Thursday, July 24, 2014
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Jun 19, 2007 pvpangel
This puppy is the cutest thing i have ever seen!!!! :-)
Jun 19, 2007 Toezie
I just want to snuggle with this puppy, so precious!
Jun 19, 2007 pinky45882
Sooooooooooooo adorable!!!!! Love those eyes :)
Jun 19, 2007 elusivek
what a sweetie! look at those eyes! so cute!
Jun 19, 2007 Siberian
How cute! Those cute puppy eyes just KILL me!! 11 biscuits!
Jun 19, 2007 MichelleT
Kiba is SO small & cute, I just wanna hug & play with him
Jun 19, 2007 caraschotch
Kiba is my next dog. Well, not Kiba *exactly*, but a Blenheim CKCS definitely! After two Jack Russells, I'll need a quiet, playful cuddler. Kiba is SO cute, I would love to love him. Hope you have years of happiness together!
Jun 19, 2007 Terry C
What an adorable little doggie!
Jun 19, 2007 zoozieQ
how adorable! I love that little face!
Jun 19, 2007 jojo
Kiba looks like he sure deserves that sweet slumber after all that play! What a darling...
Jun 19, 2007 gem1945
What a cutie, lots of huggles and belly rubs!!! Love the pic of his little face resting on his paws, so sweet. What a wonderful addition to your family, best wishes for a long lifetime of laughter and lots of smiles.
Jun 19, 2007 CarolW
Versalite pup; of course! Versatile HumanMom, versatile HumanDad, Great puppy - GREAT pics!
Jun 19, 2007 Chloe's Mom
Kiba is adorable. He is so cute, I know you'll enjoy him for years to come. Belly rubs for him.....
I love the pix with one ear over his eye and the other sticking out (pix # 5)!! He looks and sounds like he's a joy, have fun with him!!
Dancer4life (:-P)
Jun 19, 2007 photopi2002
Oh what a love bug...that face is just so'll have many years of happiness. They tend to have a bit of digestive problems, so a little plaine yougart mixed with food coats their stomach.
Jun 19, 2007 tazziesmom
Awhhhhhhhh. What a sweetheart! Lucky you, lucky him!
Jun 19, 2007 roscoeroxypepper
what a beautiful, beautiful baby!!! god bless this little baby
Jun 19, 2007 Roz
[color=red] Hi kiba, you're such a little dumpling. I love your big eyes![/color]
Jun 19, 2007 Lizanne
Such a beautiful puppy. Those eyes are lovely. Hugs to this sweetheart from Miss Katie=O)

And Elizabeth
Jun 19, 2007 sylvanbliss
So happy to hear that Kiba is an active CKCS and not a couch potato like my friends pair! (not that there's anything wrong with life in the slow lane!)

Beautiful, precious Kiba! You personify cute.
Jun 19, 2007 charliebrowndog
You are too cute. I love the color. I hope you find many years of joy in your new home
Jun 19, 2007 Meaghan
He is one of the cutest little things to walk the planet.
Jun 19, 2007 Meaghan
He is one of the cutest little puppies to walk the planet.
Jun 19, 2007 Taiyin
What an adorable muffin! I want to just snuggle him! I'm dying to get a CKC. Enjoy your precious baby!!
Jun 19, 2007 LuvPups
I wuv him, he just makes me want to talk all funny and siwwy,
and I wish I could pinch his sweet widdle cheek
Jun 19, 2007 Gusiruli
how cute!! i love his bright hair and his lovely eyes...i fell in love with him!
Jun 19, 2007 Gusiruli
how cute!! i love his bright hair and his lovely eyes...i fell in love with him!
Jun 19, 2007 Gusiruli
P.D: sorry for the double comment...
Jun 19, 2007 HaleyDinamo
I feel like cuddling up and naping with this cute little pup!!!!
Jun 19, 2007 piobaire
I love this breed....they just are so darn cute! What a sweetie!
Jun 19, 2007 Judi
What a dollbaby!! From the looks in her eyes, I think she may make a champion watchdog. Love the picture of her sleeping.
Jun 19, 2007 woonsocket, RI
OH MY Kiba is a hunk princess Lola thinks so also I just want to give a big old hug kisses kisses,kisses
Jun 19, 2007 woonsocket, RI
[color=pink] I just want to add Kiba you are too cute[/color]
Jun 19, 2007 BeckersUNC
. . .

