Thursday, July 24, 2014
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Feb 23, 2008 SleepingPuppiesRock
That is one cute sleeping puppy.
Feb 23, 2008 djmc
Oh mom what did I do now? Love the picture , He is soooo cute. Love puppies and puppy kisses. I know you will enjoy your baby , hugs and kisses to Madden, 11 biscuits
Feb 23, 2008 ppylvr103
Madden is such a precious cuddly looking puppy!!! Lots of belly rubs!!! 11 biscuits for sure!
Feb 23, 2008 GoldenLove12
Okay, I very rarely comment on pictures.. I always look but somethign truly special has to catch my eye for me to comment on the pictures.

Madden is absolutely adorable. I love Rottweilers, and I hate the image they get. Look at the little puppy paws =]]] I hope to see some grown up pictures on here of little Madden! I love her already!! Give her lots of hugs and kisses and ear scratchies for me!
Feb 23, 2008 Jeckle
I don't comment very often either, but Madden is adorable!!! I had the hardest time choosing my favorite pic!
I agree that rotties get a bad rap, I grew up with a sweetheart of a rot named Daisy that belonged to a family friend. She actually saved a little boy (not even her family) from an attack by an aging German Shepherd that was going blind and he accidentally spooked. She was always a great dog with anyone, especially us kids!
Feb 23, 2008 LuvPups

I'm just a widdle guy, and very silly and uncoordinated. I'm really very
cute but a couple of these pics my mom posted make me look like
the dogs from the Omen. But really I'm a sweet little boy, sometimes
I try to figure things out and I get this intense glare on my face that
people mistake for "I want to eat you, and if I was big, you better scram!" This pic shows the real me...
Feb 23, 2008 sylvanbliss
Cute! Madden probably can't fit under this piece of furniture anymore. He's going to grow in leaps and bounds!
Feb 23, 2008 kwikwitz
I don't think I've ever seen a Rottie pup -- how cute and little Madden was just a few short weeks ago -- betcha he's growing up fast. What a little comedian, especially when he sleeps.
Feb 23, 2008 yujismom
madden dear, be sure to find all of the treats under the drawers now before you cant even get your nose under there!
Feb 23, 2008 mahogany
I love Rotties and Madden is adorable! What a face. I am looking at a grown up Rottie now, mine.. and remembering when she looked like Madden. They are great dogs and I will always have one, as I have already owned 3. Enjoy your precious little bear... kisses and hugs to Madden.. and 12 biskits!
Feb 23, 2008 pamperedpooch
i love Rotties so much, i thin they are adorable. many people see them as bloodthirsty beasts, but if anyone has eyes then they can plainly see, how gorgeously, soppy Madden is. he could never hurt a fly, even if he tried to.

