Lily the Samoyed

Puppy Breed: Samoyed

Lily's mom says: I got Lily when she was two months old, shortly after having lost my previous Samoyed to cancer. She is a delightful puppy, mischievous, curious, playful, loving, and full of energy! We went to puppy manners classes, and now she loves going to puppy daycare twice a week where she wears herself out playing with all the other dogs and jumping into the water pails. Her favorite toys are anything that squeaks, and she loves to play tug-of-war. Right now her favorite game is to run up the stairs and then bark frantically until I go carry her back down. In the evenings, she will run over to her crate when I tell her it's time for "night-night." She attracts a lot of attention on our daily walks because she is such a pretty girl, and she loves every bit of it!