Luna the German Shepherd Mix

Puppy Breed: Australian Shepherd / Collie

Luna is a rescue dog from El Paso. She is believed to be a German shepherd / collie mix, and she was picked up wandering the streets alone. Since we adopted her, Luna has enjoyed many vacations that included trips to national forests and other landmarks, and she has made many friends along the way (mostly human). Luna is a very active and curious dog. She enjoys hiking, digging and exploring with her owners on the weekends, as well as playing fetch, and stealing articles of their clothing (socks are her favorite) when the opportunities arise. She is currently learning to be more friendly with other dogs at the dog park, but for now she's a scaredy dog. Aside from being a crazy pup, she is very smart, and learns tricks quickly. The one thing she can't seem to learn is not to dig holes! Luna loves children, and is very friendly toward all humans, but the real secret to gaining Luna's affection is goldfish (the snack cracker)!