Koda Bear the Labrador Retriever

Puppy Breed: Labrador Retriever

Hello everyone. My Name is Koda Bear. My sister gave me that name because when I came to my new home I was so tiny but I had big paws. I got much bigger in the last few weeks so I don't fit in all my good hiding spots anymore. I love my new home; everyone gets me really cool toys to help me with all my new teeth and they all spend a lot of quality time with me. My family loves puppies too so I have 3 cousins and 2 nephews I get to play with. I love to play outside, especially since all that cold white stuff disappeared. There are so many great things I can find now like sticks, leaves and rocks. My mom and dad say, "No, Koda, that's not good for you to chew", but I like to pick things up anyway because then we play a game to see who can catch Koda the fastest! Then I take a nap.