Madison the Australian Cattle Dog Mix

Puppy Breed: Unknown

Madison's parents say: Just one look at Madison's big cattle dog ears and her white socks was all it took to win us over. She's a playful puppy who loves being outside, whether it's chasing her tail in circles or lounging in the grass chewing sticks. When she wants to go outside to do her business or just to play in the park, she rings the string of bells on the door to let us know. Once we're outside, Madison has to greet everyone who passes by so she can get some love and then give lots of kisses. Madison's first few weeks were spent on the beach in South Carolina. After we adopted her, we brought her to the beach where she demonstrated her love for the sand by running along the shoreline and dashing back as the water came near her feet. Madison has brought so much happiness and laughter into our lives and we love her so much.