Lexie the Rottweiler

Puppy Breed: Rottweiler

We've been wanting a little girl for a long time, and Lexie came along to answer those dreams. Found wandering in the rain, Lexie became someone's loss and our gain when she was never claimed and we welcomed her into our family. A sweet and feisty girl, she loves having three brothers to pick on, especially our boxer, Lucky, who loves her to bits even though she's always nipping at his ears when he's napping. Although she's a bit of a hand and leg chomper, known to put holes in the sleeves of your sweaters during play time, she's also a little doll who sleeps by your feet, tickles your neck with kisses and licks your toes to say hello. Even if she thinks she's a vegetarian and will eat anything she finds in the garden--the more disgusting, the better--she's also our little girl who'll hide behind you from the passing cars, stick her head between your legs to get your attention, give you her paw when you ask and let you hold her just about any way, because she's happy as long as she's with you.