Lexi the Golden Retriever

Puppy Breed: Golden Retriever

Lexi says: "Hi, my name is Lexi (Alexis when I get in trouble)... I have TONS of energy all day long and love to eat anything from people food to my mom's wood patio. My favorite thing to do is chase shadows -- my own, birds, balls. I like to pretend I'm playing fetch when all I'm doing is chasing the ball's shadow. I don't know why people get mad when I don't bring the ball back! I have tons of hair and look like a golden fluffball after a bath. I have lots of aunts that love me and always want to babysit for me. I especially love my auntie Kimmy. I love going to the dog park and the beach but I'm kind of afraid of the waves. Hi to my best friends Connor, Jake, and Brutus!"

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puppyluv92 Jul 7, 2006
so irresistably adorable!! love the little pink tongue. what a cutie...

Diana and Nico. Jul 7, 2006

Have a nice weekend!

sputnik Jul 7, 2006
awesome! 11 out of 10. she'll get away with a lot being that cute!

puppyluver Jul 7, 2006
the middle picture w/ the lil pink tongue is irresistably cute! i...

El, Shads & Peasy Jul 7, 2006
puppyluver, we feel the same way! we want this little girl

Really good at plinko Jul 7, 2006
That's a fine looking dog. I can only ask that Julia show up to...

Andrea Jul 7, 2006
Puppy with a calico dog!

bundobread Jul 7, 2006
rexi lexi is a shadow playing animal and so darn cool. why do dogs...

Amber-s mom Jul 7, 2006
Yes, they should stay little awhile longer than they do. Puppies...

Tanya Jul 7, 2006
Wow, what a cutepup!

Tori Jul 8, 2006
I love her Well I love Any DOG,

Sammy Jul 9, 2006
aww i just wanna give him a her a kiss! lol

puppyluver Jul 10, 2006
she is so adorable i think my puppy addy will totaly get along weith...

Stephanie Jul 22, 2006
Lexi is soooo adorable! I love golden retrievers. I just want to give...

Jennelle from Chicago Jul 28, 2006
She is such a sweetie!Enjoy her!!! Ours is already two and we have...

*~by Alyssa Lansinger on August 2nd Aug 2, 2006
awww shes socute i love all the the picz! i wish i had her but i...

PuppyLover101 Aug 4, 2006
What a cutie! Thanx 4 sharing the pics!

gracie Sep 3, 2006
how cute is this puppy?

gracie Sep 3, 2006
I would vote agin if I could.

gracie Sep 3, 2006
this puppy has the most beatiful face I have eevr seen.

gracie Sep 3, 2006
awwww! how cute.

gracie Sep 3, 2006

JOHN Sep 15, 2006
I lost my Golden Hemingway at 14 a few months ago. Although he was a...

smantha Oct 22, 2006
My dogs was lost is was a golden retiever it was seven years old and...

JAMIE Nov 12, 2006
Lexi is so cute! when we got our golden he looked just like her!

kate Nov 21, 2006
I think Lexi deserves to go on this because she is adorably cute and...

Puppy♥Lover Nov 28, 2006
Shes so cute Golden Retrievers are the best dogs! i love the picture...

LoVe PuP Jan 3, 2007
yeah its a bernese i think

taramh Feb 20, 2007
Cutie!! I love the one with her little tongue sticking out! AWWWW!!!!!

vllybllstar Apr 30, 2007
Adorable!!!!!!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! :oops: sorry..

aden1994 Feb 14, 2008
she is so cute! just a little fluff ball...i have a golden myself, i...