Thursday, July 24, 2014
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Jul 25, 2012 Bessy-Senior
Koda, you're gorgeous! Loads of belly rubs and hugs to you!! PS: DaveTheDog, hope your Mum gets well soon! Thanks for your preciously funny comments, will miss them while you're gone.
Jul 25, 2012 ebead
Such a cutie!!! Enjoy your life together.
Jul 25, 2012 UrsaDad
So young to have such an impressive career in archaeology, Koda! You know the Egyptians mummified cats? I kid you not!
Jul 25, 2012 boncuk
Koda, you are one sweet pup' Have a long and healthy life. @DaveTheDo g: Hope your grandma and your assistant's ma Sue gets well soon. We will be right here waiting for your return.
Jul 25, 2012 veronica
you are so adorable and very cute. x
Jul 25, 2012 Abiglen
Koda is a very, very cute boy. With all that puppy energy you're days will never be dull! Loved his bio :-). oxoxox
Jul 25, 2012 Missmilamae
Koda, you are a very handsome boy and you look like loads of fun. Wishing you many happy years ahead.
Jul 25, 2012 bafern
OOh Koda is adorable. I love the black on his face. He looks so loveable but a little mischievous too. I wish you a long and happy life together.
Jul 25, 2012 goldenlover
Jul 25, 2012 amyliz
Koda, your adorable looks and the description of your sweet and impish ways are going to inspire lots of comments here today! Many happy and healthy years to you! @DavetheDog: Best wishes to your Grandma for a speedy recovery! I'm sure your humor will make her feel better!
Jul 25, 2012 Theeye
Thank you Dave the Dog. I was really worried and missed you. May Mummy heal quickly. At least we know she will be laughing. Best.
Jul 25, 2012 L&Z's Mom
DaveTheDog, I missed you on Monday and Tuesday and if you hadn't shown up today, I was gonna kick your butt. :) All my best to Dave's mummy for a full recovery. And don't forget to take care of yourself while you're at it. I can tell you're a really good soul. *hug*
Jul 25, 2012 guerrero's grandma
Maple! my favorite snack! Koda, you are a handsome boy with a beautiful smile! you look sooooo happy, you put a big grin on my face! Long & Happy & Healthy Life to you
Jul 25, 2012 Kylie&Ollie'sMom
Koda is such a beautiful boy -- what a happy face!
Jul 25, 2012 2rescues
Nothing better than a stick dog. When we clean up the back yard, our Cappie takes the sticks from us, and turns them into little sticks. Koda, is a lvely beauty!
Jul 25, 2012 Missy's Mom
Koda-What a handsome boy you are! Cattle dog mixes are the best! 12 biscuits for sure!!!
Jul 25, 2012 thompsblt1
You can see the fun in his face in your photos! Love seeing happy dog smiles. All the best with many years of fetching and fun to come.
Jul 25, 2012 rowdee
Joy, Joy, Joy! Life with my family is soooo much fun. Gotta love a smiling dog...
Jul 25, 2012 minkiesmum
I struggled to pick a favourite photo as you have taken some wonderful shots of him. Clearly one well-loved puppy !!
Jul 25, 2012 Frankt
Handsome little devil. NO....NOT YOU DAVE!!! just kiddin....You take good care of Sue. You'll be missed. Good luck for a speedy recovery for Sue. Bless you all. From Vermont.
Jul 25, 2012 called2battle4God
Koda looks like my Cattle Dog, Oreo, and she loved being an archaeologist too. Happy adventures to both of you! Koda looks like she's "under cover", thinking she's hidden in this pic. Cute!
Jul 25, 2012 WATERDOG
My name's Koda, and the question is, are you ready for Koda? OH YES, CHEERS!
Jul 25, 2012 poochies=love
Love those ears! And that alert, intelligent, dirty face! I love his markings, too. Koda is going to keep you on your toes I bet. Have a wonderful life together!!
Jul 25, 2012 daphne's mom
How cute! I hope you have many happy and healthy years together! Much love, many treats, and tons of cuddles for Koda!
Jul 25, 2012 BeautyLover
Koda is such a beautiful, precious boy. Have a lifetime of fun with this guy!
