Laverne the Boston Terrier

Puppy Breed: Boston Terrier

Laverne's parents say: When a Japanese champion met a Canadian champion, a little purebred Boston terrier named Laverne is born to the world. A tiny, dark brindle fireball of inquisitive energy, Laverne is quickly adapting to life among two cats who can't firgure her out and two parents who love her more than can be written here. As with most pups, Laverne loves to chew. Lucky for us she only enjoys her toys (Pink Dog, Big Mean Kitty, and Big Toe) rather than our computer cables and shoes. She's learning lots and has mastered such commands as "tunnel," "jump," "down," "hop," "sit," "roll over," and "papers" (the all-important one to stop her from using the living room as her personal bathroom). She's only 12 weeks old and already she's taken charge of our apartment complex as everyone in the building knows and loves Laverne.