Wednesday, July 23, 2014
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Feb 17, 2008 ppylvr103
Maddie is so adorable!!! She is a big eyed beautiful little puppy! I love her markings too! She looks like she is very clever, enjoy her! 11 biscuits!! Lots of belly rubs & kisses!!!!!
Feb 17, 2008 allgodscritters
Heaven on Earth! What a beautiful baby:) Love this one with her big bubba ():)

What is the story on the biscuit count? Maddie had 11, I gave her 11 and the count dropped to 10.89???

Anyway, I think she is a perfect 11 and then some.

Hugs, snuzzles and big kisses to Maddie and Duke. I hope you all have a long and wonderful life together.
Feb 17, 2008 Mummm
Maddie is absolutely the cutest pup! What a little doll!
Feb 17, 2008 Caroline829
at first i was like....eewwww.. then i was like awwwww... so cute!!!
Feb 17, 2008 Oneandonlyohmicke
Oh, Maddie! You're too cute for words :-) Lots and lots af kisses and hugs to you ;-) You're a 11 bisquit dog, for sure :-) :-)
Feb 17, 2008 nicefrenchgurl
maddie, you made me giggle on a lonely sunday morning, thank you for brightening up my day! i love the front pic
Feb 17, 2008 zxc
oh my gosh, look at that smile!
Feb 17, 2008 whoopiwho
She is beautiful. I just love her markings. 11biscuits
Feb 17, 2008 goldenlover
"Hey, he gets food, I get water??"
Feb 17, 2008 sue
shes beautiful
Feb 17, 2008 WhiteRabbit
Hey, it's a BAT terrier!!
Feb 17, 2008 Xabismom65
Maddie is a charmer. What wonderful colouring she has. We can definitely see the Boston in her - and you know we love our Bostons over here. She looks like a complete character, lucky you. Congratulations and lots of love
Feb 17, 2008 possma
She's gorgerous! Max is in LUV! LOL
Feb 17, 2008 jrstar
Look at that face!! It is filled with all the love in the world.
Feb 17, 2008 shantismom
"Oh, please, come snuggle with me!" Love the little claws! Such a sweet face, too!
Feb 17, 2008 moon25
what a great breed combo! I don't think I've I have ever seen a puppy who looks smarter! Puppy will be teaching YOU plenty:-)
Feb 17, 2008 mollysmommy
What a wonderful little girl. I have a Jack Russell Terrier named Molly, terriers are such wonderful dogs. Lots of hugs and belly rubbs to Maddie and her mommy. :)
Feb 17, 2008 pauz4paws
Maddie, you little stole my heart! You're just too cute for words.....Here's a smoochie right between those big bright eyes! (My Bucky is marked nearly identical to this.)
Live long and be happy my little big eyed sweetie pie! xoxo
Feb 17, 2008 bopeep
Maddie has just the sweetest face. Those freckles on her nose and her beautiful eyes add to her charm. May Maddie and Duke have many wonderful years with your family. Hugs, kisses and 11 biscuits from Kansas USA.
Feb 17, 2008 PuppyMommy
She is so beautiful. I can't stop looking at her. She has the same markings of one of my 4 darlings. We found our Beagle/Jack R mix in the middle of the street, and my husband grabbed her just before a car hit her. Needless to say, she has been loved and spoiled since. Maddie looks so much like my little character. Long life and great happiness to Maddie, Duke, and your entire family.
Feb 17, 2008 usfour
Cute to the absolute max!! I was trying to think of some syllables to add to the word cute to expand it. Then I thought of the things my grandmother used to call me when I was very small. Will share them for this adorable little Maddie: Pet, little lamb, doodle bug, etc. etc. - this Maddie takes the cake - so there's the new word - cutecake! Enjoy your cutecake. Have a blast Maddie! - and thanks for the big smile this morning.
Feb 17, 2008 bordercrazed
Please sir, can I have some more?
Feb 17, 2008 Fran
Your Maddie is just the cutest! I adore her coloring and markings.
Wishing you both a lot of fun and love in your lives together.
Feb 17, 2008 djmc
love sleeping puppies , soooooo sweet , lots of love to you and your new baby. ENJOY she is so cute. 11 biscuits
Feb 17, 2008 Zero22
Maddie you are adorable! Very pretty coat. I thought that Boston Terriers were only black and white but I guess I was wrong!Hope you two have lots of happy memories and times with Maddie.
Zero22 :)
Feb 17, 2008 maddie's mom
I love the name!!! And Maddie is a beautiful little puppy. She looks so sweet.
Feb 17, 2008 mqm501
I'm with djmc on this one. Cannot resist sleeping puppies - they look so cuddlesome. Of course while they are sleeping they are not getting up to puppy mischief and you can relax for a very short while!
Lots of happiness with Maddie and Duke. 11plus biscuits for both and Very Best Wishes from Showery Spain.
Feb 17, 2008 adamaris
I think I just fell in love. =]
Feb 17, 2008 lucyny2000
I named this picture:"CAN I BE YOUR VALENTINE,PLEASE..."
I know a puppy named Jackson who is a Boston terrier Beagle mix. The moment I saw the Boston face attached to a Beagle tail, I fell in love! He looks a lot like Maddie. He is a total lunatic, never stops driving crazy every dog on his playful way in our dog park, and, I believe, has an ability to cure anyone from chronic depression.
In short, you got a winner! 11 biscuits, 5 stars, and many years of happy and healthy togetherness!
Feb 17, 2008 nancy814
too cute!
Feb 17, 2008 postiemayer
Oh my gosh, she is absolutely adorable. Hard to pick a favorite but this one looks like she's saying I'm too little to jump up there, pick me up please. Looks like big brother is a rat terrier? I have a neighbor with a rat. You don't realize how little Maddie is until she is next to her sibling who I am guessing is not all that big either! Many happy years with this little charmer.
Feb 17, 2008 clemency
I love this picture--cute little puppy teeth showing, a bit of a "wild" look in her eye! Maddie is adorable! I love her coloring and the little freckles around her nose!
Feb 17, 2008 miasmom
What an Angel! I am in love with her!
Feb 17, 2008 sams*mom
Puppy wrinkles, puppy toes, soft little squishy tummy. How cute is Maddie? She sure looks like she has a great personality. What a sweety-face!
Feb 17, 2008 Garcia Hates Me
There's no such thing as a Boston Rat Terrier or a Goldendoodle, or a cockaschnoodle ... its a mutt. Just call it a mutt. There's no shame in being a mutt.
Feb 17, 2008 sylvanbliss

