Thursday, July 24, 2014
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Mar 28, 2008 yayoi25
Lucy, you are adorable and so lucky the first morons didn't know enough to keep you. You look like you might have a bit of Jack Russell in you, but you are 100% cutie pie - tons and tons of bikkies for you and your canine family
Mar 28, 2008 pinkbudgirl
She is absolutely GORGEOUS! It's sad someone just dumped her off like that but then she had her guardian angels come along to rescue her! Give her scritches for me! 100+ bones!
Mar 28, 2008 martin109
Thanks for the lovely pictures. I'm so glad you and your parents rescued this darling puppy! She's so sweet. I like the picture of her in the towel the best, although it's hard to pick, since they're all cute! Enjoy your doggies/puppies!
Mar 28, 2008 sneezy and dach
What a cutie! You're great for giving her a good home. You have increased the net happiness of the universe!
Mar 28, 2008 russellnm21
oh my she is just old is she??
Mar 28, 2008 Pupstermum
How can people DO such things as abandoning a tiny, defenseless pup in the woods?? My only solace is knowing there's a special place waiting for monsters like those in the afterlife. In the MEANTIME, we all get to enjoy this beautiful bundle of precious, not to mention seething with ENVY that you're the lucky DAWG that gets to live with her!! What a beauty and a sweet little soul. Does anyone else suspect that God is using these precious pupsters as vessels for our own personal guardian angels?
Mar 28, 2008 MusherMaggie
I would say Lucy is ALL Jack Russell Terrier--I have one just like her! Bless you for rescuing her--you'll never regret it. Give her good training--she and you will be happier for it. Millions of biscuits and belly rubs!
Mar 28, 2008 doggieaunt
Looks like lots of Parson Russell in Lucy -- and certainly lots and lots of cuteness! This seems to be the week for puppy "action shots," so, despite the orange towel photo's charm (and the shot of Lucy and Brinkley, AND the nose-in-shoe shot), I'm going with the bouncing puppy look. Love and scritches to all the doggies.
Mar 28, 2008 MissTKH
What a cutie! I'm glad she has a good home now. Boo to whoever left her in the cold!
Mar 28, 2008 caramel
Lucy is gorgeous. thankyou for taking her in.
Mar 28, 2008 Mercedes
I love Lucy, she's so nice! And I think it's terrible that people abandon dogs, but I feel she has been so lucky and so intelligent! She has left someone who didn't love her at all to find a real family with lots of friends. I am sure she will be a very happy dog.
Mar 28, 2008 mcwoozle
Her story makes her more beautiful to me. Congrats on your new love!
Mar 28, 2008 Grandma Helen of CT
God Bless you my dear for taking her in. all the pic's are adorabe. I choose the snuggle bunny pic. She really makes my day!! she does look like a J. R. anyway she will always be a happy puppy which is what it should be with pups. Lot of kisses and belly scratches for Lucy xxxooo
Mar 28, 2008 superspainy
100% J R T I would say. I have 2 of them. 1 a rescue and they are Fab! Thank you for giving her a new and happy home with lots of play mates. She will soon be the boss if she has not managed it already knowing the J R T breed. Congrats and lots and lots of biscuits!!!!!
Mar 28, 2008 suelill
Lucy does indeed look like the sweetest, cutest most wonderful snuggle buddy. What a lovely baby. A zillion biscuits, cuddles and hugs sweetheart. Glad your life got better - enjoy it and your new family.
Mar 28, 2008 Xabismom65
Bless you for taking in this little soul. She looks a happy little tike now and all the better for finding a good family with lots of love. I love this shot as its so like a small doggie to investigate everything! Or to love you so much she wants to be closest to your strongest scent! All the best to you and your brood and little Lucy. PS love the orange towel shot too
Mar 28, 2008 boekkie
Hello Lucy, the unknown mix! From over here its looks as if you're a mix of fun, love, mischief, curiosity, sweetness and a big portion of LUCK! What a cutie pie you are, 11 million of biscuits to you!! Please let us know what you look like, when you?re grown up (I would also guess that there is a lot of JRT in it - gorgeous dogs! :-)
Mar 28, 2008 kool_kat_3
Lucy is beautiful. I'm so glad to hear that you have given her the loving, caring home she needs. Lots of love and treats to all of you! xxxx
Mar 28, 2008 lovemydogs7
Lucy you are adorable! I'd say she is a terrier of some sort. But what ever she is she is cute beyond words. I'd say that both you & family AND Lucy are lucky. Many Many happy years together. Give her a big hug for me please.
Mar 28, 2008 ILIANA
Lucy is adorable!
Mar 28, 2008 Kimmieboy
She is just a wonderful dog. I am so glad she found the home she deserves. please give her a hug from me.
Mar 28, 2008 goldenlover
Congratulations !! Why does it not surprise me that a family with a Golden would be kind to this beautiful "orphan" !

I have never met a Golden owner or I Golden I didn't like !!

Btw, Lucy is an 11 plus !!
Mar 28, 2008 nechtangel
What a beautiful little could anyone dump something so helpless...well done you for taking her in. definately 11 biscuits!!! Adoreable ;-)
Mar 28, 2008 jowaldo
Lucy...."What's wrong?"

Brinkley..."Kid, you're wearing me out!"

Mar 28, 2008 MUSH51
What a Love Bug Cutie. You are wonderful for adding her to your family. A thousand hugs and kisses for her and the rest of your kids.
Mar 28, 2008 shortysmom
An adorable puppy, and a heartwarming ending to her story. It is wonderful that there are people care.
Mar 28, 2008 NewPup
[i]How precious this doll-face Lucy is~ how preposterous.. unconscionable, that anyone would have abandoned her!
Little Lucy's coatis gorgeous! A picture-perfect pup! I can almost see the beautiful blow-ups you must have up on your walls ofher, and her loving furmily! lol ~SO SPECIAL!

BEST of luck to all of you![/i] :D
Mar 28, 2008 Brunomom
It is so hard to pick a favorite picture, but I love this one. What a gift this Lucy is, that someone abandoned her makes me sick, but they probably don't treat their children much better either. Thank God Lucy found herself in a wonderful home with big brothers and sisters. All the best to this family and their wonderful 4 legged angels.
Mar 28, 2008 Terry C
Hard to find a favorite photo. They are all so cute.

I think there's a lot of Jack Russell Terrier or Toy Fox Terrier here.

May the one who abandoned this pup get theirs someday!
Mar 28, 2008 Foxie Momma
Im a gonner .... what a totally fab family little Lucy now has :O))) .... I really had trouble finding a picci I liked best as they are all ace .... many many happy years with your new family poppet and much love to you all <3 you have made my day :O))
Mar 28, 2008 Foxie Momma
Sorry couldnt resisit this too .... totally sweet xxxxxxx
Mar 28, 2008 Foxie Momma
Mar 28, 2008 ewafibak
Lucy is so sweet and beautiful!
My Jack Russel, Sam, was also abondoned and I was lucky to find him at the age of 6 month. He is the best dog ever, so loving. I am sure Lucy will be the same, she will always love you so much beacause you saved her.
Mar 28, 2008 laurie erickson
another example of where dogs are nicer than some people... Thank you so much for bringing her home... WHAT A CUTIE!!! give her lots of kisses and belly rubs!!!!!
Mar 28, 2008 btpsmom
I am so happy you found her! Lots of Love ahead!!!
Mar 28, 2008 schmoopie
Precious! I would have kept her to myself too. Poor baby found a window and whined to be adopted. My heart cries out for that! The pictures are fantastic! She's got a wonderful personality. Hugs and kisses galore for Lucy!!!!!!
Mar 28, 2008 celestelanari
What a cute little girl! I'm happy Lucy found a loving family. How could someone not love such sweet puppy? *snuggles* *belly rubs* and a thousand biscuits!
Mar 28, 2008 boo-bearsmom
The breed is "too cute" and "absolutely adorable" , there is a God in heaven who would bring that little lady to your doorstep where she would get the exact love and joy she needs and wants to share. Pick a favorite picture? Puhleeze... that is impossible! But here goes....
Oh and hugs, kisses, snuggles, belly rubs, romps, all of it plus a ton of biscuits for all the pups in your home!
Mar 28, 2008 iamme
What a great picture!!! lol She's pictures please, with a little smile in there saying ooh if you must. lol Too cute!!! Someone's cruel loss is your wonderful gain!! :D Lucy's face reminds me of my dog when she was a pup. :) Mine was also a mutt. Have a great life Lucy, enjoy your big brother too!! :D
Mar 28, 2008 sweetie6116
Oh my gosh! That lil' pup-a-lup is STRAIGHT from heaven!

A-dorable! If I could just rub my face in her wittle belly!
Mar 28, 2008 esgould99
Lucky Little Lucy! She's is an absolute sweetheart!!! Our Sammy (a pureblooded Keeshond) came to us in very much the same way as Lucy and he is our Fuzz Angel!!!!

