Lucy the Shiba Inu

Puppy Breed: Shiba Inu

Hi, I'm Lucy. I'm a Shiba Inu which is a Japanese breed (but my first language is English). I am very smart and I was house-trained when my owners got me at the age of eight weeks! At 12 weeks, I made my owners very proud when I showed them I could sit, stay, lay down, crawl, do a high five, shake and roll over. I am now almost 5 months and I love being outside and I love posing for the camera. I constantly get asked if I'm a fox. Although I love being a unique breed that everyone is interested in, that question is getting to be quite annoying. When was the last time you saw a fox with a curly tail on a leash? I'm very curious about everything around me and I love exploring all the places I go.