mutt [mut]
(plural mutts)
1. mongrel dog: a dog that is of mixed or unknown breed (slang)
2. offensive term: an offensive term that deliberately insults somebody?s intelligence or knowledge (slang insult)
[Late 19th century. Shortening of muttonhead .]
Microsoft? Encarta? Reference Library 2004. ? 1993-2003 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
Feb 17, 2008 sylvanbliss
I love mized breeds! IMO....they are only mutts if no one knows the parents. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Maddie is apt to have a long healthy life thanks to her diverse background. Very, very cute!
Feb 17, 2008 rnrollgirl
awww! look at the 'tocks on this's one for cuteoverload for sure!

Feb 17, 2008 cierrablue
what a beautiful pup.
Feb 17, 2008 jaccikay
These pictures of Maddie are so cute. I really had a hard time picking just one! How blessed you are to have two bundles of joy and love. They will certainly keep you busy, but are worth the time and energy. God Bless you all with love, health, and happiness for years to come...
Feb 17, 2008 megg
[color=blue][b]I was really stuck on two of these pictures, because in one of them the boston terrier was very very clear, and another the rat terrier was extremely clear. So, I decided on one when both are kind of showing. I love rat terriers, they are especially precious and stubby, and boston terriers-- well-- you know, they're boston terriers. Anyway, all of the pictures are too cute, and Maddie sounds like a cute little angel! Blessings, 11 well earned buscuits, and good luck wishes!
- Meg [/b][/color]
Feb 17, 2008 Glorybe
What a precious, new addition to your home. Maddie is beautiful. How could you resist that face! She's saying, "mom...please don't pretend you can't see me here, I need you!" ha ha

I pray you, Maddie and Duke have many happy, love-filled years together.
Feb 17, 2008 Terry C
Maddie is an adorable little BRAT.

She is not a mutt, she is not a mongrel.

Hopefully, the new sign in process will eliminate some of the trolls I've been seeing on this site lately. These hateful people need to get lives, honestly.
Feb 17, 2008 Terry C
I have a Boston Terrier and my son has a Puginese that we sound back in late-September.

I love how some people have so much to say about other people's pets, where they obtained them, etc.

