Friday, April 18, 2014
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Jan 2, 2007 anon
OOOOH MYYY GOOOOODNESSSS!!!!!! Cutest group of puppies EVER. I want ALL of them!! They all look so different, I can't believe they're all from the same litter. What are they (aside from adorable)?
Jan 2, 2007 jenbeagle
Trudy and Ernie are my favs, but they are ALL utterly adorable!!!!!!! So cute! Lucky you!
Jan 2, 2007 anony
You should send the 4th from last (Ernie, Poppy, Toffee, Squirt) + unnamed one 4 before that (2 front, 2 rear view) into a dog or pet magazine & see if they make print, maybe even cover
Jan 2, 2007 M2C3
Too cute!!! What kinds of dogs are these?
Jan 2, 2007 DogLuvver
My favorites are Tiny and Squirt!!

Poor Trudy is squished out by Tuppy in that shot of all of them together in the trunk!!

Lucy looks like a great mom!!
Jan 2, 2007 FAIRY_DUST
11 biscuits just isn't enough to cover all that cuteness. they are so lovely, just like little teddies. I think Tuppy is my fave, he's lovely! can i have him, please??!!
Jan 2, 2007 DogLuvver
Hey...what's everybody lookin' at in the 5th from the bottom?? ~..~
Jan 2, 2007 Julia
Those pups are adorable, but I am TOTALLY in love with the adults. Looking at Angus makes my heart swell.
Jan 2, 2007 DogMom
This crew deserves all the biscuits they can handle!! what a beautiful litter of puppies and adults!
Jan 2, 2007 poohmama
Great photography! They are all so incredibly cute.
Trudy and Tuppy stole my heart but they are all so adorable.
Jan 2, 2007 Oaktown Girl
Oh... what an adorable batch!
Love the names, too!
Jan 2, 2007 txmadre
A basket full of adorable!! They are all precious. I give up. What mixture are they? I've never seen so many different looking puppies in one litter. They are angels.
Jan 2, 2007 Knate and Charlene
That's a lotta 'dorable. We love extended families. Squirt just melted the two of us. They all have that terrier gleam in their cute eyes.
Jan 2, 2007 EdeN
I am so in love by them that my heart hurts!
Jan 2, 2007 Loizhanne
great job, Lucy! i'll bet every one of those pups is going to bring their new families a lot of joy.
Jan 2, 2007 grommetsmom
These pupps are TOOOOO CUTE! ADORABLE!
Jan 2, 2007 Charlotte Smith
This is easily the cutest litter of pups I have ever seen. 11 biscuits each for all of them!!
Jan 2, 2007 AnimalLover85
WOW! What an amazing litter of puppies. They are so cute. Oh they are better than cute they are cuter than adorable and I LOVE them! So many different sizes and colors and so many sweet faces! Ahhhhhhh!!! Seven unique amazingly cute puppies, GREAT job Lucy! Each puppy has its own looks and cute faces...Poppy-Second picture he is looking right at you and his eyes and nose are too cute. I love the white on his forehead. Tuppy-Second picture when he is coming out of the flowers. I love the black lines coming out of his eyes. And the white hair around his black nose is so cute! Toffee-Has a great name, it is perfect! I love the mixture of light browns and he has such tiny ears they are so cute! Trudy-HAs the crooked white line on her face, tiny adorable ears and her white and brown hair is so sweet on her. Tiny-Fits her well I love her colors and the hair that is white around her nose and mouth, so cute! Squirt-I LOVE the mixture of his color and the way that it is random, I love the black, white, brown and light brown. And the tounge picture is so sweet and adorable I also love how the body is white while the face is multi-colored! Ernie-His face is so cute and in the second picture he is looking right at you. I LOVE how he has a brown nose on light brown hair. He has a very cute white line leading down to his cute little nosey! Lucy is the adult dog with the black nose right? Well she reminds me of Happy on 7th Heaven. And Daisy is the white one with the brown nose. Angus looks like a proud grandpa, I love his colors and eyes! I want them all so bad. What mixture are they, they are ADORABLE! And this is remarkable photography, great job and what good clients!
Jan 2, 2007 MargoPego
They are all so precious! There's something very special to me about Trudy, though. To me, she's the sweetest of them all, but they're all adorable and worthy of admiration. :)
Jan 2, 2007 renee
Brings a smile o my face as I look at all these beautiful puppies. Each one is so special and has so much personality.
Jan 2, 2007 Arian
Oh my god it's a multicultural puppy family!!

