Tuesday, July 29, 2014
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Sep 4, 2007 NemoStein
Whatta cute baby...
Lovely tongue... =P

Stay cute...
Sep 4, 2007 kwikwitz
Lance is adorable!!! The site won't let me leave biscuits!!! I would have left 11 thousand biscuits for this sweet Corgi boy! Sure which you'd include pictures of Lance at work with Mommy and Lance playing with his ferret sibs. Lots of belly rubs to Lance.
Sep 4, 2007 rachie
oh my goodness! how cute!
Sep 4, 2007 allgodscritters
I want to give this precious baby 11,000 biscuits but, for some reason, I'm not able to vote?! Wazzup? Lance is a champion hugabug :) My son and daughter-in-law have a Corgi and a Corgi Mix (Jacoby aka Jax and Molly, respectively) and they are both wonderful pups. I hope that Lance brings as much joy to your home as Jax and Molly have to theirs.
Sep 4, 2007 twister
I've got a corgi cross miniature fox terrior and he looked just like this. Man is he cute
Sep 4, 2007 allpupsRperfect
What a handsome little fella!
Sep 4, 2007 sylvanbliss
You know, I think Lance is the cutest puppy in the whole world!
Sep 4, 2007 puppyluvr
[b][color=purple] What a cutie pie!!![/color][/b]
Sep 4, 2007 ee1izzie
... and what a noble heart beats beneath the fuzzy puppy chest. I have known Corgis but never as puppies. He is delightful.
Sep 4, 2007 michellenkatie
what an absolutely adorable baby!!!! he melts my heart!!! many kisses and belly rubs!!
Sep 4, 2007 quaryn
Awww.... seriously cute corg-age.
Sep 4, 2007 PIPPIN
Lance, love your face, your expressions, your colourings, your big ears and little legs.
Sep 4, 2007 starfish
SOOOOO CUTE!!! I want a corgie!
Sep 4, 2007 doggieaunt
Awwwww -- what a great way to start my day!!!

It looks like Lance is a Pembroke, but I coudn't get a good look at the key end of the puppy; is he???

Many, many scritches to the little guy!
Sep 4, 2007 sue
hes soooooooo cute i love corgis
Sep 4, 2007 Woofins
He's just too cute for words... love those little legs!!!
Sep 4, 2007 rubyhatchet

