Madden the Mixed Breed

Puppy Breed: Dachshund / Poodle / Jack Russell Terrier

Madden is one of the tiniest little dogs I ever saw. I never wanted a small dog, but I fell in love and absolutely had to have her. She cracks me up, picking on her feline sisters, running around in circles, waking me up from a nap with puppy kisses. I don't think I could possibly ask for a better puppy. At ten weeks old, she is mostly housebroken, sits on command (most of the time), and is a perfect cuddly little buddy. She loves car rides, her stuffed animals (along with some stuffed animals she has stolen from my bed), bones, and her puppy treats. She is an odd little combination, of toy poodle, Jack Russell terrier, and miniature dachshund. Everywhere we go, people stop to ask what kind of dog she is.