Like I said, get a life!
Feb 17, 2008 Mary11390
Maddie is a boston terrier
Feb 17, 2008 Jen110103
love her color! she's a beautiful girl!!
Feb 17, 2008 Puppyluver59
[color=purple] [b] maddie, what a precious little puppy! She's so amazingly cute! I had a really really hard time picking the picture i liked, but this one made me giggle. i mean, who doesn't love having someone to look up to? enjoy both dogs a whole bunch. i love them! 11 million biscuits![/color] [/b] :)
Feb 17, 2008 Puppyluver59
;) [color=gray] [b] <-- that's for maddie!... sorry, i like smilies! [/color] [/b] :D
Feb 17, 2008 Rosebud
There is no way round it, you simply must love her. The eyes are so trusting and loving. She is a keeper....
Feb 17, 2008 Daphne's Mom
What a little darling! Maddie is a very cute puppy! I hope you have many ahppy and healthy years together! It is hard to choose just one picture. But I thought this was one of the best.
Feb 17, 2008 LucyBee
What an absolutely Perfect combination of breeds!
Feb 17, 2008 schnauzerlover
Madie is the cutest little puppy! Best Wishes!!!
Feb 17, 2008 momma
Isn't it interesting that both kids and dogs seem to be doubly cute when they are sleeping! This one certainly is!
Feb 17, 2008 LuvAnAussie
oh my goodness what a cutie pie!! 11 biscuits for her...I just had to reply because a) I used to have a Boston Rat Terrier and b) My middle child is named Maddie! LOL How weird is that?? We called our dog a BRAT Terrier. It was hard to choose a fave, though, all so cute...
Feb 17, 2008 Puppies28
Madie so cute I want her
Feb 17, 2008 Puppies28
Madie so cute I want her
Feb 17, 2008 looploop321
madie sounds exactly like my friends dog, many happy days!!!!!!!!!!!
Feb 17, 2008 denawolves
We have a Rat Terrier too! Inherited from my brother[when he moved to a house by a busy road w/ no fence], she was already 7 when we got her- and she catches bugs like you wouldn't believe! She tried to catch a mouse once but we saved it from her- she was more obsessed w/ catching that wild little mouse than my 2 cats! Anyway they're cool little dogs and so are Bostons so I know you're gonna have so much fun with Maddie.
Feb 17, 2008 zoerosesmom
Maddie is just beautiful, no matter the mix. I have a Cockapoo, and people occasionally give me the same argument. As a pup parent, we love them and want them to be known for the breed they are, even if it's a combination of 2 wonderful breeds. She is absolutely gorgeous! 11 biscuits and tummy rubs little one!!!
My Zoe Rose sends her love!
Feb 17, 2008 vllybllstar
haha this is soo cute!!! i haven't been on the daily puppy since...ummm...august?? and i <3 seeing all the cute puppies! she is a cutie
Feb 17, 2008 Stef95
Awww How cute iv always one that looks like that!!!
Feb 17, 2008 mash18020
A regular mutt and adorable!!! Maddie, you are so precious! And so little :-) I hope you and your buddy have long fun healthy lives.....and a million doggie treats to you both too!!!
Feb 17, 2008 ineaudi
I loved "bordercrazed" response "please sir, can I have some more?", so I chose that picture. I couldn't decide which one was the best...there are so many. I have two Boston Terriers...The Rat Terrier mix seems to be the next best thing. Enjoy your new treasure. BT's are the best! Lots of kisses, belly rubs, and treats!
Feb 17, 2008 dendroid
I really can't imagine a better mix of breeds. Too cute!
Feb 17, 2008 k_cyn
[color=purple]Oh Maddie you are soooooo CUTE!! :) and so is your brother Duke!!! You are both ADORABLE!!!! Truly PRECIOUS!!!! :)
Many kisses, hugs and (specially )biscuits to you beautiful Maddie! :)[/color]
Feb 18, 2008 k_cyn
[color=purple]Best wishes always Maddie!!! :) [/color]
Feb 18, 2008 magic57
So adorable!
Feb 18, 2008 fluffypup
Teee heee...Maddie looks like a spunky little thing!!!!!
Feb 18, 2008 PuppyPapa
I have a Beagle Rat Terrier mix and is the sweetest dog I could ask for. Maddie looks so cute sleeping I just want to curl up with her and take a nap myself!
Feb 18, 2008 courtchick
I am appalled that someone like Leon619 would waste his time on us poor losers. My grandmother always said that people who use this kind of language is out of ignorance and a very low vocabulary. So. Leon, why don't you either read the dictionary or go on some kind of porno site where they will appreciate your humor.