Whoa, sorry—I must have passed out from all the cuteness! ;)
Jun 19, 2007 sue
hes beautiful what big eyes he has
Jun 19, 2007 Loizhanne
Kiba is adorable! There is enough cute on that dog to cover several puppies.
Jun 19, 2007 mling
Kiba is such a sweetie!
Jun 19, 2007 bopeep
Kiba, you bubble with cuteness and adorable. Hugs and kisses.
Jun 19, 2007 bopeep
Teddy apparently lives the life of luxury, which he no doubt deserves - don't they all? What a cutie pie. Hugs and kisses.
Jun 19, 2007 Roz
How do I change my Log in name?
Jun 19, 2007 TXJulie
Precious! The first CKCS I ever met was my husband's aunt's pup, and she is one of the sweetest dogs I've ever met in my life! I'd love to have one someday...
Congratulations on your beautiful baby - enjoy many years of love, cuddles, playtime, and happiness!
Jun 19, 2007 pauleenm
What a cutie!!
Jun 19, 2007 tammatha
PLEASE stop buying from breeders, it takes homes away from the countless homeless pups, please rescue or adopt, millions of wonderful dogs are lanquishing in the shelters and rescue organizations...please think of the lives that are euthanized just because there aren't enough good homes...
Jun 19, 2007 Puppy_Lover94
this is one of the happiest puppies I've seen! She's sooo cute, and seems 2 be very playful.... thats what i love about puppies!!! :) Much love 2 u, KIBA!!! :D
Jun 19, 2007 Phyrie
[color=green] Tammatha,
Although I know you are probably just a troll, and I shouldn't respond to your comments, I can't help myself. Your time would be better spent educating the ignorant, supporting free spay/neuter clinics, or any of the other wonderful ways to help the overpopulation problem, rather than spouting ridiculous theories. Saying that puppies are dying because I bought a purebred dog is just wrong. As Kiba's owner, I know he will never father an unwanted litter. My job as his owner (and mom) is to care for him and be responsible for HIM. If all pet owners would do as much research, spend as much time looking for the right dog, be as thoroughly commited to caring for Kiba his entire life as I am, no puppy would be "lanquishing in the shelters". My dog was very wanted and planned. I've done my job. I am no more responsible for unwanted pets than you are, unless you're one of those who won't spay and neuter and use the shelters as a birth control system. I won't EVER own a pet I can't afford to care for, with all the responsiblity involved. It's people who won't make the responsible choice to NOT own a pet they can't afford to care for that are causing the problem.

Phyrie and Kiba[/color]
Jun 19, 2007 huskylover23
what a cute dog and the name kiba is what i want my next dogs name to be it means fang in japan! it was also the name of a wolf on wolf's rain the tv show. and its cute:D
Jun 19, 2007 goldenluvr
Good reply Kiba's Mom! I personally can't hardly ride by the animal shelters without sobbing, thinking of all the little lives that are needlessly wasted by mostly irresponsible pet owners. In a perfect world, maybe we all would seek pets strictly from the shelters. I have 2 purebred goldens, 2 rescue mutts, and 2 dogs that we took in from family members who could no longer care for them. I specifically wanted a Golden for specific qualities. I have had both of my dogs spayed so I am also not contributing to the population boom. HOWEVER, that being said, Phyrie's mom said that they bought from a breeder and, since she has obviously done a good bit of research into her breed, I would have to assume that she bought from a respectable breeder, not a puppy mill situation. All breeders are not bad. We bred Goldens for the retriever field trial community for several years and know for a fact that each of our puppies was wanted and was given an excellent home. But, I knew when I read in Kiba's bio that she was bought from a breeder that the negative comments would start coming in. Just ignore them, Kiba, you have found your perfect forever home and phooey on anyone who wants to try to rain on your little puppy parade!!
Jun 19, 2007 fluffypup
Kiba is a total DOLL!!!
:) :) :)
Jun 19, 2007 anon
Cavalier King Charles Spaniels have to be one of the most adorable puppies... must be a spaniel thing because I still melt when I see puppy pics of my Brittany.

