Lexi the Golden Retriever

Puppy Breed: Golden Retriever

Lexi says: "Hi, my name is Lexi (Alexis when I get in trouble)... I have TONS of energy all day long and love to eat anything from people food to my mom's wood patio. My favorite thing to do is chase shadows -- my own, birds, balls. I like to pretend I'm playing fetch when all I'm doing is chasing the ball's shadow. I don't know why people get mad when I don't bring the ball back! I have tons of hair and look like a golden fluffball after a bath. I have lots of aunts that love me and always want to babysit for me. I especially love my auntie Kimmy. I love going to the dog park and the beach but I'm kind of afraid of the waves. Hi to my best friends Connor, Jake, and Brutus!"