he is going to be a big boy but very cuddly xx
Feb 23, 2008 Maywee
Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! My absolute favorite! I love this breed and you have a gorgeous pup! Rotti's do get a bad rap...bad humans not bad dogs! Lots of Puppy kisses and hugs!
Feb 23, 2008 whoopiwho
I just love Rotti's. He is so cute!! My sister -n-law has been rescuing Rotti's for 15yrs now and they are the most gentle, loyal, loving breed you will come across!! Give Madden lots of hugs and Kisses!! 11 biscuits.
Feb 23, 2008 lisaivey
I normally pick a sleeping puppy picture as my fave, but this one is too adorable! Madden's all like, "Honest, mommy, I don't know ANYTHING about all the shredded toilet paper in the bathroom!" Enjoy him!
Feb 23, 2008 kas
LOVE HIM! Makes me miss my rottie - lost him to cancer last spring. No one will ever love you as much as your rottie. I wish you many happy years.
Feb 23, 2008 pamperedpooch
this picture is just the cutest i have ever seen, his owners are very lucky to have such a darling
Feb 23, 2008 pamperedpooch
this is the picture i am talking about
Feb 23, 2008 bopeep
Madden is one cute guy. I know Rotties get a bad rap, but if raised properly they are like gentle giants. Many happy years with this guy. Hugs, kisses and 11 biscuits from Kansas.
Feb 23, 2008 goldenlover
" Mom, please stay near me when I am around children, at least until I'm two. I'm a dog, Mom, and somtimes I can't tell which is who or what. Also, make me real happy and adopt a pal for me. thanks, Mom."
Feb 23, 2008 molly's mom
What a cutie!!!!Going to be a big boy....yup!!!
Feb 23, 2008 DaveyDog
I've only met 3 rotties in my life, and only 2 up close. Both females, they were love-bugs and very, very well behaved. I completely agree with your take that the doggies are perfect, it's the humans who need work.
I've posted here a lot recently as we're all about puppies at my house these days. Our puppy #7 from our 16 lb. mini-schnauzer/poodle/spaniel-ish rescue girlie looks exactly like Madden right down to the blue eyes!! She's only 4 weeks old now, but imagine my surprise to see that little one emerge from a curly, black momma!! We call our baby "Rolo" for obvious reasons. I'm sure she won't be a big girl, but I'm thinkin' her momma may have had a date with a rottweiler before we adopted her!
Feb 23, 2008 maddie's mom
madden is so cute, it's nice to see a different breed. he looks gentle and sweet. rotties are great family dogs and super with kids.
Feb 23, 2008 zoerosesmom
What a little sweetie! I agree with DaveyDog - it's the humans who need work. I hate it when people associate only bad things with great, loving creatures. Madden is absolutely adorable - wishing you many happy years together! Many tummy rubs and biscuits sweet little boy!
Feb 23, 2008 paws4thought
[color=red] I love rotties so much, got one at home called Sonny and they are the most loveable breed you can ever find.....well almost but i have many dogs so i can't really say that but i know how gentle and cuddly they are.

They are big dogs, and they have a bit of a bad reputation, but each dog is different and it depends most on the owner.

Love you loads Madden[/color]
[b] [color=pink]X[/color] [color=red]O[/color][color=pink]X[/ color] [color=red]O[/color][/b]
Feb 23, 2008 Sasafras56
Madden looks too innocent here. I have never seen a Rott puppy before so I love seeing these pictures. My neighbor had a 80-100lb boy that was a loving playful guy! Yes they can be stubborn but as sweet as they are they get away with it. Enjoy your baby- those paws really say "I'm gonna be a big boy -get ready!"
Feb 23, 2008 ppylovr34
awww this puppy is soooooooo adorable!!! I want to cuddle him sooooooooooooo bad!!!
Feb 23, 2008 Mummm
Oh what a cute little *bear*. Madden looks like a really sweet fella.
Feb 23, 2008 Rebel6
Finally - a rottie puppy! He's is absolutely adorable, and those eyes!! Rotties are truly sweethearts... very very fun, loyal & loving... and very protective... I miss mine terribly still after 3 years. All the best to you & Madden... and be prepared... when he is full grown he'll still think he is a lap dog! Tons of butt scratches & belly rubs!
Feb 23, 2008 jbroy
He is soooo cute. Hope he didnt fall off the couch!!!!!!
Feb 23, 2008 RonDog
Very well written. Just like children, all doggies are wonderful and need to be loved. He's a handsome fellow for sure. Many happy and healthy years to you!
Feb 23, 2008 Cissy
I've helped raise 5 rotties from birth, they are such sweeties!
Feb 23, 2008 megg
[color=hotpink] Hello Madden!
I'm so glad you shared your precious little baby boy with us! I am officially aware of something, and my opinion has totally changed and turned! Rottweilers are officially the cutest puppies. Ever.
I mean, looooook how cute Madden is! He makes me want one so bad, I just want to grab him through the computer and give him a friendly hug. As if I'd ever let go.
Madden looks so innocent in this picture, >>>>>>>>> ;>>>
I mean in the picture I faved. How could you resist him?
Oh, no, he does't look like a bear! He looks like an adorable bear. ;o)
Yeah, I was always misunderstanding big dogs that sometimes look agressive, but they're just treated wrong. You can so totally tell that Madden is definitely NOT treated bad, but he's very much treated correctly.
11 well earned buscuits, XOXOXO's, good luck wishes and blessings!
PS Madden is now my new favorite puppy everrr on this website.[/color]
Feb 23, 2008 dogzrock
I had a real hard time choosing the page fav - but I think this one coz its such a typical Rotty look! Madden looks georgeous and well socialised and oh so naughty! I'm a Rott person myself - have had 3 already and plan to keep loads more. If you've ever had a Rott nothing else ever really matches up - and yes, they need a strong, gentle and steady hand but they make every moment precious. I hope you have many fab years together. All the very best to you and the biggest bear hugs to Madden (he will sure be a great armful to hug in a couple of months!) :)
A gazillion biscuits and a million kisses.
Feb 23, 2008 Glorybe
"I don't know why everyone is so upset.....I PUT THE ARM OF THE COUCH BACK ON!" hahahahah What a dear, sweet puppy. And VERY handsome. I want to reach through the monitor again and give Madden a big hug and smooch.

