Maggie the Australian Shepherd

Puppy Breed: Australian Shepherd

Maggie, "Maggie Moo," or "Pupito," as she's known around here, is our first dog. She's a feisty pup! She was one of the more mellow of her siblings, but once at home in Berkeley, away from her big, boisterous brothers and very outgoing little runt-of-the-litter sister, not surprisingly, another side of Maggie started to reveal itself. She likes to chase our three-year-old tabby Eva around the house. Oddly, as Maggie starts to get far bigger than Eva, Eva only gets more brave, and she'll puff up her tail to try to compensate for the size difference. Like any good Aussie, Maggie is a smart one -- perhaps too smart! She was retrieving at seven weeks old, which meant we had our work cut out for us from day one! She likes to spend her time racing around the yard, trying to bite her own shadow, getting shoes out from under furniture, shyly wiggling her way up to strangers, and learning new words. Her favorite word is, naturally, "treat." Although she's a little too young and all over the place to learn shepherd "jobs," I think we'll have her sorting the laundry in no time!