Love all the photo's but the one I've chosen is my favorite! She truly is a happy baby now...full ove love and trust for her Mom and Dad. A zillion biscuits and tummy rubs and cudles for this baby! And, shame on people who abandoned ANY animal.
Mar 28, 2008 mahogany
Lucy is a very lucky and happy girl now. It was wonder ful of you to take her in. It is hard to believe what people do to their animals. She is so so adorable. Looks like she has some Jack Russell in her. Enjoy the kisses, and cuddles and she should get all the biscuits in the world. I love the picture of her in the towell, it is priceless.
Mar 28, 2008 Maywee
GOD Bless you and Lucy! Thank GOD for people like you and your parents! She is BEAUTIFUL! every picture is my favorite! Many Many Many years of puppy kisses and hugs!
Mar 28, 2008 DogLuvver
Wonderful photos! They are crystal clear and such good angles! Lucy you are a fun-loving little pup. I am so happy you found yourself a family. Good work little baby! You earned it!
Mar 28, 2008 CelineBeforeSunset
After reading her story I didn't expect her to look so young, but she's just a baby! Poor thing to have had a bad start but wonderful that she is now with real doggy people who can love and understand her. Her tummy looks so sweet in this pic. I would guess Jack Russell X bull terrier.
Mar 28, 2008 RocketDog
"It is soooo hard, being this cute! sigh"
It looks like that shoe smells pretty good too!
What a cutie! Just so adorable!!!
Mar 28, 2008 Woofins
I wait eagerly every day for a beautiful puppy face to pop into mt screen and today I just melted. What a little darling! a million biscuits to you!
Mar 28, 2008 RocketDog
Kind of looks like there is a bit of hound?? Also Jack Russel ish...
Just so darn cute non the less.
Mar 28, 2008 graciesmom
Oh lucy you are such a special and beautiful little girl. Why someone would drop off any animal is a shame! If you showed up in my yard you would definiately have home full of love and playfullness. You have my heart little angel.
Mar 28, 2008 no1wirefoxterrierfan
She is sooooooooooooo cute! Look at that face! How could any one abandon her! She definitely a terrier I think she is Jack Russell x Fox Terrier x Bull Terrier.
Mar 28, 2008 yoliesf
ADORABLE!!!!!! She is soooooooo lucky she found you and vice virsa!
Mar 28, 2008 DaveyDog
Does Lucy's family have an idea of her age? She looks like a baby to me. We've had a dining room full of puppies 'til recently and her little face looks as kissy as our 9 week old fella' still remaining. Whatever her age, we're all about rescue at this house. When we look at our doggie "history", either they found us, or someone else found them and brought them to us. It just occured to us that we've never, ever chosen our own doggie ... we've just loved 'em!! We lived in a rural area, too, and had neighbours actually see people throw their dogs from a moving vehicle. That's how we got our Molly-dog Brittany spaniel. We believe, like Pupstermom, that those evil humans will pay to a power much higher than us and that, absolutely YES, guardian angels and pets are synonymous. Your Lucy is an angel sent to you for a reason. Time will tell you what the reason is. Bless 'em all. (That's the kissy jaw-line I was referring to!)
Ontario, Canada
Mar 28, 2008 bellaboosmom
Those soulful eyes say it all. Lucy is a real cutie - so glad she found a wonderful, loving home. Congrats on your new little girl! Lots of scritches and belly rubs!
Mar 28, 2008 suethib13
How adorable. She is so lucky to have found you.
Best of luck with her.
Mar 28, 2008 Maz
Lucy - you brought your own truckload of love with you - and to the right place too. Totally adorable in every way. One of our rescues was picked up by the side of one of the busiest Highways in Sydney in the most deplorable and neglected condition, moments from certain death. He'd been dumped. Our vet fixed up this pathetic tiny old dog and this furry angel is the most amazing dog imaginable. Our other dogs - like yours Lucy - accepted him instantly and he has brought nothing but pure joy into every heart he has met. Lucy - you have a wonderful life - you are where you are meant to be. God Bless!
Mar 28, 2008 jrterriermom
What a sweet little girl. Bless you for taking her into your home and giving her the love she deserves! Btw, I do see some Jack Russell in her.
Mar 28, 2008 j000wxe
Your story touched my heart. You are ALL so blessed!
Mar 28, 2008 Tirk97
Oh my goodness. 110% Jack Russell I think. How precious :o) It almost brings tears to my eyes that someone could have treated an animal this way. Thanks to such great humans for saving a life. I wish you many many years of happiness .... lots of treats, BIG hugs and licks!!!!
Mar 28, 2008 roscoeroxypepper
First off, it was hard to pick a single picture, what gorgeous baby. What a story , i am so glad people like you found her, if only there were more people like us, who love animals!!!! good luck, i wish your family many years together
Mar 28, 2008 victoria1965
what an absolute darling! i'm glad her story ends so well. i have such a weakness for Jacks, which it seems Lucy must be, i don't blame you for wanting her for yourselves! she looks so happy - thank to you good people for being the ones to counter-act the evil animal-abandoners! infinity biscuits & many happy years!
Mar 28, 2008 victoria1965
what an absolute darling! i'm glad her story ends so well. i have such a weakness for Jacks, which it seems Lucy must be, i don't blame you for wanting her for yourselves! she looks so happy - thank to you good people for being the ones to counter-act the evil animal-abandoners! infinity biscuits & many happy years!
Mar 28, 2008 Pinkphoenixx
thank you for sharing your story. you are wonderful people!! each picture is cuter than the last but this one i would copywrite. your little one could be a model...
Mar 28, 2008 aarlia
How sweet and adorable Lucy is!! I always say things happen for a reason so Lucy was meant to happen to you. She needed a loving home and you needed a friend for Brinkley(who is a cutie too, by the way). I don't know how people can just abandon those gentle faces but at least it worked out well for all of you.

(rubbing Lucy's belly)
Mar 28, 2008 Mrs Sparkle
Lucy is just so adorable. It makes me so sad & angry to think that someone could have abandoned her as a little defenceless baby. Well done to you for taking her in. She's definitely a Jack Russell- she has the same characteristics as my two babies! Wishing you all a long & happy life together xxx
Mar 28, 2008 Pinkphoenixx
i could see this photo on a funny halloween card.
Mar 28, 2008 my_stoney_baby
What an absolute sweetheart! So adorable, it's hard to pick a favorite picture! You are an angel for taking her in and giving her a loving family (and so many four legged buddies too!). Too cute.
Mar 28, 2008 honeypie
Lucy, the unknown, you're one beautiful pup! 11 biscuits aren't enough for you. She's just irresistibly cute!!. You go girl!!
Mar 28, 2008 Wild Dove
She is a sweetie..... I am glad that she found you'll! Many wonderful years of kisses and belly rubs.
Mar 28, 2008 marleysmom
Are you serious, I have to pick ONE favorite picture? First of all, thank you to you and your parents for taking this little treasure in! I'm so happy she found people and puppies like you, be sure to spoil her in any way possible! I'll start with 11+++ biscuits!
Mar 28, 2008 MyGoldenGirls2
Absolutely 100% adorable!!!!! Bless you for taking her in. How lucky you all found each other!
Mar 28, 2008 Babypuppy383
What a wonderful story! You're both lucky to have found each other. Good luck!
Mar 28, 2008 herndona
My first comment ever!! I just had to make a comment to this story. This sweet angel made my morning. I cried when I read about Lucy's start in the world, I just thank God for people like you that would take in this sweet baby!! Many, Many happy years together as a family.
Mar 28, 2008 pupsrule
Lucy is 100% gorgeous. Thanks for adding her to your lovely brood. Lots of love and biscuits to all of your pups.
Mar 28, 2008 LoveHoundDogs07
Reminds me so much of Chance and Shadow in Homeward Bound...beautiful baby!
Mar 28, 2008 meyekidsrgr8
Lucy is absolutely adorable! Who cares what kind of dog she is...she's the best kind...lovable! Love the ears in motion!
Mar 28, 2008 srn65
Lucy is lucky to have found you - and you her! She's wonderful. (And extremely photogenic - what a doll!)
Mar 28, 2008 Keeneland
Lucy is absolutely adorable and I would say she is 100% Jack Russell. Her markings, size, high level of activity, etc. I know as we have one. Love her and love you for saving her! I have had dogs all of my life and Jacks are 'THE BEST'! All of the pictures are great but this one shows her absolute trust in you!
Mar 28, 2008 cmarrs1
Your Lucy looks exactly like my Maggie! There were other puppies in her litter and I can't help wonder if Lucy is one of them. Please email me at My curiousity is overwhelming. I really think they might be sisters! Either way, she is absolutely precious!
Mar 28, 2008 LabMommy
You are too stinkin' cute for your own good! I just love this little Lucy Goosey! Many, many happy years to you all.
Mar 28, 2008 kphg
OMG this puppy is BEYOND cute!!! The photos are all amazing but I had to pick the shoe because that is such a classic curious puppy move. I see some beagle in Lucy, can she howl? Anyway she is all sweetness and her story is amazing. A million biscuits to Lucy and the whole "soccer team"
Mar 28, 2008 Yorkie Girl
"I'm the newcomer so I'll wait my turn."

God bless you and your family for taking her in. She was meant to find you to receive the love she deserves.
Mar 28, 2008 sydney's mom
It looks like she is saying, "Thank you, Lord, for my new family."