11 biscuits! (^_________^)
Sep 4, 2007 webbcues
c u u u t t i e :)
Sep 4, 2007 Zoie's Daddy
way too cute !!! :) :) :)
Sep 4, 2007 Caseysky
When I look at a puppy or dog, it's the eyes that always capture me. Lance has very expressive eyes. With cuteness galore, and those eyes, who could resist falling for this little guy? Not me, that's for sure. 11 biscuits for sure.
Sep 4, 2007 cyndersmama
being a puppy, and being so darned cute, must certainly wear you out! You are adorable and if I could I would vote 11 zillion biccys!
Sep 4, 2007 thetopazsmurf
He is a cutie. Wish Ya woulda had pics of him and the ferrets..
Many happy Years to ya..
Sep 4, 2007 thetopazsmurf
Oh Yea, Such Pretty Color..Too Sweet..
Sep 4, 2007 Grandma Helen of CT
What a sweetheart. I would love to hold him and cuddle him in my rocking chair xxxxxxxxxx
Sep 4, 2007 DMWilkie
He is SO cute. I have two corgis and I love them so much. Have fun with him. He will bring you many great memories...
Sep 4, 2007 roseyinflorida
A real cutie pie! Best of luck with him and your recent marriage.
He's got such expressive eyes. I love this picture of him in the bushes. He will bring you so much joy now and in the years to come.
Sep 4, 2007 Mummm
Lance looks like a real sweetie. Enjoy!
Sep 4, 2007 jo
A great mystery--how Lance gets anything but 11 biscuits from anyone! What an adorable puppy dog! I love just about all breeds (beagles are probably my particular favorite), and corgis are just wonderful! They are fluffy, stubby-legged hard workers with lots of heart and the cutest faces in the world. And those big ears! Hope you have many happy years together!
Sep 4, 2007 FRITZY
Sep 4, 2007 Ozzy2975
Sep 4, 2007 caseyanddavesmom
Love the ears and his face. Very cute puppy!!!!
Sep 4, 2007 DogMom
absolutely corgilicious! What a handsome boydog Sir Lance is!!! He is one yummy puppy. Enjoy!
Sep 4, 2007 DogMom
Absolutely corgilicious! What a handsome boydog Sir Lance is. Enjoy this precious dog!
Sep 4, 2007 jojo
[color=red] Those eyes, so expressive! He looks totally loyal and loving! [/color]
Sep 4, 2007 pupsiluv
[b]Oh my Lance! You are a beautiful and sweet baby!! [/b]
Sep 4, 2007 tazziesmom
I LOVE CORGIS!!! You are so cute...
Sep 4, 2007 jmjmj57
He's as cute as a corgi can get! They are a wonderful dog to have! My corgi, Max, sends tail shakes to yours!
Sep 4, 2007 alecto53901
Puppies who wrestle squeezy weasels are the Best. Thing. Ever!
Sep 4, 2007 pauleenm
what a cutie!!
Sep 4, 2007 DogyLvr
Oh isn't this world a grand place! Lance is the luckiest doggie in the world, and I think that he is extra smart to have a bit of reserve to those big doggies!
Sep 4, 2007 Koda's Mom
He is precious! I love those short little legs and that precious face! Enjoy this puppy time, they grow up too fast!! 11 biscuits to little Lance!!
Sep 4, 2007 82nd Airborne Dad
Awe, too cute!! I think after we get moved to our new home a new baby is gonna have to join us too. I would love a Tri-colored Corgi . . .
Sep 4, 2007 marleysmom
Adorable! 11 bisquits!
Sep 4, 2007 bopeep
What a cutie. What a great wedding present. Congratulations on your marriage. You have started out your life together in a very great manner. Hugs and kisses to Lance and all his ferret friends.
Sep 4, 2007 JunieB
Tee hee! Love the wee little pink tongue!!
Sep 4, 2007 doriesmom
Best of luck to all three of you. Congratulations!!!! Lance is adorable and will bring much joy into your home. Give him lots of hugs, belly rubs, pats, and praise from our critter gang. Long and happy life to you!!!!
Sep 4, 2007 Chloe's Mom
Lance is quit a handsome fella. We resuced a Corgi-Pom-Chow mix from the shelter. She has been the best dog(she doesn't know she's a dog) She loves to sleep like this. Enjoy Lance he will be faithful forever. Belly rubs for him.......from Chloe
Sep 4, 2007 shellyrini
I love his little tongue!!!
and those paws, they are so cute and chunky!
You are a cutie pie Lance.
Sep 4, 2007 FireHorse
A wonderful little pup!
Sep 4, 2007 Tracy Kemmer
I love this puppy. I have thought many times about getting a Corgi. This may just do it for me. Thanks!.
Sep 4, 2007 Blackmoons
ADORABLE!!! i've never seen a corgi puppy before... oversized ears and all... looks like he's got plently to grow into. SO CUTE!
Sep 4, 2007 Terry C
What a sweetie.

Lots of luck with him.
Sep 4, 2007 ghersdog
i loooove your lil puppyheadpoopiepup, lance!
he is preciousness!
Sep 4, 2007 greyhoundmommy
As soon as I saw that pictures I just laughed, he is adorable those eyes and ears. I love corgis I adopted a corgi/beagle and gave him to my grandmother after my grandfather passed away. He has got so much corgi in him looking at Lance. Lance is wonderful.
Sep 4, 2007 vayama
OMG overdose of corgitude!
Sep 4, 2007 dogsrule
He's a wonderful little guy! :)