Jul 25, 2012 Jansil40
Aw! Koda! It looks like you are ready for a tummy rub...Ahhh! There you go! A full on tummy rub. May you have a long, happy and healthy life with your family.
Jul 25, 2012 patcacioppo
This is one CUTE little man!!! Have a blessed life!
Jul 25, 2012 virgilsmama
Koda, I had a very tough time choosing from all of your great photos. This one is very sweet, you are adorable with your black markings on your cute body.
Jul 25, 2012 Frida
I love his ears!
Jul 25, 2012 chelsearosebud
Koda, one thing is for certain: You are easy to love but make it so difficult selecting one photo of your glorious self! I see many "careers" in your future, young man. As the old song goes: "Keep on Searchin'" xoxo
Jul 25, 2012 Sibes
Koda,I can tell by the photos you're a fun guy to have around. And cute as can be!!!
Jul 25, 2012 NashWoman
Koda, you are just way too cute!! Kisses to that beautiful face of yours! Dave the will be missed! Take good care of Mummy and I wish her a speedy recovery!
Jul 25, 2012 ssmmtm
What a happy boy. He's adorable. Cuteness factor is way off the scale. Lots of years of fun to all of you.
Jul 25, 2012 The Raven
Cattle dogs just want to WORK!!! WORK!!!!! WORK!!!! So Koda has decided to be an archaeologist..... good luck, there are many Mayan ruins that still need to be excavated. Here you look like you are ready to go exploring, you and the magic stick. A long and busy and active life to you and your family. DaveTheD og: You make my day, every day, what will I do without out. Quick healing to your Mom and come back to us SOOOOOOOOOOON
Jul 25, 2012 bebe
Koda, you're so handsome with a great smile! Have a happy life with your family.
Jul 25, 2012 laurelburk
Oh, Koda, you are one precious little guy!! And very handsome too!! I'm sure you will have many happy times with your family.
Jul 25, 2012 gryt
Koda does look like he'd be "a bucket of fun", haha! What a great-looking dog. This pic is so sweet.
Jul 25, 2012 kukie
Koda, what a honey face! My sister had a heeler/cattle dog who was the best dog she ever had - she is currently looking for one in Vancouver BC for her farm. What energy and fun! Belly rubs for Koda!
Jul 25, 2012 3pups1kit
Wow! This is cuteness! While I know that Cattle dogs are smarter than your typical Stanford graduate, their looks have never appealed to me much...until Koda! What sweetness! Great markings, perfect ears....and I have a feeling that pink tennis ball is going to get quite a work out! Such fun! Enjoy!
Jul 25, 2012 DebforNow
what a cute puppy face!
Jul 25, 2012 cricket92429
love that "black eye" !! You sure are a keeper!!
Jul 25, 2012 westiefan99
You gonna throw this? You gonna throw this for me? Plleeeaaasseee!!!!! Koda, you are a love, and I know you and your besotted humans are going to have the best life together. You have looks and brains and charisma - how could anyone resist you anything?! And @DavetheDog - we have been missing you and I'm so sorry for the reason. Love and doggy cuddles to Sue and I know Dave and his assistant will help mum get better just as quickly as possible!
Jul 25, 2012 coonhoundmama
"The better to hear you with, my dear". Koda looks so alert in every photo. I bet he's a bundle of fun to be around. He must be doing something constantly, hence the couch naps. Makes sense. I think he's a sweet boy----handsome and smart. We wish Koda a long happy healthy life with his people with treats and more adventures along the way. HI from PA.
Jul 25, 2012 Scamp's Grammy
Koda, You're a handsome guy even with dirt on your chin. Love your markings & the alert ears. Wishes for a healthy & happy life with lots of cuddles & treats from Scamp's Grammy.
Jul 25, 2012 pelligrino
koda is one hansdome little guy! It was not easy to pick just one photo, but this one reflects just what a happy dog he is!
Jul 25, 2012 Critter Crazy
A most handsome furboy, with a great smile. May you have many years more of fun and smiles and love, with happiness.
Jul 25, 2012 drakes' granny
Koda looks like one happy playful little boy. Sweet face a I love the patch with all the "freckles". Cute!