I'm sure she will bring you years of joy.
Mar 28, 2008 kitkat_00
[color=pink]I almost fell over when I saw this today. I thought I was looking at my own JRT. Lucy definitely has JRT in her! She is so, so, so cute and how she made it to your mother's house all on her own is incredible. May Lucy have a wonderful life with you. I'm choosing this photo because I love her Buddha belly, and I love the intense, focused look on her face! All the pictures are great. I love the one of her running with her ears flying up in the air.[/color]
Mar 28, 2008 mmmkkk0406
What a sweet baby! I'd like to squeeze her and kiss that adorable face. She looks all squishy and cuddly! You are lucky to have each other.
Mar 28, 2008 jimandtrishp
When the picture popped up I said "Oh my God" (out loud at my desk). She has to be the cutest thing I ever saw. And now she is the luckiest pup to be part of your family.
Mar 28, 2008 sue
[color=red] who could resist those beautiful eyes shes so cute[/color]
Mar 28, 2008 Lucymom
Thank you! I was not in such a good mood and your Lucy just warmed my heart and brought a smile to my face. I too have a Lucy--a Cocker I adopted over 10 years ago--she's great. She had two previous names--one was Casey! She seemed more like a Lucy, though.
Your baby is so very cute. Lucky pup, lucky you!
Mar 28, 2008 Lucymom
Thank you! I was not in such a good mood and your Lucy just warmed my heart and brought a smile to my face. I too have a Lucy--a Cocker I adopted over 10 years ago--she's great. She had two previous names--one was Casey! She seemed more like a Lucy, though.
Your baby is so very cute. Lucky pup, lucky you!
Mar 28, 2008 bulldogmom
She was sent from heaven right to your doorstep. It doesn't get any more angelic than Lucy!
Mar 28, 2008 olgadabest
Lucy sure is a cutie pie. She is lucky to have a wonderful loving family. Thanks for taking her in!
Mar 28, 2008 AuntTasty She's so cute, I want to sop her up with a biscuit! Many happy years for all of your furry friends!!!
Mar 28, 2008 mutts&hounds2
It's a good thing that there are cruel people in the world that would abandon this sweeter-than-life precious puppy; because that means someone like you gets to keep her and Looooove on hers sweet wittle face!! Congrats Lucy, you seem to have quite the life. Many happy and healthy years to you and brinkley. :)

ps: I agree with the rest, my first thought was JRT
Mar 28, 2008 Quila'smom
So hard to pick a favorite picture. Lucy is so adorable. Enjoy her for years and zillions of ear scritchins and biscuits for her and Brinkley!
Mar 28, 2008 usfour
Lucy, your adorable little munchkin self and your fine brother Brinkley make a truly wonderful pair!! Your family sound like they are full of love and kindness. You are exactly where you belong!!
Mar 28, 2008 cookiebaby
She's adorable. I can't say here what should happen to the people that had her prior to you. I'm just glad she was rescued by caring folks, clearly dog lovers.. Thanks for loving Lucy!
Mar 28, 2008 doriesmom
Lucy is adorable!!!! She definately looks like she is mostly J.R.T. So glad she found her way to your folks house and found your good home!!!! May all your critters have long, happy, and healthy lives and you bring each other joy. May belly rubs and snuggles from our critter gang. Lots of biscuits for Lucy!!!!
Mar 28, 2008 buttonsmom
All your photos were great; you really caught Lucy's personality. You all are truly blessed. I picked this one cause it looks like Brinkley is giving dog lessons to his star pupil.
Mar 28, 2008 randomearrings
Lucy is so beautiful, it is incomprehensible that anyone could abandon such a perfect little pup. Imagine having this little angel turn up on your doorstep - you are both so lucky to have found each other. All the photos are fantastic. A million hugs and kisses for Lucy and 11+++++++ biscuits xxx
Mar 28, 2008 TrixAndSam
"Pick me up, please!!"

What a sweetie. Those puppy toes and hint of puppy belly are too much. And the other pics! There's no way to pick just one favorite.
Mar 28, 2008 tenderheart232
What a rolly polly puppy! I love the stage where they're still learning to sit properly, and just plop down. Definately a bundle of cuddles!
Mar 28, 2008 nancy814
Lucy is just too cute for words!!! Seems like she is one lucky dog to have found you & vice versa. The pictures are awesome too. 11++ biscuits for this adorable puppy.
Mar 28, 2008 shellyrini
Lucky your story made me cry. I really just do get how someone can do that to an innocent baby like you. My heart literally breaks right down the middle. But then there are people in this world like your parents who love animals and would do whatever they can for them. I am so glad you found your way under that window. What a sad but beautiful story. Lucky YOU ARE ADORABLE!! That little face and thay belly, oh my gosh I could kiss you all day long. I love this picture because it shows you all safe and warm. Really is hard to pick just one. You are beyond precious and cute. God bless you and your family little one.
Mar 28, 2008 luvdapups
Well, someone's loss is your gain. Congratulations on finding such a fantastic pup! Simply darling. Have fun!
Mar 28, 2008 abbysdad
Bless you and everyone like you for what you did. Lucy is an angel and I wish you (all of you) many years of love and happiness. Hugs, cookies and snuggles all around!!!!!
Mar 28, 2008 Mummm
How on earth could anyone abandon such an adorable pup? It's wonderful that Lucy found you. She is sooooooo cute that I had a hard time choosing a picture to be a favorite.
Mar 28, 2008 werleybird
Such wonderful story for such a tough start. I can see from all her pictures why you fell so easily in love with Lucy. It was very difficult to pick a favorite one. I love the one with her wrapped in a towel but picked this one because you can just see the peace & happiness in her face. Thank you for rescuing her & giving her such a great life with many siblings. Lots of kisses for her cute little nose & belly rubs too. Enjoy your many years together.
Mar 28, 2008 gryffindor1971
OMG i am in love with this little thing! and I don't normally like "little" dogs! well that's not true... I love all dogs... I just prefer the great big ones... but Lucy is just tugging at my heart strings right now... probably more from the fact that I grew up on a farm and had many many many "Lucy's" dropped off in my childhood... so love that little girl as much as you can and then some... God sent her to you... he knew you would be the right match for her!!!
Mar 28, 2008 lotsadoghair
Luck Lucy! Lucky You!

Thanks for sharing the rescue story. It's the best kind to read about!
Mar 28, 2008 redship
Oh. My goodness. Lucy might perhaps be the cutest puppy I have ever seen on this site!! What a face, and such great pictures. You really did a great job capturing her personality. She's a very lucky pup to have such great doggy siblings and a clearly wonderful family who cares for her. Enjoy! :)
Mar 28, 2008 dpiccus
Please post her adult pic when she gets bigger. I can't wait to see how big she gets. What an adorable puppy. You are very lucky she came into your lives.
Mar 28, 2008 zootiesmom
I can't even handle the cuteness here. So many adorable pictures to choose from. She looks like a wonderful snuggle-bug. Thank you for taking her in, I'm sure she's happy with all of her new siblings.
Mar 28, 2008 JulianaN
[color=purple][b]Lucy the WonderPuppy!!!! She is priceless and gorgeous and adorable and cute and sweet and .....did I say adorable and cute???....I am glad that you have taken her into your very loving and dog-friendly home - congratulations!! Much love, belly scritches and millions of biscuits to Lucy, her sidekick Brinkley, and their audience Nikki and Casey. Enjoy many years with all of them![/color][/b]
Mar 28, 2008 othercat
Lucy is not only adorable, but lucky as well. It's heart warming to know that she found a good home after being abandoned. I have encountered a few dogs that had similar stories. It is still hard to believe that people could do such a thing to a puppy (or any animal for that matter). Go Lucy!
Mar 28, 2008 Bellaby99
She's too cute for words, what a sweetie PIE! I'm so glad she found her way to you!
Mar 28, 2008 Drakes' Granny
Well I really must agree with "redship" totally. Lucy seems to be a delight to all around her. Brinkley will take care of her too. Her whole forever family will take good care of her ~ that is obvious. Many, many treats to all 4 of your furry family.
Mar 28, 2008 Posh Tater
Whatever happened to this gorgeous pup before she came to you, it's so great that she's found her way to her new family, and therefore to all of us. She's so cute... this photo made me laugh out loud - thank you and enjoy your fantastic little playmate!!
Mar 28, 2008 Mary B
She is so lucky to have you. She definately looks like she is a Jack Russell Terrier. What a beautiful little baby she is. I am so glad that she found a good home and someone to love her. God Bless you! 100 billion bisquits for you Lucy with alot of hugs and kisses!
Mar 28, 2008 ck0141
What a little cutie pie!! And such a happy ending. 11+++ biscuits,
belly rubs and hugs and kisses.
Mar 28, 2008 soccerlover111
That is soooooo sad. I have a dog that was abused when she was a puppy. They broke her nose in a door! Any way she is soooooooooo cute!
Mar 28, 2008 guersh123
I LOVE LUCY!!!!!!!!!

Mar 28, 2008 mcopp
She is a precious little baby and I love her name. What a great deed you did to adopt her and from what I can see, how could you resist??? I wish you many happy years with your new addition. Zillions and zillions of biscuits!!!
Mar 28, 2008 PrettyLove82
She is one of the most precious babies I've ever seen. A million bisquits to Lucy. I am very glad there are wonderful people like you in the world to give a home to sweet Lucy. I have three doorstep rescues, and all more than worth it. I have a soccer team of my own, 6, if you include my husband. LOL! Enjoy your new baby, and God Bless you and your soon to be soccer team!
Mar 28, 2008 moniquelogan
Lucy is one of the cutest puppies I have ever seen! Just Precious. Lucy and your family are so lucky to have each other and I am so glad Lucy has brothers and sisters now!
Mar 28, 2008 houndluvr
[color=green] Lucky, Lucky Lucy for picking your parents' window to whine under. And Lucky, Lucky You for finding such a wonderful addition to your pack. What a sweet little angel pooch you are, Lucy. And so sweet that she can go back to being a puppy instead of fighting for survival. Well done, Lucy's Mom!!! [/color]
Mar 28, 2008 mickeykramer
gorgeous puppy; that's so wonderful of you to rescue and save a dog... it really makes a difference.
Mar 28, 2008 Ursa'sMomma
I do believe that Lucy is one blessed little (absolutely adorable!) girl. Thank you...
Mar 28, 2008 MeaLea
Sweet Lucy,
My admiration goes out to your family. We too have Ginger who for the first 18 months had an abusive and neglectful life.

