Louie the Cockapoo

Puppy Breed: Unknown

Louie's mom says: Louie was the smallest in a litter of eight, so he is expected to stay a tiny guy. His mom is a cocker spaniel and his dad a poodle, which makes him a first generation cockapoo. We found an awesome breeder in South Carolina and decided we wanted Louie when he was just seven days old. He flew on a plane to reach us in Boston, and we could not have been happier when he arrived. He came right out of his crate and greeted us with big kisses. He is a city boy now but a southern boy at heart, calm and friendly. He loves being with his new parents, saying hi to everyone and everything outside, exploring the city streets, going in the car, and just being a good boy. Even though everyone calls him a little teddy bear, we think he really thinks he is a big dog as he goes right up to the biggest of dogs without a care in the world. It is quite a sight.