I wish you all many many loving, memorable years with Madden. Bless you precious boy.
Feb 23, 2008 ssorge
Oh My God! Madden is the cutest! I love those paws. He is going to be a big boy. ENJOY AND LOTS OF KISSES AND HUGS FROM ME.
Feb 23, 2008 mling
I love all the pictures so it was hard to choose! Madden looks like a sweet teddy bear!
Feb 23, 2008 Tuna's_Mom
Absolutely beautiful puppy. She'll become a strikingly gorgeous dog in a year or so!
Feb 23, 2008 pauz4paws
You are one handsome fella Madden! I am sure I would just cuddle you to's a big smooch for you (mmmwah!). We're wishing you many healthy, happy loving years from our critter camp here in Florida. xoxo (also 11 biscuits for you big boy)
Feb 23, 2008 Tuna's_Mom
Oops. Typo. It's a boy right? Sorry.
Feb 23, 2008 lotsadoghair
I've always been a sucker for the brown spots above the eyes! Have fun growing into those big, padded feet. . .
Feb 23, 2008 pupsrule
I love rotties and Madden is a gorgeous example of the breed. You will have a loving and loyal friend for life. Lucky you and Lucky Madden. Wishing him tons of love and biscuits.
Feb 23, 2008 meyekidsrgr8
Your "baby" is adorable. Rotties are some of the sweetest dogs I've ever met.
Feb 23, 2008 paws4thought
[color=red] Hiya Madden! >>>>>>>>> ;>>>>>

Rottie pups are THE cutest puppies. Got a Rottie of my own. Everyone misunderstands Rotties. When you have one of your own, then you realise how stupid people are being. They do have a bad reputation but not all dogs are like that.

Espescially not you Madden! <3

When you buy a Rottie it is guaranteed that you will have a life long loving and loyal companion.
You are very lucky people to have such an amazing breed of dog and one with such a character.
Have a great time Madden & Family.[/color]

