Kaya the Great Dane

Puppy Breed: Great Dane

Kaya says: "Hi! I'm Kaya, a girl Great Dane. I live with my mum and dad on the Gold Coast in Australia, and I'm an only child (so far). My favourite things are sleeping, sitting on the couch watching Inspector Rex on TV with mum, raw eggs, tummy rubs, and my favouritist thing in the whole world -- going to the beach on weekends and meeting lots of other doggies! I'm a friendly kind of gal. My mum takes like a billion photos of me every day and posts them to my very own photo blog (I like to call it my "dog blog"!) so people all around the wide world of the Internet can see me grow from a little puppy to a really big grown-up doggy! I get the feeling my mum loves me a lot, and dad gives me lots of tummy rubs and cuddles so he must too! Anyway I hope you like the photos and if you want to see more, run off over to my photo blog to check out my latest adventures!" See more pictures of the adorable Kaya on her Flickr page.