Lucy's Puppies

Puppy Breed: Unknown

Lucy's mom says: These are Lucy's puppies. All sorts, all shapes, all personalities... all so lovable. It looks like I raided the neighbourhood collecting pups, but no, it is one litter. How exciting! No trouble getting them mixed up!! We gave Ernie the nickname of Boof at the beginning, as he just looked like a boof. He is now our baby. The other six puppies have found great homes. Poppy Poppy Tuppy Tuppy Toffee Toffee Trudy Trudy Tiny Tiny Squirt Squirt Ernie Ernie Tiny, Poppy, Toffee, Ernie Poppy, Tuppy, Toffee Ernie, Toffee, Poppy Ernie, Poppy, Toffee, Squirt Tiny, Squirt, Toffee, Tuppy, Trudy, Poppy, Ernie Mom Lucy (center) with her parents Daisy and Angus Angus with Ernie and Toffee Ernie with the grown-ups