Tuesday, July 22, 2014
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Jul 13, 2008 harlequinguy
She looks as happy and contented as she is loved. We all wish you many happy years with this glorious girl.
Jul 13, 2008 petmommy
What a beauty Lola is! And she sings too!!! Many happy years with lots of love to Mom & Lola.
Jul 13, 2008 dogmatic
She looks like a total madam!!!! a real beauty with oodles of personality. Long life and lots of cuddles to her.
Jul 13, 2008 thathat
What a sweetie! Viszlas are so gorgeous! Lola has got SUCH pretty eyes!
Jul 13, 2008 corriedaboxers
Lovely puppy, lot of growing to do. many happy years together. 11 biscuits.
Jul 13, 2008 mary v
Do I have to pose again?????????? PUHLEEZE~no more!! If I had the stamina, the room and the yard I would have Visula in my life. Alas, I live in a condo and have two more appropriate dogs (at my age!),Bassets! Lola is a beautiful gorgeous pup..,Many, many happy years with her! -Bucky and Bailey's Mom...
Jul 13, 2008 gacoastalguy
From these flaws in her perfection! Absolutely gorgeous!!
Jul 13, 2008 ejay
Lola, you are adorable. You look to be quite a character if these photos are any indication, don't change please. XXXXXXXoooooXXXXXXXXX and belly rubs.
Jul 13, 2008 dancerandpuppylover
Such long legs! My hairdresser has a Vizla and just got another one, a puppy, she is adorable like Lola. Nice name as well. 11 biscuits!
Jul 13, 2008 pitbullmama
Lola is very cute! She reminds me of my Weimaraner "Rosco". They have a similar look and personality - HYPER! Best wishes and happy life together.
Jul 13, 2008 zoerosesmom
What a beautiful little girl! I had a hard time picking a favorite picture. Zoe had 3 Viszla's in her obedience class - they are extremely attentive, intelligent dogs. Lola what a lucky mommy you have! Many happy years and tummy rubs! xoxoxo
Jul 13, 2008 puppysandy
Well, she must be... TALL! Great puppy she looks oh so loved by a great owner witch happens to be you! :) many many bikkies and cuddles.
Jul 13, 2008 pasonotti
You certainly can see that this is one happy pup. Very cute and she looks like a bundle of energy. You are going to have lots of fun with this one. Congratulations on getting such a pretty girl.
Jul 13, 2008 pasonotti
Lola looks like a show stopper to me. She could win lots of blue ribbons. Lola is a picture of perfection.
Jul 13, 2008 randomearrings
Lola is adorable, what a perfect little girl you have there. Beautiful eyes, gorgeous colour and a wonderful expression which shows her personality. Many happy years, hugs, kisses and 11+++ biscuits xxx
Jul 13, 2008 mellimuffin
What a sweetie-pie!
Jul 13, 2008 ckendall
I had such a hard time picking a favorite. Lola is adorable!! Those eyes are so full of love!! Just beautiful.
Jul 13, 2008 Squidgings
Ashaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Yes! Yes! Wahhhhhh! Me love her! Yey! Yey! Guess what? Squidgings is going punting today!
Jul 13, 2008 infantrywife
She's absolutely gorgeous! I love Viszla's! They're so beautiful. Lola you are one darling girl!
Jul 13, 2008 drakes' granny
Lola looks very sweet, active and adoring. You can see it in her eyes how much she loves you. Love her forever.
Jul 13, 2008 djmc
Lola you are a sweetie. Enjoy Enjoy, lots of belly rubs and biscuits
Jul 13, 2008 malachy
who could not adore this face!! she is just a cutie! yes, dogs are the best gifts we can get for ourselves-my life has been so blessed by having my little doxie in it! enjoy Lola... buschels of biscuits and hugs from malachy-doxie and his mommy!
Jul 13, 2008 Ange2809
Such a sweet face, Lola you are gorgeous!!! Wishing you a kazillion hugs, kisses, doggie bikkies and many wonderful years with your very lucky owner and friends!!! xoxoxo
Jul 13, 2008 pamfontainepeters
Lola is a real cutie with such LONG legs! What a happy girl! Biscuits and bellyrubs from Pam in Toronto.
Jul 13, 2008 2dogmom
Hi, Lola! You are very beautiful! Have fun playing Frisbee!
Jul 13, 2008 melodious
My Lola, what long legs you have. you are going to grow up to be one tall dog.