Cute cute cutie pie!
Sep 4, 2007 iamme
What a poser puppy!! hehe :) Very sweet!! :)
Sep 4, 2007 txmadre
My daughter has an adult corgi named Maggie and she is a love button. She can't jump up on the bed or couch anymore and she is very tender when we pick her up, but she is still a love button. Max is so pretty. I love the subby legs and big ears. I've got a feeling he's a love button too! Congratultions!!
Sep 4, 2007 jiangwanster
it is so cute i love this furry and big head big ear dog.
Sep 4, 2007 houndluvr
[color=red] Any pup whose ears are longer than his legs gets 11 million biscuits from me!!! What a handsome fella Lance is! And lucky too, to have all those buddies to play with at mommy's office! [/color]
Sep 4, 2007 bayley's mom
What a cute guy Lance is. Love his ears!
Sep 4, 2007 roscoeroxypepper
you are so handsome lance!!! what a great wedding present, my husband and i did the same a week after we got married, we went and bought a beautiful little minature schnauzer!!! good luck to you and lance
Sep 4, 2007 Yourmomsage
Sep 4, 2007 taramh
I love you Lance you adorableness with those little chunly legs. Your mommy and daddy are very lucky! :) :) :)
Sep 4, 2007 DebbyD
What a cute baby!!! Congrats on your new family! Many blessings and years and years of love and companionship!
Sep 4, 2007 mosey
Lance was just TOOOOOO cute, that I just *had* to register for the Dailypuppy to comment! :D So adorable, honestly, thank you for sharing his pictures!
Sep 4, 2007 harlequinguy
Lance is not cute, Lance is drop-dead adorable! How you ever manage to put him down is beyond me?? Spoil him to pieces - you can bet *we* all would!
Sep 4, 2007 gill
Lance is a darling. Corgis are full of fun and mischief. Hope you have many wonderful years with him. Loads of tickles.
Sep 4, 2007 OleBrumm
OH, how I long to be a Corgi mum one day soon!!! Lance is a real cutie. I just love looking at him.
Sep 4, 2007 rainingwolf
What a beautiful baby!
Sep 4, 2007 Sally
Aaaah! Too cute, I can't take it! :) Lance is one of the most handsome Corgis I've ever seen. Thanks for sharing him with us!!!
Sep 4, 2007 zoozieQ
oh my goodness!! I love Corgis!
Sep 4, 2007 Sally
I forgot to include my favorite pic....
Sep 4, 2007 LeslieAnn
I looooove him! Belly rubs from me.
Sep 4, 2007 yogibear17
He is so cute! Congrats and Enjoy!
Sep 4, 2007 kukie
I saw my first ever corgi puppy when I was at pet health convention...I felt something fall on my foot and heard a wee squeak, when I looked down to see what it was the cutest ever little corgi, he could barely get off my foot his wee legs where so short...I fell in love then with the breed, Lance is no exception to the rule he is very handsome and looks soooo happy! enjoy
Sep 4, 2007 waves
What a great way to start the work week with pics like these! What a doll!
Sep 4, 2007 mkesj
What a beautiful Tri-color! Corgis are just great fun and great fun to watch. Go to a dog show. They steal the show. Best wishes.
Sep 4, 2007 piobaire
ACK ACK ACK OMIGOD I love Corgis more than any breed! I miss my Eddie dog so much! Little Lance, you are so sweet, you have the most precious face in the world. Tell mommie and daddy about scratching you in that tummy area that makes your tiny back leg start kicking like mad!! Oh love this dog to bits for me!!
Sep 4, 2007 guido's mama
Sir Lancelot is charming!!! 1000 bisquits, for sure. Thank you for sharing him and making my week brighter. He's a very lucky pup pup to have such a wonderful family. Live long, play hard, stay healthy. xoxo
Sep 4, 2007 lilyj
I absolutely looooove corgies, and Lance is simply adorable. What a face! He would completely own me if he were mine. Eleventy million biscuits. :)