You are an adorable little girl. Lots of love sweetie and many stinky sneakers!!!
Mar 28, 2008 sprp
You are blessed for your goodness and I'm sure you know it already by feeling the love from this adorable little furry angel. I'm so happy that she "landed" in your home and has lots of love all around her. We can all learn so much from our dogs, and obviously you are at the top of your class!
Mar 28, 2008 bopeep
God and St. Francis directed beautiful little Lucy to your parents' door. She is now getting all the love she needs and deserves, and found a wonderful playmate to boot. Hugs, kisses and a box of biscuits from Kansas.
Mar 28, 2008 sams*mom
If there is anyone who doubts there is some higher power guiding us, one only needs to hear Lucy's story. Someone or something guided her to your door that day. I, too, have tears but they are tears of joy for this little bundle of sweetness. She has the most beautiful face and a puppy's natural curiousity [love the head-in-the-shoe shot!]. Many happy years with your little girl.
Mar 28, 2008 clemency
Lucy is so cute! I think if enough people saw her pictures, it might bring about world peace! Because who could stay mad looking at that face? I'm glad Lucy was able to find such a happy home! I hope you and all your doggy family have many happy years together!
Mar 28, 2008 puppypac
Yikes! Wonderful little Lucy! She is irresistable in very photo. No wonder you just had to have her. She's a winner and so are you and your family for taking care of her! :-)
Mar 28, 2008 alexis_2008
[color=pink]Lucky is so cutie
she is a angel
Love her
Mar 28, 2008 steakboy
Good gravy, what a delightful puppy face. You're good people--Lucy and all of you are fortunate that she showed up and found a loving home. Enjoy your new friend; Lucy's a total keeper!
Mar 28, 2008 cindyboo
Awww in the first picture, it looks like she has a little blade of grass sticking out of her mouth! :P How cute! She looks so smart and playful! I'm so glad Lucy found a great and loving home! Yay! :)
Mar 28, 2008 lisaamcm
how does she get her eyeliner on so neatly?! what a cute little girl, she looks like Wishbone the movie star! She should be in movies too!
I have a beagle my daughter rescued from 5 o'clock traffic, certain death in my city, and a shelter dog and a rescue dog, so I'm all for picking up strays. Thanks for giving Lucy a wonderful life!
A bushel of biscuits for her!
Mar 28, 2008 tlummis
Picture's like this give me puppy fever!
Mar 28, 2008 akqzall
Wow! You are so cute! And you are a Jack Russell Terrier for sure! I'm a Jack mommy a couple times over and you just scream Jack Russell Terrier Cuteness! 11 biscuits fo sho! ;-)
Mar 28, 2008 Multidogmommy08
So brother that how you do it. Lucy it looks like you are going to be A Ok with such a great big brother to show you all the ins & outs. I wish you and your family many happy & healthy years together.
You are very lucky to have found them.
P.S. When you have such a cute baby it is not easy to pick just one favorite picture when they are all so cute and so my favorite.
Mar 28, 2008 vorner
May God bless you all for your kindness to this little angel. She is absolutely beautiful. I can't imagine anyone throwing her away. A lifetime of love, excellent health and joy to the lot of you. A million biscuits! XOXOXO
Mar 28, 2008 weaselsmom
TO LUCY'S FAMILY- Please enter a comment and let us know how she is doing today (March 28)- and how old is she now? I have never seen so many comments on one puppy! It shows how much people have been touched by this PRECIOUS little girl. We hope to hear from you!
Mar 28, 2008 weaselsmom
that was supposed to read 3/28 for todays date! tell us more about Lucy!
Mar 28, 2008 mollyface
Heart...melting...can't...leave...c omment!
Mar 28, 2008 AngelC
Not only cute . . . . but smart too! Lucy knew just which door to knock on, and she was right, cause you are a great family!! She looks so happy, and healthy . . . . and too cute for words. As soon as I saw her pic on the Daily Puppy my immediate response was "awwwwww" . . . . enjoy each other!
Mar 28, 2008 plantsforjenny
How can people be so mean? Bless you for taking ssuch good care of her. She's beautiful!
Mar 28, 2008 PD
Oh Lucy, You are just ADORABLE. My heart is melting into a big puddle looking at you. I'm so glad you found a loving home. God is watching out for you ;) many many hugs and kisses for you... 11 trillion biscuits for Lucy... :)
Mar 28, 2008 little_v
I have been reading this site every day for a long time, but it is Lucy who prompted me to register. She is the most sweet-faced pup I have ever seen. The photos actually brought tears to my eyes.

Bless you for giving her such a loving home. I wish you and yours and your family of beautiful pups all the happiness in the world. Thanks for sharing this lovebug with all of us.
Mar 28, 2008 Shoshino
I think she is simply perfection and undeniably one of, if not THE, cutest puppy on this site. 11 billion biscuits for this little dollie
Mar 28, 2008 atlann
Don't jump to conclusions, gang. I found the most adoreable litter living in a hollow tree, born to a feral mom who had amazing survival skills. But the way I found them in the first place was that one ambled off. Another fell into a hole and was found. So Lucy might have just gotten lost. Thank goodness she found her way to such open arms and loving hearts!
Mar 28, 2008 LabLoverAlways
Inspiring story,,such caring people and an adorable puppy which tug at our hearts. I always say that dogs are much better friends than people,,,but in your case its a tie! Lucy is totally adorable, and many many thanks to you and your family for taking her in.
Tears and smiles all at the same time! Thanks so much for sharing!!
Mar 28, 2008 pinkyfluffbutt
There is a place in heaven for you and of course for your wee Lucy! She is too precious for words. She deserves a world of biscuits.
Mar 28, 2008 lushpuppy
OMG! This is the cutest darn puppy I have ever seen (of course I say that about all puppies!) Wow, who could have ever let this precious pup go? I admire the fact that you kept her, I did the same thing with my little Stormee. We heard her crying in the night during a terrible storm but couldn't find her that night, the next morning she left us a little treat on our front door step and I found her lying underneath my truck, emaciated and so scared. Who could abandon these poor helpless little bundles? Congrats, to you on this beautiful pup and even more inspiring story....1 million biscuits!!!!!
Mar 28, 2008 Cat
OMG! I open this each morning and I have always loved seeing all the puppies, but this little one....I had to get on here and register to tell you she is such a cutie!
Reading her horrible beginning brought tears to my eyes. I am so glad you have her in your home and I hope she brings you and your family happiness for many years! You are a wonderful person to bring a good life to all the animals that you have in your home.
Mar 28, 2008 Daphne's Mom
What a darling puppy Lucy is! I am so glad you have given her a forever home with lots of playmates! I hope you have many ahppy and healthy years together! Lots of love, kisses, and biscuits from Florida Lucy!
Mar 28, 2008 FRITZY
Oh my........this is the saddest, happiest story ever!!! The photos are all so cute that it is hard to pick just one. Lucy traveled so far just so that she could be loved like the precious puppy she is!!! God bless you for being such amazing humans and loving her and her sibilings!!! :)
Mar 28, 2008 FRITZY
Oh my........this is the saddest, happiest story ever!!! The photos are all so cute that it is hard to pick just one. Lucy traveled so far just so that she could be loved like the precious puppy she is!!! God bless you for being such amazing humans and loving her and her sibilings!!! :)
Mar 28, 2008 Rickysmom
I so had a hard time choosing a photo!!!
Your wonderful story made me cry. What a precious baby. You are so lucky to have her and she to have you. She is just so beautiful!!
Mom, grab a cup of tea and relax; you're going to spend a lot of time reading all these wonderful comments about your baby, and she definitely deserves them.
Many wonderful years with all of your babies.
p.s. my Lucy sends puppy kisses.
Mar 28, 2008 cbnagrl
I fell in love with each new picture!!! She is too precious.....would SQUEEZE her and kiss her and pull on her ears and eat her little feet! You are very lucky, Lucy's have her sweetness in your life!
Mar 28, 2008 flashsma
It was almost impossible to pick a photo! Lucy is just too cute in ALL of them!

She looks just like our unknown pound puppy at that age! Except Daisy is White and Black...but in a black and white photo they could be twins! Daisy is the most loving Dog I have ever owned, I know your Lucy will be too!
Mar 28, 2008 snuh
YAY Lucy! GO MUTTS! OMG i TOTALLY got a lump in my throat reading about this cuteness! HOW can you deny that wittle face tons of hugs? I'm so happy Lucy now has a good loving home with pals to play with!
p.s. her belleh compels me to poke the screen.
Mar 28, 2008 hbaldus208201
I don't know how anyone could just dump that adorable puppy off and leave. I see that she is getting all the love she needs now, which is great. It is so amazing to me how dogs can be utterly miss treated but still love people for all their flaws. They hold no grudges and they love unconditionally.
Mar 28, 2008 jaccikay
I would like to move in your home and join the soccer team! I just love dogs, and I see your family does, too. Lucy is adorable, and the rest of the team are adorable, too. All the pictures are so cute. Your story pulls at my heart strings. I don't understand people in this world...God Bless you all with love, health, and happiness.
Mar 28, 2008 Glorybe
As I read through the comments from these beautiful, loving people I got tears in my eyes. I have such a bond with animals; big, little, wild, tame, sick, doesn't matter. And, most of my adult life has centered around caring for and helping them. And in doing so, I have had more than enough exposure to "humans" (for lack of a better word I can use here) who have committed unthinkable acts of crulity to them. We are trying to lobby, in the state of Ohio, to make these acts felonies instead of hand slaps in our courts and I believe it will pass. My prayer is that every country and state will pass similar laws that will, at the very least, make these "monsters" afraid of their horrible actions.

