Sunday, April 20, 2014
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Jul 5, 2006 Ally
so precious!
Jul 5, 2006 Kne-ke
Very, very, VERY cute! And I love what Macs' Pops has to say. Quite funny!
Jul 5, 2006 mollymiller
Oh my GAWD. I think I need to go get myself one of these.
Jul 5, 2006 Arian
my friend got a schnauzer puppy when we were 14 (this was 9 years ago) and he couldn't walk down the steps into the loungeroom without falling down.

He was so cute, and your little man reminds me of him. So beautiful and such an expressive face!
Jul 5, 2006 Elit Alice
and............ can i see more pics of the pink panther please? :D
*loves plush toys*
Jul 5, 2006 puppyluver
wicked cute! he looks worth getting up at four am!!!
Jul 5, 2006 Skwerly
I love how all Schnauzers look like little old men...the whiskers just kill me! :D
Jul 5, 2006 mamasobuco
He's so cute!
Jul 5, 2006 Julia
Schnauzers do have the wizened look of salty old sea captains. I feel like they could spin some yarns about the lore of the sea.

I have a black lab/schnauzer mix, and he looks like a dark Luck Dragon (from the Never-Ending Story) when he puts his head out of the car window.
Jul 5, 2006 bethany
He is very very very very very very very very vety very very very cute.
Jul 5, 2006 El, Shads & Peasy
Too cute! And the one with that little pink tongue sticking out is my fave (Mac doing it is even cuter than my 2 doing it!)
Jul 5, 2006 Amber-s mom
What a sweetheart. He has such a cute face.
Jul 5, 2006 Buckle
'kinell Dave you getting softer by the minute. I'll send Mike round to tune you in!!!
Jul 6, 2006 anonymous
Mac is a heart-stealer. OMG, cuteness overload!
Jul 7, 2006 puppyluv22
haha pretty cute...he looks like a little stuffed animal
Jul 7, 2006 Diana and Nico.

Marc looks So happy and sweet!!!!!

Lots of hugs for him!!!!!
Jul 9, 2006 Sammy
Jul 10, 2006 Lisa
Very cute can i have him.
Jul 29, 2006 Susan in the Land of Oz
Tooooo cute!!! My heart just melts whenever I see a Miniature Schnauzer, I have had two in my lifetime, they are wonderfully smart and loving dogs!! Thank you for sharing your precious little Mac with us!!
Jul 29, 2006 Dog-tarded!
I think he needs me!
Aug 7, 2006 Baxter-s Mommy, Lindsay :-)
awwwwwww is all i can say
Aug 21, 2006 ellie
she's gawjus!!!!
Aug 22, 2006 By Jessie
veeeeeerrrrrrrry cute
Sep 1, 2006 groomerWI
omg i'm dying of cuteness!!!!
Sep 3, 2006 gracie
I love all the pictures, how cute is that face. i would agin if I could.
Sep 5, 2006 puppy lovers
i have too of them and the girl one
just had puppys also my grandpa
just got a newone and it looks just
Sep 5, 2006 esteefania
i cant describe his lil cutie because mac is a mini schnauzer.
Sep 6, 2006 Ellen
Oh My! This reminds me of my Charlie, which I had to put down. I want another one.
Sep 14, 2006 Naomi
Schnauzer's are the best!

Abby Schnauzer
Ottawa, Ontario
Sep 15, 2006 Lisa the rose and I wondered where my little pink panther got to!
http://www.scottysbo utique....
Sep 25, 2006 iminlove
how cute can you get!!! this is one of the cutest dogs that ive seen so far!!!! seems a bit of a handfull exspecially with waking up at 4!!!!:) love him!!!!
Sep 27, 2006 crazyLeah
what a cute little thing. he looks so squishable!
Oct 7, 2006 What up
gosh this is the cutest dog EVER


