Friday, July 11, 2014
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Apr 25, 2012 dogylvr
Luna is the cutest thing yet! What a wonderful puppy! I want one!
Apr 25, 2012 dogylvr
Oops! Forgot to pick my favorite picture to go with the cutest dog!
Apr 25, 2012 Jose
Luna you're sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute. I hope that you have a great life with lot's of love. Hugs and kisses to you.
Apr 25, 2012 supersonicecho
Luna, you sound like a little rascal! I bet you bring a ton of fun to your humans lives little guy. Best wishes and belly rubs :)
Apr 25, 2012 joolie boolie
Oh Luna, if I looked like you, I'd have a high opinion of myself too! You are just toooo gorgeous, what a cutie pie. Are you eating that feather, or is it just stuck to you? That happens to our Tibetan Joey, he always has something from the garden stuck in his fluffy fur! Have a life as sweet as your are Luna, you little cutie xx
Apr 25, 2012 goldenlover
Very cute puppy with great potential.
Apr 25, 2012 TEAM1429
LOVE the name (and the abbreviation!!)Gorgeous puppy......attitude makes her even cuter!!
Apr 25, 2012 amyliz
Luna, you are an adorable puppy with a great personality...why shouldn't you have a high opinion of yourself? But,honey, where is the rest of the bird that goes with that feather? :O) Many happy and healthy years to Luna!
Apr 25, 2012 Barbywhodares
Luna you look like butter wouldn't melt in your mouth however if your humans call you luna short for lunatic guess you are a little rascal. But a gorgous rascal.
Apr 25, 2012 thompsblt1
Too cute! My big guy loves flower pots too. Long and happy life to you with as much lunacy as you can provide for your lucky family.
Apr 25, 2012 longislander
I love that description, the devil in disguise LOL. She is way too cute, and obviously she knows it. She sounds like so much fun to have around, the little diva. I'm sure you enjoy this special precious puppy.
Apr 25, 2012 Missy's Mom
Luna-What a cutie patootie you are but you do have the devil in your eyes!!
Apr 25, 2012 Simon123
Luna, you are just soooooo adorable!
Apr 25, 2012 meganbooth
Luna I am in love!!!
Apr 25, 2012 daphne's mom
What a cutie! I hope you have many happy and healthy years together! Much love, many biscuits, and tons of cuddles for Luna!
Apr 25, 2012 MY1&onlyOREO
"Bird? what bird? I did not see no bird around" Such a cute pup; lots of belly rubs and hugs and kisses.
Apr 25, 2012 drakes' granny
Look what I found Mom!!! What is it? It tickles me!!! Luna is adorable with a cute as can be face. Full of energy like puppies are and always wanting to play. Keep her busy in the day and she'll want to cuddle at night.
Apr 25, 2012 Pupeluv
Hi, Luna, You have a beautiful curly coat. Your coat looks silky and soft...ready for a cuddle. Will it stay that way, or will you develop an outer, more bristly coat as you mature? Mom says that you're full of mischief....just as any respectable terrier should be!!! :-0 xoxoxo and lots of love, Cutie! May God alays bless your family and YOU! :-)
Apr 25, 2012 chelsearosebud
Of course this sweet baby has wrapped you around her paws! And why ever not? Glad she's brought so much joy and energy to your family.
Apr 25, 2012 veronica
so cute. x
Apr 25, 2012 bogeyismrsept
Yes Luna is a true terrier! Beautiful, but watch out or she will be bossing you around!
Apr 25, 2012 tink'smom
Yep, first thing this morning I caught that bald eagle who swooped down at me thinking I was gonna be his breakfast. Guess I showed him. Next I repotted a few of mom's flowers, then I had a roll in a pile of particularly pungent squirrel pellets. After playing ball and going on a hike, I think it may be time for a little nap. Naw.....I have to live up to my name! LUNAtic. So cute, baby. XXXX
Apr 25, 2012 poochies=love
Soooooooooo cute! Your bio is just adorable. What a fun pup!
