Saturday, July 26, 2014
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Comments (83)
Feb 26, 2006 cutesy
Great dog. Like the spots.
Feb 26, 2006 Abby and Jeni
awww we love your dog ..especially the spots!
Feb 26, 2006 kitty-kat
Great pooch!
Feb 26, 2006 Christin
Fuzzy puppy!!!!!! She looks soft i would like to feel how soft she is.
Feb 26, 2006 anonymous
Maggie's a beaut! Looks like she lives in a great place too
Feb 26, 2006 anonymous
she is so cute i want that dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Feb 26, 2006 puppyluver
she is just adorable! aren't newfies the cutest/sweetest things?!
Feb 26, 2006 puppyluver
the little girl is cute! i like little kids!
Feb 26, 2006 puppyluver
AWWW cute dog! lol how adorable!!!
Feb 26, 2006 Jayden
I love Maggie she is such a beautiful and sweet dog!
Feb 27, 2006 catie
maggie is one of the sweetest dog and i love her very much!!!
Feb 27, 2006 no name
wow what a cute dog i just want to hold her she looks like a doll with a great home i want her she is sooooooooo cute i heard newfoundlands are great big sweet dog and she looks like a sweet dog!!!
Feb 28, 2006 anonymous
wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww she is a baby!i love her
Mar 3, 2006 Tim-Tim
Shaggy dogg!!
Mar 21, 2006 Darlene
Beautiful family dog!! So SWEET!!!!
Mar 27, 2006 Maggie too
Maggie is convincing me that a Landseer would be a great addition to the family!
Jun 13, 2006 kim
omg i love her so much loves and hugs i give that dog i 100 dog bones i want one i wish i had one like that soooooooooooooooooo bad could y ou tell me what kind of dog that is....thanks a lot i love it i just cant get over it i want one so so so so so bad well thanks for putting up cute pictures the little girl is a doll to lots of love
Jun 13, 2006 carly n
love the pup
Jun 13, 2006 jade
were did you get her i want her wow oh wow what a cuttie
Jun 13, 2006 ashley
i have a newfoundland and i just love the dog they are great dogs and she looks like a doll i think that dog will be a good swimmer do you have her in swimmiing camp or anything?
Jun 13, 2006 jenny
omg i know that dog she comes to all catie one of maggie family mebers soccer games and she has fun wow cute
Jun 13, 2006 maggie
oh what a cuttie i want her wow
Jun 13, 2006 becky
wow oh wow want her
Jun 13, 2006 kim
love that dog shaggie
Jul 24, 2006 cate
wow what a cute dog i want one i am going to ask my dady i love you people so much
Jul 24, 2006 derr
me to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jul 24, 2006 cate
hey carly vote for her:)
Jul 24, 2006 carleyyy
i did duuhhh
Jul 24, 2006 a friend
i wish i had her she is cute that dog she goes to all the catie and becky some of maggie peoples soccor and basketball games she is a lot bigger now:0) they take her everywhere and she is one lucky dog maggie people even live be water
Jul 24, 2006 cc
oh thanks carly do u have lacey up???
Jul 24, 2006 gavin
she is so cute
Jul 24, 2006 car
i don't know
Jul 24, 2006 catttttttttte
hey carly i gtg ttyl
Jul 24, 2006 caarrrrrrrrrrrrrlllllly
Aug 7, 2006 YummyPuppies
Awwww she is beautiful!!!!!
Sep 20, 2006 catie tje cpller
hi ladys what is up
Sep 20, 2006 jayde
ccatie maggie is so cute and she is a nice dog
Sep 20, 2006 jay jay the jet plane
tell your mom we will doggie sit anytime since you did it for us!!! once again thanks
Sep 20, 2006 bubbles
hey jade write back oh jade guees what
talor why are you mad at me?
thanks jade
Sep 20, 2006 bubbles
ok thanks jade ya is taylor on?