Jul 13, 2008 ursa'smomma
What a doll!!! A billion and one bisquits!
Jul 13, 2008 daphneblessing
lola you are very cute! My human family got me close to chirstmas too! I think that we would get along well! Your friend, Daphane
Jul 13, 2008 Mys
We have a Viszla also and she's so much fun! I love this breed. Have fun with her. She's a cutie.
Jul 13, 2008 weimfriend
Lola is a beautiful example of a Viszla. She looks so very happy !! I've enjoyed owning a Viszla and they are great dogs. She is a very lucky girl to have such caring humans to love her !
Jul 13, 2008 mealea
She looks like she wants everyone to know her opinion. What an adorable little girl!!!
Jul 13, 2008 gryt
Arooooo sweet girl! :)
Jul 13, 2008 yorkigurl
Looks like she waiting for a treat...what a darling expression...
Jul 13, 2008 cutiepie108
WOW! look at those long legs!!!!!
Jul 13, 2008 cutiepie108
"Please give me 11 biscuits!!!" omg soooo adorable!!!!
Jul 13, 2008 mamadog
These are definitely super model legs! What a beauty!
Jul 13, 2008 maplestreetclocks
OMG I almost died from this one. Love you Lola!
Jul 13, 2008 usfour
Lola is sleek and gorgeous looking! - like a Goddess. Would love to see her run - she must move like the wind.
Jul 13, 2008 tracy kemmer
I love the Viszla's green eyes. She is a beauty. I know they are hyper it keeps us young to have a hyper dog. Busy also.
Jul 13, 2008 dukeluver
wow she is just beautiful! goodluck with her KISSES!! xoxo
Jul 13, 2008 terry c
I love when doggies give this kind of pose with the big "puppy" eyes. Like "Love me?" When they KNOW that you DO!
Jul 13, 2008 terry c
"I wanna go for a walk NOW" (What lovely eyes Lola has!)
Jul 13, 2008 lucuma
Lola you are PRECIOUS!!!! Many kisses, hugs and biscuits!!!! xoxoxo
Jul 13, 2008 mbgame
One of our neighbors had a Viszla and she was one of the most intelligent and loving dogs I have known. Even though they neglected her she never had bad breath. She wanted to come stay with us and jumped the fence all the time. Our neighbors weren't very happy about that. Love Lola and it will be returned doubly! Mbgame
Jul 13, 2008 allmyshelties
"Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl" How beautiful is this girl? And her pictures show she has quite the personality as well. Enjoy this beautiful & funny girl. Tons of bikkies & heaps of belly rubs.
Jul 13, 2008 krystabeajackson
What a happy goofy girl! Have lots of fun together!
Jul 13, 2008 bopeep
Perfection personified and beautiful Lola is letting the world know. Hugs, kisses and a box of biscuits from Kansas.
Jul 13, 2008 wolfensteinsmom
How hard to pick a favorite pic. She is SSSOOOOO cute! Here she looks like she is singing! Hugs and tummy rubs, and a million biscuits.
Jul 13, 2008 sabeana21
When I get a dog I want to get a Viszla! She is sooo precious and has beautiful eyes.
Jul 13, 2008 lauren04
Vizsla's are the best!!! We're on our 3rd and can't begin to tell you how much fun you will be having...enjoy every minute!!
Jul 13, 2008 buddy108
Awwwww! She is soo cute! I have heard that Vizsla's are one of the best dog breeds!! Have fun with her!!!
Jul 13, 2008 amyliz
I'm not familiar with this breed but Lola surely must be a perfect representative of it! Love her beatiful eyes and sweet expression!
Jul 13, 2008 ohmypuppydog01
I'm in love with your puppy!! Lola seems very fun and a smartie. I hope you and your adorable doggie the greatest time together :) one million biscuts and ten thousand belly rubs.
Jul 13, 2008 lizanne
"REALLY~ DAHLING, THAT's THE SAME THING I HEARD!!! YA THINK?" WHAT A WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS GIFT !!! She is a beauty! I am having fun with this pose of hers. WHAT THOUGHTFUL EYES. Hugs, Lola, from Elizabeth & Miss Katie =O)
Jul 13, 2008 teddiepants
This is my sad face, I won't overdo it but when I do, look out. Resistance is futile :)
Jul 13, 2008 whippoorwill
Lola is a precious girl. Look at that face filled with adoration!! May you have many happy years to love each other!