[b][color=pink]X[/color][color= red]O[/color][color=pink]X[/color][ color=red]O[/color][/b]
Feb 23, 2008 FRITZY
I am a small dog owner....but living in the city many people have and love their Rotties. When trained, these dogs are sweet!!! I love this photo because I am wondering just how long Madden will be able to lay like this....soon he will have to use the entire sofe because he will get so big. Where will his humans sit then? Madden is very cute!!! :)
Feb 23, 2008 RottieLuver0918
Madden is simply adorable. I have a Rottie myself, and they are truly the best dogs out there. I know you will enjoy that little cutie. 11 biscuits for sure!
Feb 23, 2008 IDdoghouse
Rotties Rule! We have had 2 but didn't get them as puppies. (adopted) This is adorable! We love this loyal, intelligent, steadfast breed!! Much happiness to you all.
Feb 23, 2008 Puppyluver59
[b] [color=aqua] Awww. Look at that sweet little face! I totally agree when you say that any breed can be a great dog when they're raised and trained properly. Madden is an adorable "little" guy. Enjoy him! 11 biscuits. [/color] [b] ;)
Feb 23, 2008 Puppyluver59
[b] [color=aqua] Awww. Look at that sweet little face! I totally agree when you say that any breed can be a great dog when they're raised and trained properly. Madden is an adorable "little" guy. Enjoy him! 11 biscuits. [/color] [/b] ;)
Feb 23, 2008 Puppyluver59
[b] [color=pink] <3 [/color] [/b]
Feb 23, 2008 DogyLvr
A wonder boy for sure!
Feb 23, 2008 gmc97
Absolutely adorable! I have a 9 year old rotti, she is the biggest baby. These pictures brought back a lot of memories from when she was a pup (she still acts like one). Those eyes just melt your heart and will for many years to come. Enjoy!
Feb 23, 2008 4pupmom
I have a Rott/Chow mix and he was just this cute as a puppy. Madden you are such a little doll I love the pic with all the toys. He's saying, " Yes, these are all MINE"
Feb 23, 2008 Terry C
I can honestly say I have never met a bad Rottie or pit bull.

Any dog can be bad if he or she is not socialized enough or trained correctly.

Madden is absolutely gorgeous.
Feb 23, 2008 Terry C
Now, come on.

HOW can ANYONE deny THAT face ANYTHING?????
Feb 23, 2008 Terry C
4pupmom: That sounds like such an interesting mix. A family who used to live in my neigborhood had a pit bull/Chow mix and she was such a sweet dog.

When I lived in Philadelphia, I knew a family who had Chinese Shar Pei/Rottie mix. Huge dog, completely golden color. Looked like a golden Rottie with wrinkles.
Feb 23, 2008 nash5081
I just had to comment, because every picture was cuter then the previous one. He is a "Little Cutie Bear" Does your face hurt from smiling at him all the time? Many happy years of smiles to you and Madden. ADD 11 BISCUITS TO THE PILE !
Feb 23, 2008 lucyny2000
Thank you all for posting my favorite breed puppy here! Hello, Madden! I can never ever past by a Rottweiler without stoping for "hello", which usually starts with a pet and ends up with a kiss. They are such teddy bears! Trusting, cuddling, and loyal! I had never met a bad temper Rottweiler! I have 2 dogs now( a Springer-Lab mix and a Beagle), both rescued by me, and I cannot afford another one right now. But I always say that before I die, I will have at least one Rottie of my own!
11 biscuits to your hundsom Alabama boy, many years of happy and healthy life, and please, give him a big smoooochy kiss for me! Thank you
Feb 23, 2008 adamaris
Feb 23, 2008 Tracy Kemmer
Madden you are so darn cute. I love Rotties!
Feb 23, 2008 snuh
AWWW! he's so devorable! thanx for featuring some little big dogs! big dogs need big hugs!
Feb 23, 2008 Tuna's_Mom
I must say again how adorable this little guy is...
but I also wanted to say that there's a [color=red} cool other pet site [/color] (trust me, it's completely risk-free) that is just starting and needs some people to check it out to get it going. It's a site where you can send in pictures of [i]ANY[/i] animal, along with a short story... Like this awesome Daily Puppy, but for all pets. It's called "http://www.allyourad orablep...". Please check it out and tell your friends!
Feb 23, 2008 Tuna's_Mom
I meant to put "cool other pet site" in red... let me try again - [color=red] cool other pet site [/color]
Feb 23, 2008 puppy*power
he's so adoreable. I love it when his head is off the couch
Feb 23, 2008 durangosage
Madden is so cute!!! The pictures of him sleeping are the best! Have a great and happy life.
Feb 23, 2008 Yourmomsage
Absolutely precious!!!!!
Feb 23, 2008 denawolves
Wow Madden has learned so much at 10 weeks! I had to laugh when you said he only likes to go out when you go with him- that's how all my dogs have been potty trained! Rain or shine, midnight or 5 a.m., that's how you start with them and then they just think that's how it's done! Of course he's still a baby, that'll change soon enough!
Feb 23, 2008 Quila'smom
Madden is the cutest thing! Hugs and a trillion biscuits to him!
Feb 23, 2008 cjc
Oh my goodness! What a cutie. He looks like he will be a good protector and a good friend. These are great pictures. Have fun with your new friend.
Feb 23, 2008 lkaspin
"You can't get me!" Offer Madden a biscuit and he'll be out of there in no time! :-)
AWWW on those peanut butter eyebrows...
Feb 23, 2008 sue
hes sooooooooooo cute
Feb 23, 2008 JulianaN
[color=purple][b]I think you're going to need a much bigger couch - and soon!!! Madden is very very cute indeed. Many happy years to all of you. You might want to consider stock in dog food companies too....haha![/color][/b]
Feb 23, 2008 SASSY'S DAD
Years ago we had a Rottweiler/Collie/Chow mix named Bear. (Picture Madden with a very thick double coat) Bear was with us for 14 years. He was a great big teddy bear with the nearly everyone he met. He was the most intuitive pup. If he met someone, and didn't care for them, he would avoid them. He would make us aware of his feelings. HE WAS ALWAYS RIGHT... Madden has the same look that Bear had. Lucky you! Many happy years and best wishes
Feb 23, 2008 Lovethempuppies
"Mom, I'm sooo bored!
Enjoy your Madden!
Feb 23, 2008 LabMommy
"Mom, toys make me soooo tired!"