That's so awesome :)
Jan 2, 2007 kippysmama
Jan 2, 2007 Cheryl
Squirt, Toffee, Trudy...oh nevermind, just give me the whole wonderful bunch. Such sweetness. It must have been such fun to have them all for a bit.
Jan 2, 2007 hbird2
that was fun! I want to see more!
all cute in different ways...
Jan 2, 2007 scobig
Three generations of oh-so-cute! Its too much! I need to lay down. Ernie is my favorite I think, just cause he is so fluffy and scrumptious! What fun to look at them all and 'pick one', I have to admit it took a while! haha. Thanks for sharing!
Jan 3, 2007 twinkelbelpeach
Your photos are wonderful and your pups are adorable. I love seeing the whole family. Thanks so much for posting these pics.
Jan 3, 2007 LoVe PuP
what kind of dogs are these i was looking everywhere but i asnt sure
Jan 3, 2007 raerae
heheh..i love how you stuck them all in pots or tree stumps for their portraits. nothing cuter than an animal trying to get un-stuck I always say!
Jan 3, 2007 SamsDad
MIXED BREEDS RULE!!!! Unbelivevably cute. Bet they're smart too! I love all dogs but "Mutts' are far and away my favorites
Jan 4, 2007 theaterchild246
I LUV THESE PUPPYS. these are probubly the cutest things in the whole world!!!! I want one! I love mutts mostly because i have 3 mutt dogs but these are SO CUTE. Luv it :-)
Jan 5, 2007 IHeartDogs
OMG they are all sooooooooo adorable! I want an Ernie!
Feb 19, 2007 Lydia
Amazing, they all look so different, but they're from the same litter. I think these are my favroite puppies on this site. I just can't decide which one's the cutest, and they're cute little names, and AHH!! I'm at a loss of adjectives to describe them. CUTE!!
Mar 9, 2007 Gloria
I have 3 Pom/Yorkies from the same litter and they all look very different! I'll see if I can figure out how to post them! Well done Lucy!!!
Apr 11, 2007 Lydia
Ahh! I just keep coming back to look at them!!
May 15, 2007 sylvanbliss
Diabetic shock is setting weet!!!

Great photography! Cute times seven plus eleven biscuits equals...what a good girl Lucy is!
May 15, 2007 sylvanbliss
Also, I've always wanted to name a dog Angus. Angus looks like an Angus to me. Beautiful dogs!
May 17, 2007 sandi
Gracious! they are all so adorable!!! It just takes my breath away-- all so different and all just as cute as can be.. Good job Lucy!-- I like grandma & grandpa also-- just and adorable family.
May 28, 2007 charrismo
wow...not only the puppies are cute but so are lucy and her parents...thats awesome....3 generations....what a sweet family...!!!
Jul 12, 2007 gill
All the pups are gorgeous. Well done Mum! What a handful.It must be fun time at your place! They are so cute and look like butter wouldn't melt. Their names suit them too. I'm worn out with 1 CKC who is just like a big kid, so can't imagine dinner time at you guys. Lots of biscuits to you all!
Jul 17, 2007 3dogmom
Oh my gosh. These pups are soooooooooo cute.
Aug 27, 2007 ceallaig
What a wonderful looking family!!! I have to choose Tiny as my favorite, just something about that spiky little face! I'm glad they've all found good homes, and hopefully will give their new parents many years of fun and games!
Jan 23, 2008 puppy*power
Soooooo cute
Jul 31, 2008 doggieaunt
Wow -- that's quite a passel of pups! Each one unique and each one adorable. I just liked this one (sorry, didn't look back for its name); it seems a bit perplexed, perhaps b/c s/he has so many siblings! ;-)
Jan 17, 2009 georgia04
It's impossible to choose a favorite from these little beauties. I only hope their new mommies and daddies spoil them rotten, as they deserve. Gorgeous babies.
Feb 22, 2009 PuppyCutey
Who does not like this little cutie she/he is just so cuuuuuuuuuuuuute!
Mar 3, 2009 nanaw
i love this dog
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