By the way, the puppy has more manners than you do, and he stills pees in the floor!
Feb 18, 2008 TrixAndSam
Maddie is DARLING! A bazillion biscuits, Maddie, you rock!
Feb 18, 2008 lotsadoghair
Just enough mischief in that face to make me smile a big one! Enjoy!
Feb 18, 2008 liltinker
Absolutely SWEET! Just kiss-her and kiss-her!
She gets as many doggy treats as she can hold from me.

Hey leon619: if u dont like it here.....LEAVE!
Feb 18, 2008 Tracy Kemmer
Maddie, I bet you would love to play with my Yorkie, Rascal. Although I bet the two of you would find lots to get in to. Anyway you look so sweet and mischievous. Loads of fun. Happy, healthy life to all of you in your family.
Feb 18, 2008 LisaLisa
Precious creature! Maddie's adorable. Lots of love to your baby!
Feb 18, 2008 stormsamson
Ah yes! The Rat Terrier! I have a Storm Dog rat terrier and she is a wonder and great friend. Maddie looks like she is going to give you many years of lovins and companionship!
Feb 19, 2008 juliefulmer
I would love kisses from you Maddie! She's so adorable XOXO
Feb 19, 2008 denawolves
Maddie you are the sweetest thing, and you've made alot of people happy just seeing your great pictures! Word of advice to Mom- ignore mean spirited people- they obviously have many issues that even puppies can't fix. And Goodbye Leon you're deleted, as I'm sure you're used to.
Feb 19, 2008 piobaire
TERRORIST DOG! out!! Maddie is a doll...too too cute. Looks like Maddie got the best of both breeds. Lucky YOU!!
Feb 19, 2008 Doggymommy
Maddie, you are adorable and look like you will soon be getting into lots of mischievous "bad" things, and I am sure your mommy will enjoy every minute of it.!!!!!
Feb 20, 2008 vickie5467
You baby girl is the cutest thing in the world. Can I have her. HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!
Feb 20, 2008 vickie5467
You baby girl is the cutest thing in the world. Can I have her. HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!
Feb 21, 2008 pamperedpooch
She is most definatley going to be a gorgeous girl and a true companion. her heart is pure and just look at the love is those eyes!
Feb 22, 2008 insertnamehere.99999
=LOL= "i can has ratzburger?"
Feb 23, 2008 puppy*power
Awe !!!!!!!!!! She is so CUTE !!!!!!!!! looking at Maddie makes me want one.
Feb 24, 2008 paws4thought
[color=red]Isn't she ADORABLE!
And look t that smile! She is the cutest. I love Boston Terriers so much and Rat Terriers have always had a place in my heart.
The two of them mixed together is just.........a match made in heaven!

I love this picture so much because it really shows what a happy, smiley character she is and how much she is going to be loved by everyone because of her personality.
You are a very lucky pup, Maddie and I really wish you all the best.
Have fun
Enjoy it![/color]

[b][color=pink]X[/color][color= red]O[/color][color=pink]X[/color][ color=red]O[/color][/b]
Sep 14, 2008 leeleelee
do you have any current photo's my puppy was a rescue puppy and the vet said he was this kind.
Dec 17, 2008 dora
Maddie looks just like my baby Sam! He's a Boston/Rat and has the same markings! I got him when he was 1 year old and always wish i could have seen what he looked like as a tiny baby. Now i know! Thank you so much!
Jan 16, 2009 georgia04
Baby Maddie is darling. Those little ears of hers just make me gush. She's a a sweetheart, and very special. Lots of cuddles and kisses for her.
Oct 21, 2009 joiedevivre
She is just precious! Look at those wonderfully playful eyes!
Dec 11, 2009 goat
She is adorable. My daughter has one that is a little darker and she is a great dog. If anyone knows of any in southern cal please contact me. THNX Greg
Dec 12, 2012 Rudydog06
Where do I find one like her with similar characteristics and markings? I already have a Boston/ rat terrier mix but I'm having a hard time unsung another one. :-(
Dec 12, 2012 Rudydog06
Where did you find Maddie? I am looking for another that has the same features and markings. I'm having no luck.
Dec 12, 2012 Rudydog06
Oh whoops didn't mean to post it twice. Sorry. :-(
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