!!
Jun 9, 2007 fireflymairi
Thanks everyone for all your lovely comments - I'm stoked to be able to share our beautiful girl with you all!

We love her adorable puppy looks and antics, but we are really looking forward to her being all grown up too. If you want to keep following her as she grows, just bookmark her [url= otoblog...] dog blog [/url] or her [url= m/photo...] Flickr [/url] page.

Lots of kisses and cuddles from Kaya to you all!
Jun 9, 2007 lonjac
DANG look at those legs in the 2nd picture!!! you are very cute and will grow up and be an awesome and beautiful dog some day!!!;)
Jun 10, 2007 TessiesMum
Oh my what Big Paws you have
Oh my what Big Ears you have
Oh my what a Beautiful Dog you are....Enjoy!!!
Jun 10, 2007 ashlyniervasi
the 6th pic from the bottom had me all laughs!!!
Jun 10, 2007 vllybllstar
you are wonderful from your smile to your long legs! ;)
and i <3 the kitty pics
:D you just made my day kaya!
Jun 10, 2007 Miss Magnolia
What a beautiful dog! Those eyes could melt ice they are so warm and sweet!
Jun 11, 2007 mipgus
Your blog is fabulous--if you aren't already, I think you should think of being a professional animal photographer.

Wish I lived near such a beautiful beach that allowed dogs (and there appeared to be a city nearby). I live close to a Long Island, N.Y. ocean beach but dogs aren't allowed on it very often (but after 6 PM, all bets are off).

I think you chose the most beautiful of all the pups--interesting their variation in coloring.
Jun 11, 2007 piobaire
I thought I would die about the ears until I saw the blue blanket. WHat a sugar pop! No wonder your mum takes zillions of photos! You're a keeper Kaya!!
Jun 11, 2007 tambore
What a fabulous Kaya! Mom, thanks for your running commentary on the blog. All the pictures of the two of them are totally hysterical. Can't believe how she's grown already. Please post some of them on their surfboards, okay?
Your ears are outstanding and that blue blanket really got me.
1000 biscuits to go!
Jun 13, 2007 horsez214
just love her and her ears they are so cute
Jun 15, 2007 charrismo
i lover her paws...
Jun 21, 2007 cocoapuff123
cute!!!!!!!!!Ive never seen a Great Dane with droopy ears.
Jun 27, 2007 yellowDogAndy
SUCH a cute pup!!! So much character and so well captured in these photos. Thank you for sharing!
Jun 28, 2007 Cheryl
Kaya, you have the happiest face I've ever seen on a pup.
Jul 2, 2007 LauraP
I just help but think about Scooby Doo!!!!! she's sooo cute! Not Scooby, Keya silly!!!!
Dont they always look like they are smiling?!
Sep 25, 2007 mrhseaff
Cuteness Overload... AHHHH
Feb 21, 2008 lennypup
Our puppy's ears are just like Kaya's!
She is very beautiful :)
Aug 5, 2008 SexiLexi
does she make her ears do that her self cuz thats awsome if she does and plus shes cute
Mar 27, 2009 butterbean
looks sadd
Mar 27, 2009 butterbean
too cute
Sep 15, 2009 georgia04
Look at those paws! I just want to kiss them. Kaya's a beauty!
Apr 2, 2010 BeautyLover
Silly silly precious girl!!!!
Apr 2, 2010 BeautyLover
GREAT picture - Kaya looks like she's wearing eyeliner!
Jan 22, 2011 pelligrino
Kaya is a very funny girl! I'm sure she will entertain everyone! She has an adorable face and I love those ears!
haha he reminds me of Marmaduke you know in the movie ;) so cute
Jun 1, 2011 BeautyLover
What a gorgeous picture - Kaya, you and your friend are both very beautiful.
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