Zelda the Mixed Breed

Puppy Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier / Jack Russell Terrier

Hi, my name is Zelda and I'm the luckiest puppy in the world. My mom rescued me from the shelter. She picked me because I look just like my big brother, Arrow. Arrow and I love to wrestle when I'm awake. Mom says I'm a Jack Pit as in she hit the "jack pit" when she found me. I'm kind of a lazy puppy. Mom says that's my "Pitty" part, but when I'm crazy at night she says that's my "Jack" coming out. I love to help my mom teach people how to train their dogs. She says I'm a great "demo" dog because I'm so smart. She also says I'm going to be her agility dog. I like that idea since I love the A-frame.