God bless all of you dear people on this site who have given your love, money, homes, and hearts to these dear, precious souls who can not help themselves and who only want a human mom, dad, or family to love unconditionally.

Lucy, my dear, you are adorable and so very pretty. May you, and your dear family, experience a life time of nothing but happy, loving moments together. God bless you.
Mar 28, 2008 Suziesmom
Oh Lucy...your darling little face really captured me this morning. YOu are gorgeous!! I love every single one of your pictures. I am so happy that you found your way into the loving hears of your mommy and daddy and that you have wonderful brothers and sisters to love you! May you all have a wonderful life together!!
Mar 28, 2008 Alf
1st Bless you for saving her. Lucy looks like pure love. May you and your entire family have a long, happy, healthy life.
May the creeps that dumped her know the equal amount of sorrow to the amount you know love.
Mar 28, 2008 Jack Bear's Mommy
Look at that wittle face and those big eyes!! My, oh my, sh already knows how to work it. I wish I could give Lucy the biggest hug and rub her tummy. :)
Mar 28, 2008 Jack Bear's Mommy
Look at that wittle face and those big eyes!! My, oh my, sh already knows how to work it. I wish I could give Lucy the biggest hug and rub her tummy. :)
Mar 28, 2008 kukie
I AM IN LOVE!!!! I wear my eyeliner just like Lucy!

Lucy you are a lucky dog to have such loving humans!
Mar 28, 2008 susannablues
The picture of trust.
Enjoy your beautiful JRT every precious moment. She reminds me of my gorgeous pup Georgia who met her end at the age of only 13 months, 18 years ago tomorrow.
These precious creatures change our lives forever.
Mar 28, 2008 2pups1kit
It was next to impossible to pick a favorite photo, not sure if the site is letting me show the one I decided on, but they are ALL absolutely darling!! What an adorable angel Lucy is---and also, have you checked your family's shoulder blade areas recently? You all must have hidden wings!
A couple of thoughts. # 1: It's Not a good thing that there are cruel people in the world who would abandon ANY animal! I know that the poster's intention was good, but it is only by God's grace that Lucy lives & is blessed to have found such a wonderful family. Did Lucy have littermates? What happened to them? I have often wondered about my Indy dog's life before he came into my family, and also my kitty Maui, who's mom was almost certainly feral? # 2 Even if Lucy's mom was feral--how did she get into that predicament?? What about Lucy's dad?? Where did he come from? One can guess that this was not a planned breeding....#3---Yes, I have long felt that our non-human children/brothers & sisters are the proof of God's emissaries on earth--Furry Angels...
Thank you, fellow Puppy posters for your indulgance-I know I am "preaching to the choir". We wouldn't be here if we didn't care for our precious non humans.
Lucy's family: Thank you, & God bless you for being examples of how human beings are supposed to behave--loving & nurturing. He will reward you a million times over, some of it thru Lucy's sweetness, the rest as only He knows.
Enjoy Lucy for many, many years, in good health! And zillions of biscuits!!!
Mar 28, 2008 mlingram
This is the first time that a Daily P has brought me to tears! What a beautiful and happy girl Lucy is! A billion biscuits! It was so hard to pick a fave, every picture is wonderful. I like the orange towl, she looks so safe and content.... she knows what a wonderful family she has!
Mar 28, 2008 grneyedg
She looks like she had a little Jack Russel in her. Setting that aside...I don't think she could get any cuter!!!!!!! She's one of the cutest puppies I have EVER seen!
Mar 28, 2008 pippasmom
Lucy is so cute! I don't know who could give her up. But their loss is your gain!
Mar 28, 2008 stormsamson
What a precious, precious little puppy dog! I'm glad you had the heart to take her in when you already had a small brood of puppys! God Bless You and Lucy! She looks well taken care of (especially like the one of her wrapped up in the orange towel).
Mar 28, 2008 flutterina
Please post grown-up photos. I'm so curious to see how this little angel will blossom.
Mar 28, 2008 flutterina
Please post grown-up photos. I'm so curious to see how this little angel will blossom.
Mar 28, 2008 citydog
A full 11 biscuits! No Question. Adorable!. :)
Mar 28, 2008 liz
Aw, audible gasp at first pic the second it came up. Cutest pup ever.
Mar 28, 2008 daisy_jane
Awwwww sweet little girl! Have a happy life baby!
Mar 28, 2008 Ems
Our Lucy was a "found puppy," too. Lots of times, they are some of the best pets, they tend to show their thanks through love. Best wishes with your Lucy and the whole crew. They sound like a blast!
Mar 28, 2008 piobaire
Man, sometimes the hardest part of my day is picking the picture on Puppy of the day. Lucy!! You are so beautiful...I wonder how anyone could have let you go? I love this picture with her little blade of grass sticking out of her mouth.....and then the next one where she's just a sitting on her little puppy bum, and wrapped in the towel and running....and omyomy!! She's too precious for words. Your mommy is really lucky to have so many doggies to love. And you, little miss, have been adopted by an angel and I hope you all live and love together for many long years. You get a zillion biscuits and mama will get a zillion gold stars in heaven for adopting you!
Mar 28, 2008 snappychick
There is a special place in hell for people who dump doggies! And you're right! Who could resist this little fur-covered angel? You were just meant to have her! And you're mighty lucky for that! Enjoy her, love her, & she'll return it all twice over!
Mar 28, 2008 piobaire
PS...unknown breed is my favorite!!
Mar 28, 2008 wziemann
What a luck little girl Lucy is and so are you. We live in Phoenix, Arizona and you read about this all the time where people abandon thier "pups" in the desert, I'd like 5-minutes alone with these insensitive idiots. Sorry, let me get off my orange crate and say "congrats" on your new baby...MOJO'S Dad
Mar 28, 2008 wziemann
What a luck little girl Lucy is and so are you. We live in Phoenix, Arizona and you read about this all the time where people abandon thier "pups" in the desert, I'd like 5-minutes alone with these insensitive idiots. Sorry, let me get off my orange crate and say "congrats" on your new baby...MOJO'S Dad
Mar 28, 2008 wziemann
What a luck little girl Lucy is and so are you. We live in Phoenix, Arizona and you read about this all the time where people abandon thier "pups" in the desert, I'd like 5-minutes alone with these insensitive idiots. Sorry, let me get off my orange crate and say "congrats" on your new baby...MOJO'S Dad
Mar 28, 2008 sdv in slc

Sometimes there is a very clear decision of what my favorite photo is. Today is not one of those days. What a cutie pie!!!!

Enjoy many happy years with your team.
Mar 28, 2008 Jennb3
Lucy you beautiful little thing you!!! I am so glad you found your forever family!!!
Mar 28, 2008 Aoife364
Whatever mix Lucy is, it's perfect!
Mar 28, 2008 cosmicsnup
What a wonderful pup! She found a fabulous family, furry & human. Whoever left doesn't know what they missed out on. I wish you many happy years of romping.
Mar 28, 2008 KimnJaeger
We hope Lucy has completely forgotten about time she wasn't with you. With all the extra love she's getting now, that shouldn't be too difficult. Thank you for saving her! We send her an extra big hug and kiss.
Mar 28, 2008 KimnJaeger
We hope Lucy has completely forgotten about time she wasn't with you. With all the extra love she's getting now, that shouldn't be too difficult. Thank you for saving her! We send her an extra big hug and kiss.
Mar 28, 2008 schnauzerlover
OMG OMG OMG OMG lucy is sooooo cute! I mean there were some pretty cute puppys but lucy is my FAVORITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is the cutest little thing i have ever seen! Best wishes to you and lucy!
Mar 28, 2008 petwebdesigner
Ohhhh Myyyyy! What a gorgeous puppy. She is beautiful. I can't believe how she came into your life - I would never let this puppy leave my side. I want to snuggle right next to her! She gets all my buscuits.
Mar 28, 2008 quiltcat
Love, mischief, intelligence, contentment...i can see all that in this one picture of your adorable little girl. All of your photos are great. I think the one of her running toward you with Bailey close behind is is the one of her snoozing in her towel...etc. etc.! I think she's almost all Jack Russell Terrier, too. But whatever she is, she's so fortunate that your parents rescued her and that you are providing her with such a wonderful loving home now. I can't imagine how anyone could dispose of what must surely have been a tiny, defenseless puppy. Long and happy life to you all!
Mar 28, 2008 quiltcat
oops, sorry, that's Brinkley, not Bailey the big brother!
Mar 28, 2008 susannajon
Impossible to pick the cutest picture, as each and every one melted my heart! I am completely smitten by your gorgeous baby girl. I wish you many happy years with her, and a special place in heaven for adopting her.
Mar 28, 2008 Minkiesmum
What a very, very pretty little dog. Thank goodness she found your parents' home...poor little soul. She's gorgeous. You've taken some fabulous photos of her too.
Mar 28, 2008 skeeze_in_belize
I love Lucy! :D She is beautiful! Looks like she really lucked out when she found you guys! I'm happy to hear of such a good outcome to such a sad story!
Mar 28, 2008 doggielover80
follow the leader... : ) so cute that they're best friends. you're right, how could you not love her!
Mar 28, 2008 denawolves
What A Good Girl!! - YES Pupstermum I do believe these babies are our guardian angels, and man can we learn alot from them. We too have rescued so many dogs [and cats and birds] over the years! [all kinds of breeds because of course it makes no difference]
Mar 28, 2008 Molly's Mommy
I think that the 7th circle of hell should be reserved for anyone who could turn their back on an angel face like this one.
By the same token, you have gained alot of karmic points by making her so obviously happy.
She is adorable, hope you have a long and wonderful life together
Mar 28, 2008 Owie
Who could be mean to a sweet face like that? She looks like she might be a Jack Russell/Pit Bull mix. I have a JRT and those eyes and the ears are definitely from a Jack. So glad to hear she has a loving home and puppy sibs to play with.
Mar 28, 2008 Sami's Aunt
She gets 20 biscuits from me!!!!! I love JRTs!!
Mar 28, 2008 rainstormy
This puppy is SOOO adorable. I know she'll make the lucky owner VERY happy for many years to come.
Mar 28, 2008 Cheryl Howard
This pic looks as if Lucy is saying a prayer of thanks for gidence to you and your home and my God bless you for taking her in. I have 3 I open my home to as well. I love them all. They are the best. Hundreds of biscuits and lots of belly rubs and kisses to all your four legged babies.
Mar 28, 2008 ttamore
You guys rock for saving this lil bundle of joy!!! A million biscuits for you Lucy.
Mar 28, 2008 bucklesnbows
What a cutie! And how lucky you are that she was left for you! Lots of belly rubs and biscuits for her and her siblings.
Mar 28, 2008 creativeamp68
Awesome story. Lucy is definitely a gift! So precious.
Mar 28, 2008 maddie's mom
i love lucy
she is blessed to have been rescued by you
you are blessed bc you love her
i have a parson russell terrier and think lucy is one. and a gorgeous one!!!
your pictures are the cutest i have seen on this website
thank you so much for rescuing lucy
Mar 28, 2008 Shrimpo515
Mar 28, 2008 vanessa_red3
He is so cute. He looks like my puppy Clyde. He's an Australlian Shepherd/Terrier mix. That could be what your little guy is too. They have the same face shape and mottled ear color.
Mar 28, 2008 beaglebaby
[color=blue]What a beautiful angel! Why would anyone not want her? Look at those beautiful eyes!!!!!!![/color]
Mar 28, 2008 aden1994
he is adorable! your other dog is cute too! i have a golden retriever too! very cute.
Mar 28, 2008 AnnaH
I've lurked here in Daily Puppy for a few years now, but this really seemed like the right time to finally register and comment.

