Kosmo the Newfoundland

Puppy Breed: Newfoundland

Kosmo loves to play in the snow and with his puppy friends. He might be as big as a bear, but he is still scared of tiny dogs. Kosmo enjoys barking at the mailman, eating everything but vegetables, and getting long rub sessions. He also loves to drool over everyone and everything, but we don't mind! Kosmo is a gentle giant in every sense of the word, and we love him from his nose to his tail.

Comments (31)
schotime Jun 8, 2014
"Who me?" Kosmo is awesome. Newfies rule!

DaveTheDog Jun 8, 2014
"I heard something lately / That upset me greatly / About people...

mummm Jun 8, 2014
I know that Newfoundland's are gentle and sweet. It's a real...

goldenlover Jun 8, 2014
Kosmo will be a gentile giant. He's handsome as a pup. Wonderful...

ECHOBLIZZ Jun 8, 2014
Handsome and he KNOWS it!!! Look at the those KIND...

julie55 Jun 8, 2014

spunky Jun 8, 2014
Awww, Kosmo, you have such a "gleam" in your eye,what a doll!...

Economist Jun 8, 2014
Look into my eyes, you are getting relaxed, sleepy, now bring the...

amyliz Jun 8, 2014
Kosmo, you are a beautiful boy with a sweet and gentle spirit! Many...

pelligrino Jun 8, 2014
Kosmo is a very handsome fella

Mmmousemaid Jun 8, 2014
"long rub sessions"-- you deserve them Kosmo.

daphne's mom Jun 8, 2014
How beautiful! I hope you have many happy and healthy years...

The Raven Jun 8, 2014
"Hi there, I am ready for my "rub-a-dub-dub" session. It...

Nened0155 Jun 8, 2014
Kosmo, ur a big cutie!

drakes' granny Jun 8, 2014
Looking for love...I think you found him. He looks very...

mychiensr1 Jun 8, 2014
Cosmo is just too cute! Nobody can say no to this adorable baby boy!...

Newfies Jun 8, 2014
Well hello Kosmo, You are such a handsome boy! You have a wonderful...

Mollywoggs Jun 8, 2014
Awwwwww......look at this beautiful face! You'd have to be made...

Abiglen Jun 8, 2014
Kosmo, you are a "black beauty"! I'm happy you have a...

janet weir Jun 8, 2014
Kosmo, you are adorable! I love Newfies!!

nancybatt1 Jun 8, 2014
"I swear I didn't do it"!!!!

Frankt Jun 8, 2014
Kosmos' first "It wasn't me mommy" picture. Oh...

BeeBeeLily Jun 8, 2014
Awwwwww, Angel Eyes!

TearsofPearl Jun 8, 2014
I want one

boone'smomma Jun 9, 2014
I would love one of those wet kisses. You are a handsome devil!

Cindylu001 Jun 9, 2014
Kosmo, what a sweet handsome face you have, big boy! I am envious of...

poochielover Jun 10, 2014
I love his big ol' head! Great name too. This is such a wonderful...

littleguysmom Jun 10, 2014
Bring. Me. Cheese. Kosmo, you are one handsome big...

piobaire Jun 10, 2014
Kosmo, you are beautiful. I just love Newfies...gentle giants they...

Cherie in Skokie IL Jun 17, 2014
I don't know why, but I feel very attached to this dog. I love...

Cherie in Skokie IL Jun 17, 2014
I meant "Kosmo" not Kosmos. Oops