Luna the French Bulldog

Puppy Breed: French Bulldog

Meet Luna Belle, a beautiful and feisty French Bulldog puppy. Though Luna can be a handful with her split personality, we still love her with all our hearts. Luna loves her belly rubs, showing off how smart she is, squirming around, playing at the dog park, and wrestling/beating up her older Frenchie brother, Roscoe. She will spend hours tussling with her brother over their favorite toy. Being half his size, she always seems to get the upper hand and take him down. Luna has bought so much joy to us and has enriched our lives. Her affection, playfulness and personality make up for all those puppy things she does. At the end of the day when she has settled down and is on our laps curled up next to her brother, we can't help but think how lucky we are to have such a great little puppy!