Lulu the Yorkie/Chihuahua Mix

Puppy Breed: Unknown

Lulu's mom says: Lulu may be tiny but she is bursting with personality. Whenever I come home from work, her short little tail is wagging rapidly and she showers with me kisses. When she gets excited, she runs circles around the living room, dragging her favorite toys along with her. Lulu follows me around our house and likes to take naps in my laundry basket. Her favorite stunt is jumping up onto the back of the couch and walking along the ledge, while scouting the ground below for something new to use for chewing. She is my only child and loves all of the attention I lavish onto her. She sleeps cuddled up in a ball right next to me in bed. Lulu makes me so very happy, and I absolutely love spoiling her every day!