Sunday, April 20, 2014
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Feb 22, 2012 ebead
Cute little trouble maker! Puppy love!
Feb 22, 2012 muttlover
Oh what a cute little fuzz ball! Lucy is going to grow up to be a beautiful girl!
Feb 22, 2012 pupfanatic
Oh no...your kidding, rt? Ridiculously adorable!!!!
Feb 22, 2012 princelover
What a perfect little sleeping angel.
Feb 22, 2012 Corky'smum
O Lucy Lu! You little honeypie you. Just look how scrumptious you are, all snuggled up with your blankie after trotting about in the snow. Puppylicious! Love and hugs from Sydney, Oz
Feb 22, 2012 dogylvr
VaVaVoom Lucy, you are a heart breaker! You are the cutest little thing in the world. What a sweet puppy. Love her and her precious puppy self =]
Feb 22, 2012 joolie boolie
Lucy what a beautiful picture - the snow suits you! Our dog Joey loves playing in the snow, and I suspect you do too xx
Feb 22, 2012 joolie boolie
I just had to choose a second picture, because you look so content here, I love sleeping puppy pix. By the way, message to Dave the Dog - I love your messages, always make me laugh, thanks!!
Feb 22, 2012 Dylans mummy
I agree with Joolie boolie! Gorgeous pics. Reminds me of my doggy when he was a puppy. Lots of kisses to her.
Feb 22, 2012 goldenlover
The only thing better than a Golden puppy is a grown up loyal family-member Golden !! You and this beauty, Lucy, are in for a great time !!
Feb 22, 2012 Bears...just b-claws
Lucy, you are a precious "little" angel. We are so thankful that you have a loving, forever home. Have lots of fun, little one. Hugs
Feb 22, 2012 mollyG
You are so cute!! My goldens sleep on the couch, their beds, human beds, they just love to snooze and I can see that you do too!! When you aren't chewing and playing! You have such a sweet face and I hope you have the best life ever!! xoxoxo
Feb 22, 2012 amyliz
Yes, Lucy, that face of yours will guarantee you a spot on the couch and forgiveness for all mischief! Many happy and healthy years to you, sweet baby!
Feb 22, 2012 Lonejoan
Lucy, you are an adorable little golden ball of love! You should sleep on the sofa and in Mommy's bed - you're so adorable how could they not let you! I wish you lots of chewy toys, belly rubs, swimming in the summer, hugs and kisses and a long healthy, happy life! Love you!
Feb 22, 2012 Chow Mommy
I Love Lucy Chow Mommy
Feb 22, 2012 guerrero's grandma
PERFECT! That's what you are Lucy, simply perfect... You are a beautiful girl & I'd be happy to give you your heart's desire... Long & Happy & Healthy Life to you sweetie pie
Feb 22, 2012 Kddid429
I'm seepin'...
Feb 22, 2012 ileana
Adorable Lucy, sweet dreams!!!
Feb 22, 2012 daphne's mom
Lucy you are adorable! I hope you have a long happy and healthy life! Much love, many biscuits, and tons of snuggles sweetheart!
Feb 22, 2012 mawmbeau
Awww...sweet Lucy, you look all tuckered out from your adventures in the snow! Hope you have a long and happy life, little one!
Feb 22, 2012 Charles' girl
Serious puppy fun, how cute are you!
Feb 22, 2012 veronica
wow, so adorable and cute. x
Feb 22, 2012 longislander
OMG is this the most adorable puppy you've ever seen or what! I Love Lucy.
Feb 22, 2012 bucky21
Have a happy life Lucy. You are such a cutie pie
Feb 22, 2012 molly's mom
Aw! Such a sweetie-pie!!!!!
Feb 22, 2012 jolieavon
Lucy - wanna come take a nap with me??
Feb 22, 2012 drevans
Cute and cuddly!
Feb 22, 2012 Frankt
Don't hate me because I'm beautiful.......It's my hair stylist!!!
Feb 22, 2012 monkeynbubba
Awwwwwww Love her; beautiful girl... Be happy!
Feb 22, 2012 wallysmom
Well, really, it just doesn't get any cuter or sweeter than this. Lucy you are precious. Enjoy all the love in your new home!
Feb 22, 2012 Abiglen
Sweetness and light and everything ADORABLE AND HEARTMELTING! You're one cute pup-ster Lucy ! oxoxoxoxoxoxoxox
Feb 22, 2012 WATERDOG
Yaa, I know but, I figured since I was so cute, that it would be OK. Hard to argue with that kind of logic, Lucy, you win, Cheers!
Feb 22, 2012 drakes' granny
Little Lucy is so sweet and adorable. What a treasure you have in her. I'd love for her to sleep in my bed anytime but when she gets bigger I'd rather it be when I am not in it. Cute face - what a love!!!
Feb 22, 2012 Globehead42
Floppy wup!
Feb 22, 2012 PuppiesMeltMyHeart
I could never stay angry at a face like that! Don't be sad, little Lucy! Turn that frown upside down and have a fun loving, happy day!!
Feb 22, 2012 Maeve's Mom
Oh, I can remember the sweet puppy breath! Lucy, you look like a charming little devil. Hugs, licks, and kisses for a wonderful, mischievous, long life!
Feb 22, 2012 chelsearosebud
Miss Lucy-Girl, You own my heart, sweetie! I couldn't deny you the couch or anything else. Wishing you a healthy, happy life in your new HOME! It's true, Lucy .... "There's no place like home." Love you, honey-bear! xoxo
Feb 22, 2012 chelsearosebud
Great comment, Dave the Dog.
Feb 22, 2012 ssmmtm
You are so cute, Lucy. I'd let you sleep on the furniture any time because it would be impossible to say no.
