Lancer the Australian Shepherd

Puppy Breed: Australian Shepherd

Lancer is proving to be a very optimistic and courageous pup. Lancer's feelings are not easily hurt, by any means. If we or Roscoe scold him for bad behavior, he is completely and utterly unfazed and simply frolics away to find something else to be happy about! He has a strong spirit and very high play drive, one-upping Roscoe in play-fighting at only 9 weeks old. He no longer belly-ups and accepts loss anymore, and will keep playing until he drops dead. Constantly happy, overwhelmingly confident, always enthusiastic, quite testing, does not accept loss, vigorous, chaotic, forceful, truly believes he is destined to be the king of the world, and too intelligent for his own good! What a pup. Best of all, Roscoe absolutely adores him, and he, her. To be honest, I'm very proud of his mental strength and enthusiasm. He is precisely the polar opposite of Roscoe, and I can't wait to see what kind of superdog he will grow up to be with proper training!