Jul 13, 2008 packermom
Talk about the complete package...brains, stunning good looks, charming and she sings!! What more could you ask for? GORGEOUS!!! Many happy healthy years and lots of belly rubs.
Jul 13, 2008 fritzy
Sweet, sweet face of an angel! :)
Jul 13, 2008 sweetcell
Just beautiful and such expressions!! I've never even heard of this bread but certainly makes me want to check it out!! Many happy years!!
Jul 13, 2008 Mrs. Gentry
Lola looks like alot of fun! She is a cutie pie too. Lots of kisses and belly rubs to you Lola!
Jul 13, 2008 nonprofitshoppingmall
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Jul 13, 2008 clemency
"You know you can't beat me at tug of war! Grrrr!" I had such a hard time choosing a photo because Lola is so photogenic and they are all wonderful! She is just gorgeous and elegant and unique, and such an expressive face!
Jul 13, 2008 catlover
"What do you mean, "I have to sing for my supper!" Looks like she is talking up a blue streak!!
Jul 13, 2008 sam'smom
I am not familiar with this breed but Lola sure is a beauty - she looks very strong !!!! Lola looks so sweet and loving in this photo - lotsa biscuits from Texas !!!!
Jul 13, 2008 puppydog
awwwww Lola is soooo cute! she obviously loves to play!
Jul 13, 2008 lovetoypoodles
What soft, pleading, lovely eyes you have. If you looked at me with those eyes you would own me forever.
Jul 13, 2008 crunchy_doglover
wow, she is sooo cute and looks very agile !! Very expresive eyes ! :)
Jul 13, 2008 JingleBells
so cute
Jul 13, 2008 polskamatt
soo cute!!!
Jul 13, 2008 wolfgirl66
This lovely one looks soooooooooo happy!
Jul 13, 2008 NewPup
Oooh, lovvve that chewwwwy!!!!
Jul 13, 2008 popo
She is all muscle, how much walk does she need per day?
Jul 13, 2008 lotsapets
I am SOOOOOO VERY happy !! What a smile, one that makes YOU want to smile.............!!
Jul 13, 2008 susan barker
I've never heard of this kind of dog, but she is sooo cute. Lots of hugs and kisses for you and Lola!!
Jul 13, 2008 lucyny2000
...and I thought my dog Lucy is my reincarnated mother, that is before I saw your dog Lola! She looks much more like my mother, especially her smile! She made me laugh like no other dog ever had! Oh, my God, Lola is a natural comedian! My stomack muscles hurt! I have saved 11 "favorite" puppies pictures in my files, Lola is going to be 12th, but #1! You got yourself the best present God can give you for Christmas! Blessings to you both!
Jul 13, 2008 brunomom
A magnificent animal.
Jul 14, 2008 deedee23
I love you Lola!!! xxx
Jul 14, 2008 tsuki's mom
Lola, what are you trying to figure out? You're such a lovely girl!
Jul 14, 2008 buttinger12
I have a 3 year old Vizsla named Lola also. They look almost identical except my Lola's tail is not docked. They are beautiful dogs and full of love.
Jul 14, 2008 PuppyLove22
Lola you are such a big girl! Very pretty :)
Jul 14, 2008 Yeatts
I WANT YOUR DOG!! Lola is sooooo beautiful!! An absolute beauty!! Thanks for sharing!
Jul 14, 2008 lovemypom
Lola you are just beautiful!! Love those eyes.
Jul 14, 2008 Chandlersmom
Such a happy looking pup! And beautiful too!
Jul 14, 2008 sjh
What a happy girl. She is beautiful.
Jul 14, 2008 stormsamson
Is this a bark I hear? It was extremely difficult to make my photo choice today, because they are all so nice! I just love Lola and I wish you many years of blessed health and lovins to you!
Jul 14, 2008 mikdebluvpups
Soooooo Beautiful!
Jul 14, 2008 klgoonsquad
Lol look at that schnoze :) My girlfriend's mom has a Viszla from Budapest named Csodas(Cho-dash) and they call her Csodas the red-nosed Viszla. She looks a lot like Lola minus the docked tail. Very muscular, athletic and TONS of energy. You definitely have to be the right kind of person to be a good match for a Viszla.
Jul 14, 2008 piobaire
Hey MOM lookit me! Lola is a good name for this happy puppy, she smiles alot!! What a cutie patootie!