Sep 4, 2007 pinky45882
WOW he plays with ferrets that is so cool!!!!!!!!! What a little doll :)
Sep 4, 2007 rexandbaby
Lance is so cute, I had to vote and tell you that I want a Corgi now too!
Sep 4, 2007 likeadove
Sir Lancelot is royalty, and he can certainly take his rightful place in your home, your hearts and in your life. I do not know much about corgies, but looking at his picture, he tells you all about him. Being a professional pet photographer, it is important to capture the puppy's essence and personality - and you did that!! Congratulations on your new marriage - may you all have a very happy and loving life together!!
Sep 4, 2007 frootloop_puppyluver
Cuteness! Very Beaautiful puppy you have. :D
Sep 4, 2007 LuvPups
a nature lover, an environmentalist, a precious wonderous pup
Sep 4, 2007 Yankee-7
What a precious Corgi!
hey, how come there's duplicates of the tongue-sticking-out picture??
Wonderful, adorable little beast! :D
Sep 4, 2007 liz
Aw, he's really cute. I want to see some ferret wrasslin, too! That would be something :-)
Sep 4, 2007 maryandjohn
He is absolutly adorable!
Sep 4, 2007 magnoliasmom
Your little corgi puppy is toooo cute for words. I inherited a corgi mix (she was my mother-in-law's) and I just love her. She is quite old at 15 but I wouldn't trade the years we've had with her for anything. Good luck with your bundle of joy.
Sep 4, 2007 webpenblog
Cutest puppy I've seen since subscribing. So adorable.
Sep 4, 2007 nicoleann75
I love him so!!! I just want to eat those ears!
Sep 4, 2007 Smokeys-Mom
Corgis rule!!! This one is a keeper, such a cutie-patootie! Tummy-rubs to you!!!
Sep 4, 2007 ilovedogs
Lance is soooooooooo adorable!!!!!! I love his colorings of his fur!!!!!! My favorite photo is the one where he is in the bushes!!!!!! ;) 11 biscuits for Lance all the way!!!!!
Sep 4, 2007 LisaLisa
Goodness, what a SWEET FACE!!!!!!!
Sep 4, 2007 Bobbie
this pic must represent Lance's idea of camoflauge! I am sure he thinks if he can't see you, you can't see him. What an absolutely beautiful doll baby! Such a cutie and I wish you many long years together as a family. I, too, wish there has been pics of him and the ferrets! What a sight to see!
Sep 4, 2007 tazjt
Beautiful markings! I don't think I've ever seen a Corgi with such beautiful color! And such a sweet face!
Sep 4, 2007 TessiesMum
Can't seem to leave any biscuits but Lance you have an adorable face, I don't think I could deny you anything...
Sep 4, 2007 arlette
Such a handsome young man, with personality plus!! Consider me wound around his little finger already. :) 11 biscuits for you, my little darling.
Sep 4, 2007 taglove18
Awww what an adorable face this little one has! His ears make me laugh because they are longer than his little legs! Well you are very lucky to have such a cutie! Enjoy him!
Sep 4, 2007 caraschotch
What a beautiful little face he has! Hope you have wonderful times together!
Sep 4, 2007 vegasmom
I LOVE his huge ears and perfect eyes!!!
Sep 4, 2007 doggielover80
such a sweet face! i love his ears!!!! enjoy your baby! i have to get me a corgi someday!
Sep 4, 2007 dkritter
Lance is an absolute CUTIE PATOOTIE!!! I want one just like him!!! His brown eyes just make me want to melt! And that little tongue is too cute...!
Sep 4, 2007 maggie9583
WHAT A PRECIOUS LITTLE DARLING!!! This picture makes me melt.
Sep 4, 2007 greyhoundmommy
Ok, I have already commented on Lance but I just have to do it again. He is adorable and his pictures just made my day it was a nice break. Love him.
Sep 4, 2007 kellybuzzard
So cute!
Sep 4, 2007 edb1917
My son has a corgi - they're really personable dogs.