Madden is so cute...and nothing like the Omen, unless it is and omen that is will be the cutest Rottie ever!

Feb 23, 2008 pooh91158
I LOVE Rotties!!! I have an 8 yr. old Rottie girl, Esther, and have had two Rottie boys in the past. They are the BEST dogs!!! All these pictures were just too cute, but I went with this one.... we call this having "bat ears" at our house.

I was so glad to see all your great photos of Madden. Brought back memories of when mine were puppies.

He's a real cutie!!
Feb 23, 2008 lgrundmann
I used 2 have a rottie called Jackson, he was cute, stubborn & food focused. As a puppy he was adorable just like Madden, his paws to big for his body. When he was older I called him brother bear after the movie. He was a gentle giant, very loving & loyal 2 his family. We miss him very much, as he is now in the big bone in the sky.
He always has a place in my heart. Lgrundmann
Feb 23, 2008 PIPPIN
Hello Madden, I am just so happy to see your Rottie face. I thought, "finally, a Rottie pup". You are beautiful and so much like our 8 year old girl, who also had, and can still have, a stubborn streak, and adores food too. Your family is so lucky to have you and may you never have cruciate ligament problems. Your parents will learn how to towel-walk you if you do! Many big cuddles to you Madden.
Feb 23, 2008 carriebabixo
Such a cutie, take care and enjoy Madden!!
Feb 23, 2008 gryffindor1971
one word...


