Kayla the Golden Retriever

Puppy Breed: Golden Retriever

Kayla's parents say: Kayla Spring came to us after we lost our eight-year-old golden retriever to lymphoma. Our 11-year-old golden, Morgan, needed a new buddy. "Spring" means a new beginning to us. Kayla's nickname is Bing-Bing, because she is like a pinball machine and bounces off of everything. Kayla loves to swim. At nine weeks old, she jumped into our pool and has been swimming ever since. She loves to run and play in her large yard, along with digging holes and putting every stick she can find in her mouth. Kayla likes to chew Nylabones and to sit with her big sister, Morgan. Kayla is very smart. Morgan taught her to sit and stay the first week she was with us. Kayla has been a great joy and a wonderful addition to our family. Every day is like a new adventure to her: chasing butterflies, trying to catch the water from the hose, barking at the mail lady, and just doing puppy things.