11 biscuits
Sep 4, 2007 dbskluvsme
He is just a sweet bundle of love... that you can not put into 1 word.
He is just absolutly precious.
I adore Corgis and also am planning to get one.
You are RIGHT!!! He IS the Cutest puppy... I have EVER Seen!!!
Sep 4, 2007 dbskluvsme
He is just a sweet bundle of love... that you can not put into 1 word.
He is just absolutly precious.
I adore Corgis and also am planning to get one.
You are RIGHT!!! He IS the Cutest puppy... I have EVER Seen!!!
Sep 4, 2007 mling
AW what a cutie!! Lance has such a sweet face! He is lucky to have not one, but FIVE ferrets to play with! Wishing you many more happy years with him!!
Sep 4, 2007 Jennb3
That face, those eyes, the smile....heart.....melting
Sep 4, 2007 lotsapets
Sep 4, 2007 dusty59
oh, Lance is soo sweet. I'm glad he has a wonderful family!
Sep 4, 2007 longhorndoglover
Lance is so cute in all the pictures! Give him a hug for me!
Sep 4, 2007 kilroy
My first post!

What a cute little guy! He looks very happy!

Two paws way up!
Sep 4, 2007 darcy/dexter
Adorable pix, but are they all the same corgi? The markings vary a great deal on a couple of the shots.
Sep 5, 2007 abusymom
He is so sweet! Give him kisses and belly rubs from me... 11 x 11 biscuits for Lance.
Sep 5, 2007 3corgis
[color=red]I'm in love. Lance is absolutely adorable. I raise Corgis and would have a hard time letting this one go...probably wouldn't. He's just too cute.[/color]
I also have ferrets--so sute and funny to watch--and very cuddly.
Sep 5, 2007 Baccus`sMom
Lance is a beautiful boy ! I had a hard time picking only 1 pic. Congrat`s on your puppy and your wedding may you have many wonderful years together as a family !!!!
millions of biscuits to Lance and Belly rubs too !!!
Sep 5, 2007 BTLabs
Lance is such an adorable little boy!
Sep 5, 2007 shelski54
Thank You so much for posting Lance's picture. He is a cutie.
I have a Corgie and Sheltie mixed. I recused Ms.Bee 6 years ago and I always wondered what she looked like. Can you believe she was abused ? She is my best friend and we are getting crabby and old together.
Sep 5, 2007 MaryT
I used to have a Corgi-Jack Russell mix named Charlie. She was like a BULLET always running and playing. She never met a person or an animal that she didn't adore; she was a sweetie. I actually got a kitten for her so she wouldn't be alone while I was at work. She and that cat would chase each other across the house, back and forth, forth and back. What a couple of clowns! Did I mention how SMART that dog was? I taught her loads of tricks and she was also fairly easy to house train. Thank you for posting the pic of Lance. I know that you will have many happy years together, just as Charlie and I did.
Sep 5, 2007 Radelle
Who Takes these pics? FANTASTIC!!!
IF I could reach through the computer & kiss this dog all night, I most certainly would.
Hard to pick a favorite, they're all so boo-boo nose darn cute.......
Sep 6, 2007 stinkerbelle1969
Lance, you are such a cutie. What an awesome wedding gift you gave yourselves. Although I've never had one I've always wanted a Corgi. This picture is so cute.
A million biscuits to you!!
Sep 7, 2007 LiNoY
in this picture, it seems like he is tring to ask for a rub belly... OMG, that's so cute!!! <=)
aww he looks like my 4 month old pebroke welsh corgi mines name is phoenix and this pic looks alot like him
Sep 9, 2007 Lizanne
HiLance, I think you appear to be a real nature lover, here sniffing of the beautiful green leaves. You are so adorable. Your photos are great and you and Mom are lucky to have each other.:)

Sep 9, 2007 Lizanne
HiLance, I think you appear to be a real nature lover, here sniffing of the beautiful green leaves. You are so adorable. Your photos are great and you and Mom are lucky to have each other.:)