Sep 20, 2006 vicky
that dog is so ugly i have way cuter dogs
Sep 20, 2006 cate
tay write back k
Sep 20, 2006 carly
that was so mean
Sep 20, 2006 cate
well vicky picky licky picky you arfe so mean and i will kick your butt if ou say that again yoiu little pujg
Sep 20, 2006 *****
my name isnt really vicky loser!!!
Sep 20, 2006 brent
hi carly
Sep 20, 2006 victor
ugly puppy i would never want one so
Sep 20, 2006 cate
sorry that is mean of youi too say loser i am tellen me mama on u
Sep 20, 2006 vicky
well catie u really hurt my feelings
Sep 21, 2006 T-bug
hey everybody
Sep 21, 2006 brent
talor do u like me
Sep 21, 2006 T-bug
maybe maybe not
Sep 21, 2006 L for .....
hi taylor do u really like him
ya well u know who i do and u told him!!!!! dont say anything ealse to him k thanks
Sep 21, 2006 brent
i love u
Sep 21, 2006 T-bug
!@#$%^&*( !@#$%^&*(*
Sep 21, 2006 brent
Sep 21, 2006 C for catie
hi connorĂ–=
Sep 21, 2006 larry
hey brent who r u? You havent been on the site have you?
and what do u mean i love you thats creepy
Sep 21, 2006 sophia
!@#$%^&*( !@#$%^&*(*
Sep 21, 2006 brent
talor tell me
Sep 21, 2006 Kyla
Hi, i go to Tonasket middle School. that puppy is sooooooooo adorable. i want one
Sep 21, 2006 t-bug
Sep 21, 2006 brent
dkfgoeirugh er;isoghsoierhjgklsrfhkl;fug
oif;lep94 ohfyui vgdewr bvgb ueygy2q5 dfsk. yaelirgyle vkjawhrkj. fh.kjb3 hkt ckj. o9 o;ifuw er r n hg
Sep 21, 2006 Kyla
Sep 21, 2006 brent
taylor i just want to no cause i really like u
Sep 21, 2006 t-bug
ok i will tell you catie is in love with connor thompson
Sep 21, 2006 t-bug
well thats might be too bad
Sep 21, 2006 t-bug
ok i will finley tell you...
Catie is in love with a guy from tonasket
Sep 21, 2006 BRENT
please i am begin u i love u
Sep 21, 2006 BRENT
i love taylor
Sep 21, 2006 catie
hey its catie from the room in hutinshins room what up guys and hey i am not in love with a guy from tonasket ok... thATS DUMB AND STUFF OK? yea
Sep 21, 2006 larry
cute dog. i can't tell how much i like it but i do. i can't tell anyone i like it thouhh
Sep 21, 2006 jimbo
Sep 21, 2006 larry
Sep 21, 2006 connor
im a consumer whore
Sep 22, 2006 Brent RAy of Oroville Washington
im a astuip ugly little girl who likes to flirt with a picture of micheal jackson and i sleep with a barbie shaped like barney
Oct 31, 2006 Sunshine
Very cute, but doesn't look big for 10 MONTHS old to me!
May 1, 2007 allgodscritters
Maggie is beautiful! I love Newfs and I love black and white coats. She has it all! The picture with (I assume) your daughter and the board in the water is a classic. I would have that enlarged and framed. May you and your family have many, many wonderful years with Maggie.
May 1, 2007 allgodscritters
p. s. : I would love to see some grown-up pictures, please. Does she have a blog?
Aug 11, 2007 Hamachi
I grew up with 7 black newfies (3 generations' worth), and Maggie reminds me of my family. How cute!

I bet you can't hold her up like that last picture now, though...
Dec 10, 2009 Yeta
Jun 27, 2010 BostonMalteseLover
what beautiful markings!! Look at the size of those paws! I'm guessing you can't pick her up any more. She looks so happy in these pictures. May you enjoy many wonderful years with her.
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