I wanna hog all the puppy kisses and the puppy belly rubs!!! a gadzillion biscuits! so hard to pick a favorite!!! He's so dang cute!!!
Feb 23, 2008 taniamorse85
I don't comment often either, but I LOVE rottweilers! Madden is absolutely adorable. Even though I chose this picture as my favorite, I had a lot of trouble choosing between this one and the other one on the couch. 11 biscuits and many belly rubs!
Feb 23, 2008 Old Duffer
Gotta love those Rotties!! We have two. Our oldest one was an abused puppy when we got her, and she has personality problems from it, but she's sweet and loving with us. The younger one is just as sweet and loving, but she'll allow no one on our property until we have demonstrated they are welcome. You couldn't ask for a better protector than a Rottie! They are large, strong, stubborn, protective, loving, and sweet. We will love ours until the day they die, and a very sad day that will be! Enjoy your little Madden; he's adorable!!
Feb 23, 2008 ceo
Certainly has the trademark sad puppy face down pat! I just want to him! :)
Feb 24, 2008 LucyB
I'm not sure what I like so about his picture,but he is absolutely irresistable in it.What a precious little bear cub he is!
Feb 24, 2008 katiecrow
I have a rottie/chowchow mix. She is a gorgeous red color, like a chow chow, but she is built like rottie. I rescued her...someone dumped her..she was about 15 mos. old and weighed only 30 pounds. Within just a few weeks, she weighed 60 pounds. Watch your baby's weight...rotties love to eat and can get chubby fast. My girl is so similar in temperment as yours, very reserved with guests, but also very polite. However no one can come into my bedroom at night..I feel very safe!! You are going to enjoy your puppy, I am sure. They are great family dogs. And your pictures are great. What a magnificient animal.
Feb 24, 2008 katiecrow
Got one more comment. I don't know if you have ever had a rottie before, but like all large, heavy dogs, they can have trouble with sleeping on the floor. Be sure to get a thick pad of some sort that will ease the weight of the joints on hard flooring. My girl sleeps on a covered foam mattress that is about 5 inches thick.
Feb 24, 2008 katiecrow
Got one more comment. I don't know if you have ever had a rottie before, but like all large, heavy dogs, they can have trouble with sleeping on the floor. Be sure to get a thick pad of some sort that will ease the weight of the joints on hard flooring. My girl sleeps on a covered foam mattress that is about 5 inches thick.
Feb 24, 2008 dogsrule
My Cute-o-meter just when off the charts! :)