Jul 25, 2012 waterwriter
Koda is really cute. As cute as the amount of energy he has! Hope you all have a long, healthy, loving and peaceful life together.
Jul 25, 2012 michelepat60
Oh Koda, you are such a delightful character!! My old fellow, Frodo, is half cattle-dag too and treats his lead exactly the same way - much more fun than hauling your human all over the country! Long happy years, Koda - you deserve it. (ps - Best wishes to Sue from New Zealand - and Hurry Back DavetheDog! We miss you!)
Jul 25, 2012 michelepat60
er - cattle-dog!! - Sorry! (Blushing furiously!!
Jul 25, 2012 pupfanatic
One thing to say about Koda's expression: D'ohhhhhh....
Jul 25, 2012 PamN1211
What a gorgeous baby..look at those eyelashes! @Dave...will miss your humor! Hope all is well at your house soon..sending best wishes your way! @ Koda's humans...give Koda a big hug and smoochies from us all. Pam, Simon, Gabriel,and Tabitha
Jul 25, 2012 JanW
What a cutie you are, Koda! I love those speckles all over and the black eye-patch too! Wishing you a wonderful, fun life!
Jul 25, 2012 Corky'smum
O wow! What a little cutie you are!! And I bet you're going to grow up to be a real clever-clogs too. Koda, you're a little star :)
Jul 25, 2012 gert
a clone for my 'Sheila'!! They are great dogs. As she's gotten older (8 years) she has become the disciplinarian to the other dogs/cats in the house. Funny to watch her make them 'behave' to her way of thinking. She also cleans the other dogs teeth and has a great career as a dental tech ahead of her.
Jul 25, 2012 leia kelly
Too darn cute!
Jul 25, 2012 Oliver & Henry's Mum
Koda, what a sweet, silly boy puppy you are! I bet you are just hoping someone will lean down and give that puppy belly a tummy rub! I would if I could angel. To "DavetheDog"...we all enjoy your posts, and have done since you started gracing us with your presence. Sending healing vibes and all good wishes your way so you can rejoin us as soon as possible. Big hugs to Koda, the "Star Puppy of the Day", from Oliver & Henry, and their Mum, in London, Ontario.
Jul 25, 2012 DLodge
This adorable photo should be next to the word "laughing" in the dictionary. What a personality on Koda! He's a sweetheart. I think I tune in every day for both the cute puppies (many, like today and yesterday make me squeal out loud), and for Dave the Dog's somehow increasingly funny commentary. Was worried for a couple days there, but was thinking maybe he finally took a vacation. Hope the Mum's hip gets better soon! - your fans
Jul 25, 2012 mychiensr1
Koda make me want to holla:-). What a sweet, pretty little baby girl.
Jul 25, 2012 allmyshelties
Koda, that's an impressive stick you found. You look so pleased with yourself. Your markings are perfection and you look like such a happy boy. wishing you many years of fun with your lucky family. I hope they keep you busy so you don't have to invent jobs for yourself :) @DaveTheDog. we all wish your family the best & a speedy recovery for your Mum. We'll miss you but hope you all will be back with us soon. Thanks for all the smiles!
Jul 25, 2012 kathan
Hi Koda! You look so happy here 'cos you are playing fetch. I thing you are so pretty with all your colors. You are adorable and are loved so much by your family.
Jul 26, 2012 Jose
Koda you're a very handsome boy. I hope that you have a great life with lot's of love. Hugs and kisses to you.
Jul 26, 2012 piobaire
I just love his markings. He is one stinkin' cute little dog!
Jul 26, 2012 lilpup81
oh my gosh! that is the most cutest pic ever!!:)
Jul 27, 2012 nancy24tarn
Koda is obviously one BIG bundle of energy. I have never seen such a cute dog with such unusual markings... His ears are like a Corgis, VERY CUTE. He will bring you many endless hours of fun and laughter. Enjoy.. Hugs and kisses from Cindy's mom in New Jersey..
Jul 30, 2012 clemency
Wow, Koda, you are handsome and adorable! I just love your big ears and black eye patch, plus your cute freckled fur!
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