Apr 25, 2012 virgilsmama
Luna definitely has diva potential, what a beauty! Congratulations on your special day!
Apr 25, 2012 PalmerSangel
Luna looks like a big dog in this pic of her
Apr 25, 2012 The Raven
Luna, did you just eat a bird, and that is all that is left over? OR are you practicing smoking? Either way, you are a big silly!
Apr 25, 2012 pupfanatic
Funniest darn thing ever: Luna short for "lunatic!" Bwahhh!! Did you explain that to her?
Apr 25, 2012 lucybee
Any girl as cute as you deserves to be a diva!
Apr 25, 2012 Abiglen
An abundance of confidence and as cute as can be; you sound like the "perfect" puppy, Luna. :) ox ox ox
Apr 25, 2012 clemency
Awww, little Luna, you are so cute I refuse to believe that you are the devil in disguise!!! :o)
Apr 25, 2012 JanW
Luna, you would definitely have me wrapped around your little paws, too....what a cutie you are! Love and tummy rubs to you with wishes for a long and wonderful life, little one!
Apr 25, 2012 patrick58
Kerry blue terrier! Looks like a cross between a scotty and a poodle! Luna, you've crossed over the highest cuteness factor! I am so happy you have your home and a wonderful life. But I cannot help but want you myself!
Apr 25, 2012 Scamp's Grammy
Luna, love your curls & the sandy chin. Sounds like you make every day a challenge. Wishes for a healthy & happy life with lots of snuggles & treats from Scamp's Grammy.
Apr 25, 2012 vorner
What a little bundle of love and curls! Have a wonderful life, darling Luna! XOXOXO
Apr 25, 2012 Jakesmum53
Luna what a cutie you are! I see you have quite the personality! I know you bring great jo to your family and are truly loved. Loads of love and kisses to you and your family! :-)
Apr 25, 2012 DebforNow
who's the pretty girl?
Apr 25, 2012 piobaire
She looks like a little stuffed animal with black button eyes. I'd be wrapped around her little paws too.
Apr 25, 2012 gypsyrobin
What a perfect little girl! Great description, too....
Apr 25, 2012 leepem
Luna you are as bold as brass. Look out Mum this one's gonna be fun!
Apr 25, 2012 Dagra7
What an adorable Kerry Blue! They are a lovely breed, and it would be nice to see more of them around!
Apr 25, 2012 molly's mom
Luna aka Lunatic ........too funny..what a sweetie!!!!
Apr 25, 2012 doreendixon
Lucky you!!! Kerry Blues are delightful! Luna's a sweetheart!
Apr 25, 2012 coonhoundmama
What a little sweetheart! Behind those impish eyes is a brain spinning onto the next activity. What shall it be? Shall I put something pretty into the flower pot or should I take something out? She does look like a barrel of fun. Many happy healthy years ahead for Luna and her furpals with treats and adventures. She's a little whirlwind diva. Good for her! HAPPY 4 MONTH BIRTHDAY!!
Apr 25, 2012 mychiensr1
Okay, I totally agree with your humans....Who can say " No" to this face, can you? Nobody can....or you are going to be like that poor bird in Luna's mouth, haha, I'm just kidding! Lunatic is the cutest!
Apr 25, 2012 civerson
Adorable. A cutey like that deserves to strut what she's got.
Apr 25, 2012 tzumom
Luna, you are such a to get yourself notice I hear. Lots of love and tummy rubs cutie pie.
Apr 26, 2012 guerrero's grandma
poooohph ... who me? no, I didn't eay the bird, why do you ask? Luna, you are a gorgeous girl! I love your curly coat, it looks sooooo soft... I could cuddle you all day long! Long & Happy & Healthy Life to you sweetie pie
Apr 27, 2012 abitothat
Apr 29, 2012 Judith Cox
She looks like she is a hoot! What an adorable pup! Enjoy forever!
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