Kiva the Australian Shepherd

Puppy Breed: Australian Shepherd

Kiva is a sweet but feisty little pup who charms everyone she meets. When we first adopted Kiva she was a bit shy, but she quickly grew out of her shell. Now she loves to play with her squeaker toys, go on long walks, sleep on our pillows, and put the occasional hole in our shirts. If she could, Kiva would spend all her time romping around in the backyard with her cousin, a giant German Shepherd named King, as one of her favorite activities is nipping at his tush while he fetches. Kiva is one smart cookie; she breezed through basic commands in obedience class, and she even rings a bell to tell us when she needs to go to potty (or when she feels like digging). Kiva is a playful sweetheart, and we feel so grateful for her.