Madden the Rottweiler

Puppy Breed: Rottweiler

Madden's mom says: Madden is an AKC registered Rottweiler puppy that we drove to Alabama to purchase. Madden is about 10weeks old now and he can sit, come, and lie down. He is very loving, caring, and intelligent, but can be a stubborn little boy at times when things do not go his way. What else could be expected though from a young child. He loves playing with toys and trying to crawl on your lap at the same time. He enjoys being outside, rolling around in the grass, and will sometimes even sit on the back step looking out, as to be guarding the house. He usually does not want to go into the backyard until he sees that you are putting on your coat to go along with him. He looks like a little bear, but is growing very fast. Madden loves napping all over the house... whether it''s upside down on his back, stretched out, or with his head propped up on his teddy bear. He also likes to make you think that he has not been fed, because I think he could eat all day long. When getting his food ready, he likes to sit there, looking up at you as if he is saying hurry up already. I think Rottweilers are great family dogs, protective, loyal, and intelligent.S ometimes certain breeds will have a bad reputation, but any breed can be a great dog when raised correctly and when they have been given the proper training.