I also applaud you for your reasonable, calm answer to Tammatha. I've heard that argument myself several times because we bought our dog from a family who bred their brittany just once. Sometimes people just can't find what they need in shelters and a responsible breeder is the next best step. I wish people would consider what they're saying before they throw things like "you should've adopted" out there. I look at my dog as my own child, so it's as if someone walked up to you saying that you shouldn't have had your own children because there are too many children without homes.

While I'm sure everyone appreciates everyone else's opinion, lets at least be considerate.
Jun 19, 2007 vllybllstar
i <3 him so much! his eyes.... i love the picture of him biting the toy and saying, " graawwrrr its mine!" :D i love puppies so much and now i can't see living without them! :D
i would have liked to see spyder but when you do a grown-up puppy one maybe could you put her in? thanx
enjoy your little man!
Jun 20, 2007 Phyrie
[color=green] Thank you everyone for your kind comments about my little guy. He truly is the best dog ever!
(For me, anyway, I know your dogs are absolutely the best for you, too!!)

--goldenluver: Thanks so much for your comments. I've searched long and hard for the right breeder for me. It's taken me over three years and three provinces to find the right one. I've corresponded with many breeders, owners and rescue workers. I did my research about my breed’s temperament, health issues, and everything else a responsible pet owner should do. My breeder is well-respected, and well-known in her field as a breeder of Cavaliers of quality. To think that getting my dog from a breeder could be construed as a bad thing is beyond me.
--anon: What an interesting comment about giving birth to children as opposed to adopting them. While we adopt all dogs, no matter which breed they are, none are less worthy than the next. As is true for children. Thank you.[/color]
Jun 20, 2007 GOLDENPUP
so cute love it
Jun 20, 2007 Bobbie
My, my, how can one sweet little darling boy create such a ruckus! I, too, have a couple of "mutts". Their mother was taken to the local shelter and left in a drop box. The lock on that particular box was broken and she escaped. The shelter said that they put out "a live trap" with food to try and catch her but she was too leery. Came up a big storm and strong winds knocked over a 65 year old blue spruce in my mother's front yard ( about 2 blocks from the Shelter, out in the "country") and when going to my mom's to inspect the storm damage, we spotted this little yorkie mix sheltered in the branches of this fallen tree. No one could get close to this animal. I called the shelter, told them about the dog and they said they knew all about her. I told them where they could find her and they never did anything about it. So my Mom started putting out food and water and the dog took to eating all the food, but would never come or let anyone close to it. Then around the first part of August, 3 years ago, this little darling gave birth to 6 puppies under another huge Blue spruce in my Mom's yard. She let my adult daughter actually touch the puppies and that was all she wrote. My Mom now has the sweetest little companion in the world, I have two of her daughters, my son and his family has the other girl. My brother has one male, a friend has another male and sadly, the runt never made it past 6 months before getting hit on the road, in front of his owner's home. This all being said: I also have 2 retired racing greyhounds. They are the last of 6 that we rescured and adopted. I guess my point in telling you all of this is simply this: a lot of research, or maybe just chance, or maybe because we feel badly because of how a certain breed is being treated, we all have our reasons for having the pets that we have. As I like to say, everything in my house has been neutered or spayed, except the fish and the bird! One just needs to take the time to check things out and find out what is right for them and even if they are right for the animal they are looking at. Sometimes, the people aren't right for the dog, but thats something that needs to be studied. Kiba's mom has done her homework, she has her little man and everyone is happy. Its all right to be concerned, but lets back off and let the proud "parents" who put their pet's picture on here for us all to enjoy have some breathing space. I agree, stop raining on everyone's parade. This is a place of love and enjoyment, not some soap box to get your point across. Please play nicely, children! Angel and Arwen's Mom!
Jun 20, 2007 txmadre
Oh, those beautiful eyes. Sighhhhhh.