Oct 9, 2006 cool person
I LOVE DOGS!!! Who wouldn't love dogs u would have to be insane to not love dogs. I even know someone who is ilergic to dogs and she still loves them. She just takes allergie pills.
Oct 9, 2006 pickle
chrissy [ aka banana] is a poop but she smells like fart [silent but deadly] and her friend mel [aka pickle] thinks shes a weirdo\ dork!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oct 9, 2006 pickle
banana has horrible dance moves!!!!
Oct 9, 2006 banana
all the things pickle said about me are not true. And her dance moves are just as bad as mine. And her farts.... trust me you don't want to go there.
And she's weirder than me, and I'm pretty weird.By the way Mac is adorable. I have a mini schnauzer 2
Oct 9, 2006 pickle
Dont even try to go there she is a big LIER she smells like well i cant even come pair it to anything because it smells so bad nothing smells as bad or worse besides her arm pits WOOOOOOO u can smell it even a 1,000,000,00o miles away and dont get me started about all the other stuff cause all i can say is she is a LIERRRRRR!!!!!!
Oct 9, 2006 banana and pickle
all that stuff is not true
Oct 9, 2006 pickle
YEAH RIGHT!!!!! She forced me to put that all that stuff is so TRUE. Except the stuff about me of course. HAHAHAHA!!!!!!
Oct 25, 2006 Dee
I love schnauzers, I have a 4 week old litter right now, they are so smart, and another great thing about them is they do not shed.
Nov 9, 2006 shmuleyschnauzers
Gorgeous puppy! Take him on a lot of walks and be a strong, calm pack leader to him- iside your home and then outside he will listen much better. I made the mistake of letting my more dominant mini schnauzer rule me to much inside (starting as a pup) because he was and is so adorable) and it's not worth it. Dogs instinctively want a calm stable strong pack leader all the time and its going to have to be the human (who can buy and cook food and unlock the front door and lead the walks, and knows to dodge the oncoming cars and not chase them, you know what i mean?) I bet this guy loves walks. He's super cute. Their personalities are the greatest of pretty much any dog I've yet to know (in my own opinion) and I've worked with many. Although they need a lot of early dog -to -dog and human socialization or can become more aggressive-ish beacause of the guard-dog in them- which is what happened ot one of mine. They are so in tune which human feelings though, so beautiful and smart and need much companionship. Whatever you put into your relationship will be directly evident in what you get back. Blessings.
Nov 14, 2006 Sarah
OMG.....I love your dog i have one just like it..... exept mine is offense i still think your dog is cute.....well G2G....Bye....Bye.....luv ya
Nov 28, 2006 Jesse and me
Just adorable I have a 4 yr old boy. His name is Jesse, I would love toget another dog, Curious If he would be ok with that.
Mar 11, 2007 cookies176
[color=green] i have a miniature schnauzer too! [/color]
Mar 28, 2007 DawgsROCKmySocks


*baby talk*
Apr 29, 2007 vllybllstar
i want his bunny!
and his flower!
He is just like my puppy. Only that he is a pirhanna puppy. Other than that, he is a good puppy who loves everyone and enjoys life. He is also 4 months. Enjoy the puppy stage for he will not be a puppy for ever. Your dog is so preciuous.
Jun 28, 2007 carcar
~He is the cutest Schnauzer I ever saw! Is he for sale?~ ~LOL~
Jul 15, 2007 gunslinger
What a cute pup. We got our first Schnauzer roughly a year ago, and he's a great dog. We have trouble finding toys he can't destroy though, he has jaws of steel. The Hurley and Kong toys are the only ones that can hold up to him. They are truly wonderful dogs.
Jul 18, 2007 dantelm
Aww! I have a baby schnauzer named Mac too. Your's is absolutely adorable and the photos are fantastic!
Jul 20, 2007 pupaholic
i luv the pic with the flower!
Jan 5, 2008 lfigel
aw, what a doll! can i have him? haha, just kidding, but he sure is a keeper!
Feb 8, 2008 looploop321
what an adowable puppy so scrumptious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Feb 26, 2009 nickjfan4eva123
aww so cute
Jun 20, 2010 springlion
luv this pic!
Jan 18, 2013 Frances016
What a little sweetheart.
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