Lucy the Unknown Mix

Puppy Breed: Unknown

Lucy's mom says: Lucy had a rough start...she showed up at my parent's house, whining underneath their window early in the morning. They live half a mile back in the woods! She had traveled pretty far. She was covered in ticks and thorns and was pretty thin. We never saw any "lost" signs for her, so we figured someone dropped her off...which is so sad to think that she had such a horrible start. We can't imagine why anyone wouldn't love her...she's so easy to fall in love with! We're making up for the love she didn't receive prior to us though. She made our hearts melt and we didn't let my parents keep her, we had to have her for our own! She fits in perfectly with our family...there's Casey the Cocker Spaniel-10 years old, Nikki the Miniature Schnauzer-9 years and Brinkley the Golden Retriever 1 year old! We tell everyone we're trying for our own soccer team! Brinkley and Lucy are best friends and her favorite thing to do is bite on him with her piranha teeth...and he lets her! She's very energetic and they chase each other everywhere! When she's finally done playing, she makes the softest, sweetest snuggle buddy! Lucy's best friend/brother Brinkley was featured also.