Sep 9, 2007 Lizanne
HiLance, I think you appear to be a real nature lover, here sniffing of the beautiful green leaves. You are so adorable. Your photos are great and you and Mom are lucky to have each other.:)

Sep 9, 2007 Lizanne
HiLance, I think you appear to be a real nature lover, here sniffing of the beautiful green leaves. You are so adorable. Your photos are great and you and Mom are lucky to have each other.:)

Sep 9, 2007 Shelbunny
lance is such a pretty baby!!! take good care of him!!!
Sep 9, 2007 Shelbunny
lance is such a pretty baby!!! take good care of him!!!
Sep 9, 2007 Shelbunny
lance is such a pretty baby!!! take good care of him!!!
Sep 9, 2007 vllybllstar
aawww so cute
so cute! i love his face
i also like the first pic and the last couple of pics.
11 biscuts!
Sep 10, 2007 Bully'smom
He plays with your ferrets!!??? AWWWWWW!!!! That is tooo cute!
Sep 10, 2007 Rainey
Sep 10, 2007 WhiteDove
Lance is sooooo cute. . .I'm prejudice cause I have two Corgi's, Sid & Babs and next week I'm getting another little girl named Cloe. . .she's only 2 months old. . .can't wait. . .Corgi's RULE!!!!. . .
Sep 10, 2007 tambore
And I thought there was nothing cuter than an adult Corgi. But then I saw your picture, Lance. I love those stubby little legs and that unique little strut of yours. Should I ever see you, it's kidnap time and there'll be ransom to pay! Nah, would never do that to you. You'll just have to settle for a kiss on that darling little head of yours.
Dec 20, 2007 WuVmYwEsTiE
omg, when i scrolled down and saw lance, my jaw dropped because i thought he was SO ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!! sooooo cute!!!!!!! You are so lucky to have him!!
Feb 11, 2008 Podday
Oh my god I would take him home in an instant Full treats for him!!!!
Feb 11, 2008 Podday
Oh my god I would take him home in an instant Full treats for him!!!!
Feb 19, 2008 nyk0l3
AWWWWW!!! He looks like hes done something naughty and is worried hes gunna get caught in this picture, heh. Corgis love everyone and everything. Corgis are just fun loving little pups
May 13, 2008 lovemypom
Who couldn't love this face! Lance you are just precious!
May 31, 2008 wolfgirl66
Jun 4, 2008 roxan45
your dog looks so silly and cute i just love him!!
Jun 5, 2008 mealea
Yes Lance I would love to rub your belly!!!
Aug 7, 2008 abby41
HE IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would TOATLLY buy him but I can't!
Oct 15, 2008 GwdGma
Just adorable, absolutely adorable!! Love all of the pictures, but this one made me say awwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!
Apr 2, 2009 paapira
awww! you have to go see my pup Luumu, she's a corgidor and looks so much like your lovely baby!
May 27, 2009 paapira
will yo be my pup Luumu's fwiend? She's a corgi/lab mix and looks a lot like you, but with huge floppy ears. She would love you so much! You are soooooo adorable!!!
Jul 12, 2009 CuteZ3
Lance is adorable! What a cutie.
Oct 7, 2009 Mia's Mom
Precious-adorable-sweetpea!! I would bet anyone would agree that he is the BEST 'wedding gift' one could ever hope to get! :) Thanks for sharing your pics- they really made me smile :)
Jan 21, 2010 beccabell1
Gorgeous picture!
Jan 24, 2010 ursa'smomma
Wow, I can't believe that Lance remained off my radar til now! (Pot Luck Pup) He was a simply ADORABLE pup! Nothing cuter than a Corgi baby! Hope all is well with Lance and his family.
Aug 7, 2010 doggiedays
He is adorable!!!! I hope you enjoy long and many years with him!
May 18, 2011 pelligrino
Lance has the best face.I'd be a push over for him and spoil him rotten!
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