BLESS YOU, bless you for taking her in. I know it's been said before, and even though I'm not particularly religious, it needed to be said again.

Makes me furious to even think someone would abandon a helpless puppy under any circumstances - most puppies don't get nearly as lucky as precious Lucy here did. Such an adorable little lady! Good luck with her and her siblings - and keep saving those puppies until you have your own soccer team of them. ;)
Mar 28, 2008 txnewswoman
"HMMMMMM . . . . essence of mommy!"

That picture made me laugh out loud, I tell ya.
JRTs have got to be my favorites. What "joi'd'vivre", no?
Mar 28, 2008 LucyLou'sMom
Ooooh! Sooooo Cute!!! You are wonderful for taking her in and treating her so sweet. She is happy and loved. She is definitely Jack Russell. Parsons Jack Russell I believe. Have raised them since 1990, and have seen many puppies. I have a Lucy also! They are the best dogs in the world. Watch her though, they do like to travel. We live on a ranch in Texas and all of our have taken a journey at one time or another, but always got them all back. One swam across the lake and was rescued by a Park Ranger. Very mischeivious, but loyal and the most lovable dog you ever have. Millions of biscuits to you Lucy!
Mar 28, 2008 TessiesMum
...and Lucy found you! What a wonderful family to find, especially with a best friend in Brinkley, congrats for making that darling we girl with the velvet fur part of your outcome for everyone.
Mar 28, 2008 diane4pups
It irks me big time when someone abandons any happy Lucy found your parents doorstep. She is lucky to find a happy home with lots of love forever and ever!! Very adorable puppy.....enjoy!
Mar 28, 2008 bymonkeybean
Hey everyone! Lucy's mom here. We absolutely cannot believe the response for Lucy's post! You all are caring and loving and it makes our hearts swell with joy to read all of your comments and blessings. Someone requested to know how Lucy is doing far she had had her early dinner which only took a few seconds to scarf down and is playing tug-o-rope with Brinkley. She's still got such great puppy breath that we wish there was a way to bottle it up and save it forever! :) Who doesn't love puppy breath?! We will definitely post her grown up pictures but we are not wishing away the puppy moments. If you are ever interested in keeping up with Lucy and her fellow soccer team members (shameless blog plug ahead) you can check them out on their mom's blog at http://www.bymonkeyb ean.blo... Thank you again for your comments that brought tears to our eyes. You guys ROCK!
Mar 28, 2008 LMac
Hot damn she's a cutie-pie!!! And so nice to have a big brother to look after her!!
Mar 28, 2008 cheleon
You are wonderful people and this utterly wonderful little girl was meant for you. Choosing a favourite was very difficult but the pink puppy paws and little smile won in the end. My 4 year-old Angel' came into my life the same way and has the same jaw-line. I think she is probably Jack Russell/Bull terrier cross. But whatever she is, she is just utterly beautiful!
Mar 28, 2008 pfloydnzep86
this is the best set of pictures i tihnk i have ever seen on this site, thats one super cute pup
Mar 28, 2008 miss-bunn
your so amazing to take a puppy in off the streets and into a warm loving home. lucy is a very lucky puppy. how could anyone abandon a helpless little creature like lucy. she looks very much like a jack russell. i have two of my own at home, jack, who is 3 and jill who is 7months. i couldn't bare that thaught of either of them out in the cold with out a warm place to go every night. you have a heart of gold.
Mar 28, 2008 pattychin14
That was a wonderful thing you did adopting Lucy. She is a beautiful puppy.
Mar 28, 2008 Missabbysmom
What a love! So is so lucky to have you all! Those awful humans will indeed get theirs!! Give tummy scwatchins and loads of biscuits from us, a kiss on that adorable pink belly...I bet she smells good to! Love this picture with the whites of her eyes showing...makes her look so innocent...
Mar 28, 2008 Marleyandlexi'smom
Lucy is lucky to have found people like you and I think you are equally as lucky to have found her! What a sweetie enjoy her! 11 biscuits :)
Mar 28, 2008 the_jenster_413
The moment I saw this little sweetie, I knew she was a JRT--and the "piranha teeth" gave it away. :D My own little JRT ("Jerett") has his own set of those teeth and never stops using them! Treasure Lucy like a gift from God, because that's what she is! :) Too bad she had such an unhappy way of arriving. :(
Mar 28, 2008 MH
I know what she is --- She is 100% love puppy, The best pedigree in the world. So adorable, so much love. Your parents must love you a lot to let you take her. This is the way is should be. Who can love her more............

What is the matter with people today. So sad
Mar 28, 2008 tand95
[color=red]Oh she's the cuuuuteeeessssttt thing I've ever seen and the thing i love most about this picture is the way that she looks like shes wearing black eyeliner + I also love the picture where she's cuddling up in the little orange blanket (or is that a towel?) bless you for taking her home you found her on the streets. Shame on the person who would abandon such a beautiful thing.

Lots of buiscuts, cuddles, tummy tickles and smooches from
Sandy and sandy's mom from California![/color]
Mar 28, 2008 tand95
[color=red]PS: Brinkley is adorable too![/color]
Mar 28, 2008 kittymom
Lucy, you are just precious! I love "puppies in motion" pics, and this one of you and Brinkley is perfect!! Billions of biscuits to you and Brinkley - wish you both a long and happy life together with your pup sibs Casey & Nikki and your human family!!!
Mar 28, 2008 iwishihadadog
god is she cute or what!!!! she looks like a little angel!
Mar 28, 2008 willyboyishere
Yes, I DO believe in God!
Lucy is one of the most highly rated dogs I have seen on TDP/ Deservedly so. The dogs with a rough start always seem to glow in the nimbus of their survival.
Mar 28, 2008 willyboyishere
Yes, I DO believe in God!
Lucy is one of the most highly rated dogs I have seen on TDP/ Deservedly so. The dogs with a rough start always seem to glow in the nimbus of their survival.
Mar 28, 2008 Denise & Avery
Lucy is simply a stunning little puppy. Thank you for rescuing her and giving her a loving home. May she give you many years of doggy devotion.
Mar 28, 2008 jaccikay
I had to come back and see Lucy again. I just love her pictures and her so much! She is the most adorable little creature...Brinkley is adorable, too. Only God in Heaven above can give such beautiful, loving, heart warming gifts, as these. When Lucy grows up and comes back to see us, I hope to see a picture of the whole gang enclosed. Again, God Bless you all.
Mar 28, 2008 chalia_7
She is adorable and looks like she's being well taken care of. Look at that little tummy :)
Mar 28, 2008 durangosage
Little miss Lucy goosey you are too precious, I so would love to puppy-sit you just so I could cuddle with you! I'm also glad that you have a better home then you did the first time around. Love ya!
Mar 28, 2008 jealyxander
She looks just like my baby...ok he's 5 now, but when he was her size and was found wandering out in Palmetto, FL by my co-worker they thought he was a Jack Russell Puppy. I had to have him and named him Archie.....well....65lbs later....he's NOT a jack russell!!
Good luck with your mystery baby! She has a face that will always be puppy!
Mar 28, 2008 CDay
I am so in love at first sight with Lucy! I just showed her to my husband and told him if she was available, or if it was possible to breed another, I would sign the check. How lucky you are to have her, and how wonderful for Lucy that she stumbled out of the woods and found you. I am the happy friend to 2 Cavalier KC Spaniels, Toby and Milo, one a Tri and one a Blenheim. They would be very jealous of Lucy, I'm sure!
Mar 28, 2008 lucyny2000
Take a look at my name: I found my own Lucy in New York in 2000. I bought her for $100 from some weird looking woman on upper west side in Manhattan one hot late afternoon in July. She was 6 weeks old, lethargic puppy with a freashly croped tail. As far as I am concerned, I rescued her. She is The Love of My Life.
I love every picture of your Lucy! The one where she takes lessons how to eat grass, and the one where she looks up like an innocent angel, and the one where she playfuly stratches her paws toward the camera, and a specially the one in a towel! I have a picture of my Lucy shortly after I brought her home in a towel! Only her little face is out. Oh, I forgot to mention, my Lucy is white and brown too! It took me a while to figure out her breed: she grew up into 70lbs Labrador & Springer!
3 years ago I found a Beagle running on Brooklyn street, no ID, no collar, 2 front paws bleeding. I took him to the vet, treated his wounds for a week, and, (what a mistake!) posted flyers "dog found". The owner showed up, took the dog, only to return him to me for...$400! His rational: the dog will be better with you, but I cannot give it to you for free... I named him Phoenix!
I hope your lucy forgot all the ordeal of her earliest experience! The divine stars guided her way to your parents house, and ultimately to your loving forever home! Every dog should be half this lucky! From the bottom of my heart, thank you for who you are!