Jul 14, 2008 lisalisa
Beautiful green eyes!!!!! Isn't Lola lovely? I can't think of a better gift to have given yourself. :-)
Jul 14, 2008 zalasfriend
What a gorgeous joy she is! Even some wrinkles to grow into. The woof photo made me laugh. Vizslas are wonderful. Enjoy. Great photos.
Jul 14, 2008 tamwise21
I think I have a lot to say why can you not understand me...............
Jul 14, 2008 mlp
cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute
Jul 14, 2008 Zelda
Such a happy girl!!
Jul 14, 2008 snoopygirl
What an angel, she looks so sweet. I love her nose! I bet she's lots of fun and I hope you and Lola (great name by the way) have a long happy friendship. -snoopygirl x
Jul 14, 2008 bordercrazed
oh my goodness, I love her jowls. She's adorable. She needs more biscuits.
Jul 14, 2008 cosmicsnup
She is a doll! Viszla's are great dogs - loving, kind and gentle to all. Lucky you and lucky Lola.
Jul 15, 2008 puppy world
she looks like she wants a basofire or lick peoples hand and she is soooooooo cute and big tall she looks tuff and silly loves being funny inforn of her friends she likes sleeping and runs around
Jul 15, 2008 puppylover54
Yoyr ADORABLE!!! I think u are so precious and I love all your pictures but this one is my fave!!!:}
Jul 15, 2008 lafutura
vizslas are my favorite...she's a good looking girl. hope you continue to have lots of fun with her. don't expect her to slow down for another 10 years! :)
Jul 15, 2008 -Roxy-
Its like *What now huh thats what i thought*
Jul 17, 2008 hilinak9
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!what and adorable puppy. soooooo cute!!!!!
Jul 17, 2008 ilovefrankie55
How cute she looks like she is a baby right there! She looks like a puppy that I used to know!I t brings a lot of memories!:)
Jul 17, 2008 fluffydoglover123
This ia a really cute picture!!!!
Jul 17, 2008 zebby19
u r very, very cute!!! i just love ur eyes!!!
Jul 18, 2008 DogDreamer
This is my bone No touchy Love her
Jul 18, 2008 DogMommieyOf4
whats that ohhhhhhhhh my bad thought i saw a birdie
Jul 18, 2008 DogMommieyOf4
whats that ohhhhhhhhh my bad thought i saw a birdie
Jul 18, 2008 DogMommieyOf4
whats that ohhhhhhhhh my bad thought i saw a birdie
Jul 18, 2008 DogMommieyOf4
whats that ohhhhhhhhh my bad thought i saw a birdie
Jul 18, 2008 DogMommieyOf4
I sorry i did not finish my other 2 im going to redo it
Jul 18, 2008 DogMommieyOf4
I am singing so cute !!!
Jul 19, 2008 Greeny
Loves to pose, hey? Lol. I noticed her big, wet nose in most of the pictures. She's sure healthy, then, lol! She's so adorable I just wanna hug her! Lol.
Jul 19, 2008 ..Lucy..Lu..
OMG my dog is called lola too and some of the pictures look like her only different coloured fur!!!! AMAZING :D
Jul 20, 2008 miley*cyrus*fan*2
Jul 25, 2008 nancy24tarn
Wow... Lola what long legs you have my dear. :):):) You are a really elegant puppy. hugs and kisses for you..
Jul 30, 2008 dustyginger13
i cried
Aug 26, 2008 LauraW_KS
Such a cutie!!! My pastor has vizslas, he doesn't own any other breed. I can understand why!! They are sweet-tempered, gentle, athletic, and muscular!
Feb 24, 2009 csodasnkibby
You look just like I did as a pup!Viszla's are the best:-)
Mar 12, 2009 Vizslaforever
There's another Lola the Vizsla on this world. It's in Holland. Take a look at & #10;I just found out our dogs carry the same name
Mar 12, 2009 Vizslaforever
The funny thing is that she has the same bright eyes as this Lola, which is not usually for a Vizsla at least not in Holland.
Mar 12, 2009 Vizslaforever
They look the same a lot. www.loladev Pretty lady's! those 2 Lola's
Sep 4, 2011 pelligrino
So many great phot's of Lola, hard to pick one but can't resist a happy pup! Lola is beautiful, bright and adorable! Have a happy, life full of love, kisses, hugs and belly rubs sweet Lola!
Jun 7, 2012 renabena
She is beautiful! We have a boy vizsla named Risco. He is now 2 years old. He is the BEST dog we have ever had. May Lola have a long and healthy life with you.
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