Feb 22, 2012 paulinespuppy
Oh Lucy what a beauty u are. and how lucky ur human family are to have such a precious little girl. kisses and cuddles from Dublin. xoxoxox
Feb 22, 2012 Dance60
Lucy and all the other puppies are adorable, but I look forward to Dave the Dog's comments almost as much. Dave is a obviously a dog lover and a great humourist. Missed you yesterday.
Feb 22, 2012 SpikeIvey
Oh Lucy, I can see how you'd get away with ANYTHING! With that sweet little innocent face and those "puppy-dog eyes"! Kisses and tummy rubs to you!
Feb 22, 2012 The Raven
Lucy, in this photo, you look like you are wearing a very furry snowsuit, to keep you warm and dry in the snow. You are just a darling pup-girl!!! Have a wonderful life, enjoy those sticks and etc. Spring and summer will be here soon, and you can try out your water skills. What a life. Enjoy every minute you sweet pup.
Feb 22, 2012 tink'smom
What could be better than one of my favorite breeds with my favorite name. Lucy is too adorable for words. XXXX
Feb 22, 2012 Sibes
What a cute girl you are. I love your button nose.
Feb 22, 2012 virgilsmama
"I have absolute power. Look into my eyes and you are mine, my cute name is Lucy and I am a furry burry creature, you are powerless".
Feb 22, 2012 luvwesties
This is getting old. Same thing everyday. Wake up to eat & then 15 minute pic sessions. Love you so much Lucy. You are a cutie!
Feb 22, 2012 vorner
OMG, Lucy, you are so adorable! There could be nothing more precious on the planet! I could never be angry with you, little lovebug--even if you sneak a snooze on the couch! Long, happy, healthy life to you and many wonderful adventures in the years ahead with your lucky family. XOXOXO
Feb 22, 2012 Barbywhodares
Lucy you are just gorgeous. You be careful of those paws getting cold in that white stuff. Big cuddes. xxx
Feb 22, 2012 woof1959
You are just too cute for words I even took the trouble to log on just to tell you that :) many happy walks, and adventures in your life....happy tails lil one !
Feb 22, 2012 poochies=love
Lucy! Your pictures are all so cute but this one makes me want to cuddle with you. You are a sleeping angel. Enjoy your new family and your new life!
Feb 22, 2012 Nala32
So cute!
Feb 22, 2012 draucker
Ohh Lucy is beautiful! Love love love Goldens. I have always had Samoyeds buy Goldens are my second choice. What a sweetheart she is. Looks good in the snow. Hugs and kisses to her.
Feb 22, 2012 westiefan99
How could anyone not fall in love with this beautiful fluffball! Lucy - you are going to have such a fun life, filled with water games, land games, belly rubs, treats and .... couches!
Feb 22, 2012 Scamp's Grammy
Lucy, you are just adorable. Your coat is just yummy! I would love to just cuddle you. May you have a healthy & happy life with lots of treats and tummy rubs from Scamp's Grammy.
Feb 22, 2012 msmozelle
Hi Lucy, You could be on my sled dog team for sure! Love to you little one... Ms. Mozelle Ulla's Mom (Syberian Husky)
Feb 22, 2012 BamaLeelady
Too precious for words!!!
Feb 22, 2012 Jose
Lucy you're a very pretty girl. I hope that you have a great life with lot's of love. Hugs and kisses to you.
Feb 22, 2012 Oliver & Henry's Mum
I am simply unable to resist this puppy face, with the puppy sit, and the bare tum-tum in the snow. I love the wee twig hanging out of her mouth! Lucy reminds me so much of my Emma (1987-1998). She too was a winter baby. What a gorgeous girl you have there. The snow is melting around Lucy, she is so radiant! Big huge hugs from Oliver & Henry, and their Mum, in London, Ontario.
Feb 22, 2012 fleur
Ahhhh,...finally in warmth, security, peace..ZZZzzzzzzzzz
Feb 22, 2012 Oliver & Henry's Mum
To "Dave the Dog", I think we all look forward to your comments as I mentioned to you sometime ago. You have become our "Resident Humourist" on the Front Page. You wear it well! Now if we could just have you comment on the Grown Up Puppy of the Day as well, it would complete the Front Page beautifully. Oliver & Henry's Mum, Daily Puppy Moderator
Feb 22, 2012 pelligrino
Lucy, you sure are cute and lovable and I would let on the couch anytime. even wwhen you grow up! Love, kisses hugs and belly rubs for you sweetheart!
Feb 22, 2012 mychiensr1
Awww, Lucy is so adorable. Can I have that Nylabone:-)? I think Tucker is a very handsome boy too.
Feb 23, 2012 Pupeluv
Hi, Lucy, You are a member of my favorite breed! You are a gorgeous Golden pup, and it looks as if you might be a big girl, too. Have a looonnng, wonderful life with your "fur"ever family. xoxoxo, and lots of love, Lucy...May God always bless you.
Feb 23, 2012 piobaire
What a perfect little fluffball. I wish I could give her a big hug! Cookies will have to do instead.
Feb 23, 2012 iluvk9s
Awww Lucy is an adorable little cuddly wuddly baby!!!
Feb 23, 2012 Beautiful Cookie
What a cute baby you are Lucy!! Long life in your furever home. Hugs and rubs Cookie and her mom.
Feb 25, 2012 coco is awesome
Lucy you r to cute!!!!!! I love the picture of u!!!!!
Feb 28, 2012 wolfgirl66
Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo SWEET & ADORABLY CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jul 8, 2012 ruff_n_tumble
what a pretty girl!!!
Aug 3, 2012 KrystalH
what a cutie pie
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