From Lucy & Phoenix in Brooklyn,NY
Mar 28, 2008 Jake's_Mum
Lucy you are absolutely precious! I am jealous! Wwould love to have a puppy just like you to play with my Jake. He looks a little like a Jackl Russell too. He's eighteen months now. It's been a year since we rescued him. You both have those soulful "baby seal" eyes. Who can resist them? I can't imagine anyone "dujmping" such a precious bundle of fur! Have these people no soul? I'm so glad you found such a wonderful forever home! I love you! Tons of biscuits to you and your humans! :-)
Mar 28, 2008 Jake's_Mum
Lucy you are absolutely precious! I am jealous! Wwould love to have a puppy just like you to play with my Jake. He looks a little like a Jackl Russell too. He's eighteen months now. It's been a year since we rescued him. You both have those soulful "baby seal" eyes. Who can resist them? I can't imagine anyone "dujmping" such a precious bundle of fur! Have these people no soul? I'm so glad you found such a wonderful forever home! I love you! Tons of biscuits to you and your humans! :-)
Mar 28, 2008 ykratz
There were too many good pictures. I could not choose just one. He is such a sweet little fellow, and those eyes. Love him much.
Mar 28, 2008 aussiejack
Lucy, like many of the other posters we too think you are a JRT. Being Jack lovers for many years, we can see many of JRT traits in you. Our Nugget (a JRT) loved being wrapped in a towel or blanket as a pup, and still does!! The pic of her head on the pillow looks like she might be in your bed. If she is watch wont be long and she will soon take over and hog the bed while you sleep! Out JRT soon did this, but he is a good foot warmer in winter! Bless you for taking Lucy in and loving and caring for her. Her photos show her in optimal health so you have done a wonderful job with her. In Australia JRT are the most abandoned dog, we even have a special rescue club just for JRT. Lucy, may you and your animal and human family have a wonderful, happy and joyful life together.
Mar 28, 2008 littleguysmom
Your Lucy is absolutely beautiful! God bless you for giving her a wonderful home. My Bailey was found with his brother on the road and were both emaciated. We had gone to the humane society to find a dog and were just about to give up when the last kennel we stopped at was our boy. We went out back with a ball and played and he kept giving us kisses and we were goners. That was eleven years ago. Luckily his brother was already adopted or we would have taken him too. I wish I could save every dog that needs a home or is abused. I can't, but I am trying to do it one at a time. You will have many happy years with your precious puppy and all of his siblings. Hooray for everyone who saves an animal in need!!! Bailey's mom.
Mar 28, 2008 littleguysmom
oops! I mean "her" siblings. Sorry
Mar 28, 2008 Rosebud
Lucy, Lucy, Lucy what a treasure you are.
Mar 28, 2008 kellykoala
[color=purple]Oh my gosh! I love the look on her face, just looking up to the sky! She must be a dreamer. It is strange, but I've been seeing my dog "contemplating"! It's very odd because he just sits there and stares into space. It's pretty cute. Watch your baby and see if she's a thinker like mine! :D [/color=purple]
Mar 28, 2008 iluvGSDs
My mom always told me that animals know when they've been rescued and will return the favor with SO much love and affection. Obviously Lucy knows... Love her up!! And God bless you for taking in this sweet little soul. 11 million biscuits.
Mar 28, 2008 Jean1018
Shes at least mostly Jack Russel. I have a mix small breed to.
My one is maltese crossed with something.
Anyhow now at 9 years old, you could say love is stronger then the thought of where he may have come from.
Lucy you are the luckiest girl.!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Mar 28, 2008 abusymom
This look says yes I will get my way cause I am so irresistible. A million biscuits for Lucy she is adorable
Mar 28, 2008 lotsapets
Lucy looks about 1/2 fox terrier and 1/2 Jack Russell.........what a fortunate sweet girl to have found a home with you !! Have soooo many happy years with her, and her siblings !!
Mar 28, 2008 SASSY'S DAD
There is a special place in hell for inhuman beings who harm our little angels. I'm unable to pity or forgive them for what they do. Now that I've said my piece, Lucy , you are dear little pup. I wish for you and your family many,many happy fun filled years together. All the best.
Mar 28, 2008 SASSY'S DAD
There is a special place in hell for inhuman beings who harm our little angels. I'm unable to pity or forgive them for what they do. Now that I've said my piece, Lucy , you are dear little pup. I wish for you and your family many,many happy fun filled years together. All the best.
Mar 28, 2008 dreamcouture375
[color=pink] I am blown away. She is the cutest puppy in the entire world!! It is so sad that she had such a hard start, because she seems like such a sweetie pie! Have MANY happy years with her and Brinkley!![/color]
Mar 28, 2008 Shirley Petreye
This is such a beautiful soul. Bless you and your family for rescuing her.
Mar 28, 2008 Shirley Petreye
This is such a beautiful soul. Bless you and your family for rescuing her.
Mar 28, 2008 djmc
God bless you for taking her in, she looks so happy. The trusting eyes and trusting little souls. It was so hard to pick just one picture, they are are so wonderful. Lots of belly rubs for little Lucy . 11 biscuits
Mar 28, 2008 jaforget
I'm so glad that Lucy found her way to you kind people. She will bring lots of warmth in your household no doubt!!!!
Mar 29, 2008 diffuse
She's adorable!! Thank you for taking her in. I wish more people would take in animals that already need homes, instead of contributing to the overpopulation of cats & dogs by giving money to breeders (a large percentage of animals in shelters are purebreds, for those who want one, so there's no excuse...).
Mar 29, 2008 Jak
I read TDP every day, but never registered. I had to register just so I could comment on this little cutie!!!


Gotta agree with the JRT votes. I adopted my JRT, Sparky, from the pound. My Sparky has one spotted ear too.

Thank you so much for BEING an angel, and adopting this little angel. JRT's are not for everyone, and IMHO that's why you find so many abandoned, at pounds, rescues, etc. But for the right family, they are the perfect bundle of love.

My Sparky is 100% clown, and the absolute apple of my eye. I have no idea what we found to laugh or smile about before she came to our house to entertain and love us. I know you're in for a real treat with this one, for a long time to come.

Lucy is just ADORABLE! I am completely and hopelessly in love... Bless you for saving her.
Mar 29, 2008 animalqn
While all the pictures of Lucy are simply delicious, this one is JUST TO GOOD!! Lucy and parents, you are all so lucky to have found each other!!
Mar 29, 2008 allimarie
Without a doubt, Lucy is both a) about the cutest puppy I've ever seen, and b) about the most popular puppy I've ever seen on TDP. Cutie! And it seems each photo is better than the next -- nice job!
Mar 29, 2008 mymalt914
Lucky Lucy, lucky you--for finding each other to share love, hugs and biscuits. What a Sweetheart she is! Adorable as can be!
Mar 29, 2008 mling
Lucy is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much for rescuing her! She looks like she is loved by her new family and all her new brothers and sisters! She definitely looks like she has some jack russell in her.
Mar 29, 2008 alldogsgotoheaven
Lucy is the absolute most darling puppy ever! I am so glad she found wonderful people like you to take her in. :-)
Mar 29, 2008 crazyCAdoglady
Lucy, you stole our hearts tonight! You are so lucky to have found peoples who love you soooo much! And apparently, a doggy family who does too! :) Here's wishing all of you fun-filled doggy days, and cozy doggy nights full of sweet dreams!
Mar 29, 2008 flutey48
Does anyone remember the little children's book "The Pokey Little Puppy" (a little golden book classic)? Check it out on line -- Lucy looks like the little guy. I just ordered it to have to read to my grandchildren as Lucy's pictures made me remember that book! No matter the breed; this is an adorable pup and I'm sorry she didn't get dumped at my house! I'm in love with rescue dogs and their stories... this one has a happy ending for everyone!
Mar 29, 2008 DogyLvr
Precious baby! Love muffin!
Mar 29, 2008 thetopazsmurf
O what mean people there are out there..You are right, HOW can anyone drop this sweet sweet baby off or even lose her for that matter. I could not let her out of my sight if she were mine..Thank you for being the kind hearted people you must be..My boyfriend said she is the only cute dog he has seen on is just jelouse of my Mia, so he is not a big dog way much love to all your babies and you..1 million buscuits to share..
Mar 29, 2008 kwikwitz
I love this picture of Brinkley showing little Lucy the fine art of eating grass! Lucy you are too cute for words! Your humans are so lucky you landed on their doorstep! How could anyone with a beating heart abandon a puppy as cute as Lucy???? Lucy is was just meant to be that you would be in a home that loves you as much as you deserve! Rescue dogs rule and humans who rescue are angels! I bet you love all your doggie brothers and sisters -- Brinkley is one gorgeous Golden!
Mar 29, 2008 more
[color=red] SOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!! I fell in love with her immediately!!!! Lots of biscuits!!! :) [/color]
Mar 29, 2008 coyne12
Lucy must be very smart to have found you, and thank you for taking care of her.