What a darling little guy! I'd hug and kiss him all day long!
Feb 24, 2008 werleybird
I agree with everyone else, Madden is adorable & I'm sure he will grow up to be as sweet as he looks now. It's also true that there are no bad breeds, just bad people. Any dog can be nasty without being treated with love. Many happy years with Madden and lots of kisses on that adorable nose.
Feb 24, 2008 Punky
What a tough guy -- sleeping with his toy monkey! He's an absolute sweetheart and I'm sure he'll stay that way! I've never had a bad experience with this breed and I believe it's because they've had wonderful owners like Madden's mom. Please keep us updated on Madden and send in his grown-up pictures!
Feb 24, 2008 jaccikay
Madden is a sweet little guy...yes, he looks pretty healthy, too! He loves Mom's cooking. Madden is a lucky boy and deserves your great care. God Bless you all with love, health, and happiness.
Feb 24, 2008 dreamcouture375
she has such adorable colors on her face! i love how her ears flop down. 11 biscuits!
Feb 24, 2008 Warrior Princess
Madden! My My you are a Handsome young man!!! Your Mommy & Daddy did great! I bet you are really going to be a big bear of a Rottie! (the Best kind!) Good job Mom & Dad! You are so lucky to have and appreciate such a beautiful pup! Be Blessed, hope to see Madden in the future as he progresses!
Feb 24, 2008 chrismac02
11+ biscuts, reminds me of my dog Teddy when he sleeps on his side. Big paws are fun too!!
Feb 25, 2008 Posh Tater
Soooooo cute! Love rotties, they are adorable family dogs. Have bags of fun with this great man.
Feb 25, 2008 my_stoney_baby
Oh my! So adorable! I love rotties!
Feb 25, 2008 clemency
Awwwww! He is too cute napping with his toys!
Feb 25, 2008 stormsamson
What a precious little man you have there! He's going to be full grown and still precious. He'll guard your heart and your home and family when he gets big enough. Many kisses on that cute head!
Feb 25, 2008 stormsamson
What a precious little man you have there! He's going to be full grown and still precious. He'll guard your heart and your home and family when he gets big enough. Many kisses on that cute head!
Feb 25, 2008 liltinker
Looks like "a big ol sweetheart" from day one. This is a great breed for lots of big & mellow lovin. Smart and easy to train these are. He's gonna be a great member of your family.
Feb 25, 2008 puppyl0ve
Aww Madden is adorable! You are so right Rottweilers often get a bad rep but they can be great family dogs!
Feb 25, 2008 LisaLisa
All that playing tuckered little Madden out! What a sweet picture. He's a beautiful pup! Lots of hugs and biscuits to him!
Feb 25, 2008 Rickysmom
Absolutely Adorable!
11++++ biscuits and lots of kisses.
Feb 25, 2008 piobaire
This giant pup is very very cute and I can see that he'd be very very squishable for hugging and loving. 11 biscuits and more to Madden.
Feb 25, 2008 Tirk97
What a gorgeous pup!! I've been checking out the site for a long time now and have never registered to comment. However, Madden has changed all that. I want to reach out into the computer and give him BIG hugs!!! Many, many kisses and biscuits to Madden :o)
Feb 25, 2008 luvbroncs
That is an adorable pup! I am sure he will grow up to be a wonderful member of the family. He shows his sweet nature when cuddling with his toys. Love & licks to you!
Feb 26, 2008 mickeykramer
It's truly a shame that you "purchased" this dog. Breeders, and ignorant people who purchase from breeders are responsible for the deaths of millions of dogs at the shelters throughout the US, including Rotties... From now on, you, and all of you illinformed readers, Don't shop! Adopt!
Feb 26, 2008 mash18020
"ok...why is everyone looking at me....i know i'm adorable but come on now!" are adorable!!!!! You're gona be gorgeous when your all grown. And I agree with your mommy....ignore all the bad're gona be a great dog cause it sounds like you got a good mommy. I hope you have a long, healthy fun life....and a million doggie treats to you too!!
Feb 26, 2008 mash18020
I just noticed mickeykramers comment......get a life. So you're saying that puppies and dogs that need to be "bought" should die? Cause thats what it sounds like your saying to me. We all understand about adopting etc.....we are all dog lovers! My 4 dogs and 1 cat are all throwaway rescues off the street. But all dogs deserve a good home no matter where you get it from. I also do not appreciate being called ignorant and ill-informed and I don't think anyone else on this forum does either. I've worked in the shelter system but I also feel ALL animals deserve a chance! You have no right to sit and preach. This forum is for people to share their love for their pets....not to be lectured by the "ignorant". And by the way, people who purchase their pets are NOT responsible for the deaths of all those poor animals in the shelters. It's people who don't care, who don't get their pets spayed and neutered, who disgard animals like they are trash......not by people who love animals and their the people here on Daily Puppy. I am so tired of people like you.....stay off! Let those of us who really love our pets brag and show them off.
Feb 27, 2008 Mikkimrado
What a cuddly wuddly bear of a pup!

Madden's parents - Don't listen to the baddies! :) Have a wonderful life together! I have 4 purebreds and one street puppy! :D
Feb 28, 2008 Rottweiler25

You are the cutest baby anyone could ever wish for!

11 Biscuits!!!
Mar 4, 2008 LauraP
Mar 23, 2008 dog_lover90
wonderful breed. my uncle has one and hes the best. hes the most gentle dog ever. yours is very handsome :) keep up the good work.
Mar 24, 2008 shell242
So much personality in his face already. Beauuuuutttiiifffuuulll!!!!
Mar 28, 2008 alexis_2008
[color=babyblue]He is so ADORABLE!:)[/color]
May 20, 2008 puppydog
Madden is so cute must be dreaming!
Sep 25, 2008 pup luver
Sounds like the poor little guy had a rough start to life.. I'm sure he's making up for it now.. Hope you have many happy, fun filled years together...
Jan 31, 2009 cutiepants26
Totally Adorable! And on my favorites!
Mar 20, 2009 razz
Madden looks so cute i love Madden
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