Kira Bear the Keeshond

Puppy Breed: Keeshond

Kira''s mom says: Kira was born in Vancouver, WA. She lived briefly in Vancouver with us until we moved to Colorado, and now Phoenix. Kira is our little person wrapped in a fluffy dog package. She is incredibly smart, almost too smart sometimes! She is very expressive. You can almost see the wheels turning in her head when she looks at you. She always wants to be with her mom and dad (especially mom). Kira is very patient. She lets me put silly clothes and accessories on her and waits patiently while I take pictures. People are always telling me they can't believe what my dog lets me "do" to her! Kira LOVES snow, which made it particularly difficult for us to move from Colorado to Arizona. She's always close by in the kitchen when I'm cooking, just in case I decide to give her a little sample of something. Her favorite food is pizza! We made the mistake of giving her a little bite of pizza crust once, and she's been hooked ever since! If you happen to be eating pizza, you can count on Kira sitting close to you and intensely watching for the tiniest crumb. And she's probably drooling. Yes, drooling! Pizza makes our non-drooling dog drool!