Way too precious for words, and a very heart-warming story. Wishing you and yours many blessings.

The pics. are amazing. Very hard to choose a fav. Did I say thanks for taking her in? Thanks.
Mar 29, 2008 possma
Absolutely Gorgeous! What fun she'll be. I'm so pleased she has found a gr8 home! Lots of wonderful years together!
Mar 29, 2008 possma
Absolutely Gorgeous! What fun she'll be. I'm so pleased she has found a gr8 home! Lots of wonderful years together!
Mar 29, 2008 b17bx33
i love this dog i have one just lie this and she loves to run and play and her most fav. thing to do is sleep
Mar 29, 2008 blynnr0000
You are the cutest thing! You look like a baby Jack Russell!
Mar 29, 2008 petluver
What a keeper, Lucy is! She looks so young! It just breaks my heart when I hear about dogs being abandonded. Or any animal. Some people can be so cruel! She showed up at your parents house, because the instinct was that she would be rescued. It is so great that you took her in! What a wonderful little puppy! This picture is so funny! With your Golden chasing her. I love the ears! What fun they must have! Kudos to you for rescuing her! That happens to us, also. We have animals show up at our place, because they know they will be taken care of. Many belly rubs to Lucy, and the rest of your group!
Mar 29, 2008 pbailey
Lucy is definitely a JRT if I've ever seen one and we've had 2. They have a personality all their own and this one screams it in every picture. The nose in the shoe tops it off. They have to have their nose in something or under something. Wish she would have cried under my window. You're very lucky if you train her well. She'll give you joy you never knew before.
Mar 29, 2008 zaussie
This MADE MY DAY!!! Lucy is just too much fun!!! She is your gift and will spend the rest of her life making you smile. Thank you for your sincere compassion and love for animals.
Mar 30, 2008 BellaLover
Lucy is so adorable!!! I can't believe anyone would ever want to abandon her!!! She looks like such a treasure!!! ...And it's so adorable how she has a blade of grass (at least that's what it looks like) sticking out of her mouth, makes her look a little mischevious!!! Looking at her pictures brings the biggest smile to my face!!!!
Mar 30, 2008 K9Lover
I think it's wonderful how many people have taken the time to write a comment. Cheers to everyone who smile and/or cried at these pictures and Lucy's story. You all are my heros! Wonderful people who understand the love between living creatures of all shapes and sizes!
Mar 30, 2008 dogsrule
What a beautiful puppy and a happy ending! :)

I cried a little too..
Mar 30, 2008 brockchoy
Thank you so much from animal lovers everywhere for taking in this amazing little girl, she has got to be the breed of sweetheart cute-putie pie I think !! I don't know how anyone in their right mind could leave such a young and defenseless pup in the woods like that - needing shelter, food and lots of love and belly rubs !! I got a bit teary. But then I was like "awwwwww" (and I bet everyone in my office could hear me!) Oh my goodness I cannot even choose a favourite photo, they are all the cutest puppy photos ever. I bet she is saying "nom nom nom" eating that sneaker. By the way I think she might be jack russel terrier, or at least have that as a mix breed in her. She is so adorable !
Mar 31, 2008 Aemilius
My, what big and lovely eyes! What an adorable pup. ^^
Mar 31, 2008 portylover
How could anyone not love this lovely lady? I'm glad she found a loving home. Good luck, Lucy!
Mar 31, 2008 portylover
How could anyone not love this lovely lady? I'm glad she found a loving home. Good luck, Lucy!
Mar 31, 2008 LisaLisa
oh!!!! My heart is melting! First of all, what a great story. I'm so sorry Lucy had to have a sad start to her life but it's fantastic that she turned up in your life and is now very loved and happy! Good on you for taking in a dog who truly needs a home. :) Great photos. I'd love to have seen the whole soccer team together!
Mar 31, 2008 Pelligirl
I just love this little girl!! How lucky for both of you that you found each other! Enjoy every second with your "soccer team" :)
Mar 31, 2008 Phoenix
What a little doll baby Lucy is! I?d be very surprised if she didn?t have some Jack Russell Terrier in her. She is simply adorable and I am so glad that you were HER guardian angels and took her in. It sounds like she couldn?t have found herself a better forever family!
Mar 31, 2008 puppy kisses
Oh my goodness she's a doll. New family with lots of sibblings. I'm so glad she found her way to your parent's doorstep.

Sleep well little puppy. You'll always be safe now.
Mar 31, 2008 denawolves
Lucy has definitely set a biscuit record here- She's gotta win some kinda trophy or something, [DP! hint-hint!] I just had to check back after checking out Big Brother Brinkley's site! He's like the perfect big brother!
Mar 31, 2008 blackpaw
Hey I got the 5000th biscuit! almost as lucky as Lucy :)

Well done Lucy, you found the right owners.
Mar 31, 2008 Teeru
She has been getting fat. Ha ha ha ha, look at her big tummy. Wanna kissssss it. We love her. We cannot see how she could be covered by ticks, awwwwwwww, poor little girl travelled so far.
Mar 31, 2008 doggyfreak16
lucy is so cute!! adorable!!!
Mar 31, 2008 doggyfreak16
lucy is so cute!! adorable!!!
Apr 1, 2008 Drake'sGranny
Glad to hear she found you, Brinkley and Nikki too. Poor baby in such a state. She really looks good now and very happy too. Take good care of such a cute little girl. Lots of yummy treats too. Have fun little one.
Apr 1, 2008 tambore
You may have been lost, but now you are found. Happy life with the family and especially Brinkley.
Apr 2, 2008 jenbeagle
I can never understand how people can be mean to these little innocents! Animals are so precious and deserve love and tender care - some people just don't get it! Lucy is wonderful and you are both lucky to have found each other! We have a fun mixed up dog (and cat) pack made up of shelter dogs and once stray cats - I can't imagine life without them!
Apr 2, 2008 jenga68
OMG, face in the tennis shoe completely cracks me up.

What a bunch of delightful pictures of such a cute little puppy. You all are very kind to take her into your family. Looks like she's doing great now! :-)
Apr 2, 2008 shell242
I may be way off...but she looks like she could have a little bully in her too (especially the little budda belly like my American Bulldog)....Regardless of breed, she is lucky to have found you...and you are lucky to have such a cute puppy show up on your doorstep!

BAD KARMA to all those who care so little about a beautiful puppy!
Apr 5, 2008 sugarplum
She is wonderful.
Apr 6, 2008 Fembah
OH! What a little heartbreaker! What a wonderfully happy ending! 11 BISCUITS!!!
Apr 6, 2008 Melissa99
[color=green][i]OMG!!!! :) You blew me away. Lucy you are a cutie pie! :)
[b]WOOF WOOF![/b][/color][/i]
Apr 8, 2008 mewberry66
Looks like she's wearing makeup! hope you two have fun together!
Apr 12, 2008 Bananagirl123456
Aww!! Poor puppy! How could someone drop off a liite one? She's so cute!!!!
May 16, 2008 puppydog
Lucy is so cute with her large friend in front, its cute!
May 22, 2008 danetriplets
too cute!
May 27, 2008 wolfgirl66
I LOVE LOVELY LUCY !!!! She is adorable!I also like her special shoe friend of which I am sure she will have many...LOL!Smiles to ya'll!
HI FIVE! awwww... so cute! cuter than cute! infinety cute! OMEGA TO THE 16TH CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!! That's the cutest doggy I've ever seen right there!
I'm in looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove! I LOVE LUCY!!!!!!!!
Jul 8, 2008 ercypay
Dec 22, 2008 jbroy
LOL I love this picture! What a lucky girl she is to have found such a wonderful home!
Mar 4, 2009 nickjfan4eva123
Apr 30, 2009 Myghin
Must...tickle...puppy...paw!!! OMG how was I supposed to pick only one picture?? =D She is a perfect pup and your Golden is beautiful too!!
May 20, 2009 kgpayne13
What a doll! I'm so happy you found each other.
Jan 6, 2010 shortyww22
Lucy is very cute...I just adore her little face and such beautiful markings.I must agree how in the heck could someone not love her and dump her out...shes just to cute...glad you were able to rescue her and give her a loving life and family that every pup deserves...she looks like a jack russel to me...very pretty lil girl...come see my dogs n comment please
Feb 25, 2011 puppyanddoglover4life
sooo cute please comment my jack and sammy
Mar 1, 2012 renabena
Lucy was lucky she landed on your parents door! She is beautiful. Thank you for taking care of and loving her. You can tell she is a very happy girl. Lots of belly rubs and cookies for her. Lucy, have a very long and happy life.
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