Kiba is beautiful and you love him very much. It's no one else's *&^%#@** business where or how you got him! Now that you have him, keep him safe and love him more everyday because he will always love you.
Jun 20, 2007 deevine
#1 What a beautiful puppy! With those eyes he would get all the table scraps he wants at our house. :) We have a King Charles next door to us named Rex. He visits all the neighbors.
#2 As a doggie "Mom" of two pure bred Boston Terriers and one "mutt" rescued from the Humane Society, it pains me to read hateful comments. This site if for puppy/adult dog lovers to see pictures of beautiful animals their owners are proud to show off. I love seeing pictures of both the pure breds and the interesting mixes that may come about. Respect the canines. Respect the humans.

xoxxoxo to all dogs
Jun 20, 2007 ilovecola
Kiba!!!! you are sooooooo cute!
Jun 20, 2007 graceh1711
Kiba reminds me so much of Elizabeth Taylor - Charlotte's dog on Sex and the City! What a sweetie.
Jun 21, 2007 gill
Kiba is a real sweetie. Reminds me of our own lovely dog. The Cavaliers just overload with love for their owners. Not a bad bone in their bodies.

Hope you all have a happy life together and the cat will come around eventually.
Jun 21, 2007 CBinID
Miss Gidget and I are totally in love with Kiba. He can come for a play date (say, a couple of years!!) any time he wants.

Governments would be much more effective if everyone brought a Cavalier to work, don't you think?!

Tummy rubs and kisses.

CB and MG
Jun 22, 2007 voodoo lady
I'm sure he's not in real life, but he looks so solemn in his pictures! What a perfect little face.
Jul 9, 2007 puppylovervet
kiba is a very cute dog and i can tell how much you absolutly adore him!!! You defenatly spent your time wisly picking a breeder he is a georgious spaniel...and i can deffinatly tell you care very much about you dog and that is always good to know.... adopted or not!!!
Oct 20, 2007 roseyinflorida
An absolutely handsome young puppy. Love the expression in his eyes. He sure is a cutie pie.
Give him all your love and he will reciprocate ten fold. Beautiful markings and the best of luck to you raising your precious baby boy...hugs and belly rubs to Kiba.
Mar 31, 2009 quilla
I love this baby!!!! Too many cute pictures to pick just one to comment on!!!!! XXX OOO
Apr 27, 2009 puppyholic
kiba is soooooo cute!!!! i want to adopt a puppy, and now exactly which one i want. cutest dog ever!!! :)
Apr 27, 2009 puppyholic
kiba is soooooo cute!!!! i want to adopt a puppy, and now exactly which one i want. cutest dog ever!!! :)
Jul 20, 2009 C.Cavalier
He's absolutely adorable. I have a girl cavalier shes called Evangeline and she looks exactly like yours even the patterns on her face. Is yours okay for breeding because i have a friend with one too, she asked me but mines already had her operation. ?? think about it ill let you know if she finds another because shes looking into a few owners with boys now. Cheers C
Feb 9, 2010 njeb
Kiba is very cute! How do you pronounce his name?
May 5, 2010 marifel
I can't believe this! we also have our own Cavalier (Blenheim coloured), his name is "Kiba" too and he's 1 yr & 7 months now. They're the most adorable puppy and such a smart one. Kudos to our Kiba's!!!!!
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