Friday, April 18, 2014
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Sep 13, 2007 furball
I've not heard of this breed but she is Very Cute. She looks very smart. How big will she get?
Sep 13, 2007 doggieaunt
oh yeah . . . much curly cuteness!!
Sep 13, 2007 kishanabear
awww, what a little fur ball of love!!!! i would have to wrap her in an eternal cuddle:) such a good thing love is endless and free to boot! a zillion biscuits.
Sep 13, 2007 cheleon
What a darling wee handful of curly fluff! She is sooooooo appealing with that little black face and questioning eyes. Lots of cuddles and very gentle belly-rubs. Could such a wee scrap handle 11 biscuits? Hope so, because that is what she deserves!
Sep 13, 2007 ckporter73
What a little cutie! She has such bright, happy eyes. Looks like she is always ready for the next adventure!
Sep 13, 2007 Woofins
I just love her permanent bad hair day look. I bet it is priceless to see her sleeping as I have a double ended dodg who you cant tell which way to wake up!

Little woolly lamb! xxxxx
Sep 13, 2007 gador
she is just a beautiful baby, love her color!!!!
Sep 13, 2007 daddy's girl
just adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! words fail me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! enjoy your precious girl!!!!!!!!!!!!! 100 bones!!!!!
Sep 13, 2007 Geordie
Raggie-Miss-Maggie...what a love! She is dangerously cute!
Sep 13, 2007 sue
shes soooooo cute what a bundle of fun
Sep 13, 2007 pomtzu
She is big time precious - I love her coloring. Such a sweet little face! If she were mine she'd never walk much because I'd be carrying and holding her all the time. Definitely an 11+ for this curly little bundle of fluff. Treasure her always!!!
Sep 13, 2007 pupsiluv
Good morning sweet Maggie!! You are a beautiful girl! I hope you have a long, healthy and happy life with your parents that love you! I had a Maggie girl. I'm sure she's looking down and wagging her tail at you! I miss her.
Sep 13, 2007 Zoie's Daddy
ohhhhh how cute, she is just a ity bity little thing isn't she. 100 cookies to her :) :) :)
Sep 13, 2007 Caseysky
Ahhhh, she looks like a tiny teddy bear. Very cute.
Sep 13, 2007 webbcues
z o w i e :) :) :)
WHAT A CUTE PUPPY :):):):):):)
Sep 13, 2007 mrtwin
Your Maggie is adorable. My maltipoo's name is Cocoa and he looks so much like Maggie! We rescued him, so we never got to see how he looked as a little pup - now I know by looking at Maggie's baby pictures! These little babies are great - it's the combination of bright eyes and curly hair that seems to get you!

Lots of love and happiness with Maggie. Give her a cuddle and kiss from me and Cocoa!

Go to http://www.luvmutt.c om/blog... if you want to see a beige-and-white version of Maggie!
Sep 13, 2007 sandrahender
[b][color=blue][i]OH MY DEAR GOD! LOOK AT THAT SWEET LITTLE CHOCOLATE TRUFFLE!!!!! How I WISH I could pick her up and just cuddle wuddle her! What a priceless face!!!!!I LOVE HER!!!!! *SMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCH*!!!!![/ b][/color][/i]
Sep 13, 2007 Mummm
What a little cutiepie! She's really sweet.
Sep 13, 2007 Sassymom
OH MY GOSH!!! Maggie has stolen my heart. What a sweet baby.
Sep 13, 2007 Grandma Helen of CT
Chocolate Truffle is a perfect discription of Maggie.......there are so many good picturehs of her I don't know whic h one to choose, but my Maltese wont tolorate a raincoat so I choose that one
Sep 13, 2007 rubyhatchet
Sep 13, 2007 marleysmom
How cute, I love the curls!
Sep 13, 2007 BearsFan
She's a little cuttie!! :) I love her little red raincoat - she looks so cute and ready to go out and play in the rain. My dad and mom's dog is a Cockapoo and her name is Maggie too!! Despite herbeing being a small little ball of joy she seems to have a HUGE personality and you'll have a wonderful time with her!! :)
Sep 13, 2007 rexandbaby
She is so tiny!!! I just love that face! You are going to have such fun with her!
Sep 13, 2007 vedder242003
Come on, more biscuits for Maggie! She is just so adorable and a little ball of fur. It looks like she got a perm. Give her tons and tons of belly rubs and kisses from me. Best of luck!
Sep 13, 2007 thetopazsmurf
Oh my goodness..She is a doll. I agree with sandra " CHOCOLATE TRUFFLE" Soo sweet..
Sep 13, 2007 jowaldo
I too thought she looked as though she got a perm! Funny thing is, it looks cute on her!! Mine never looked that good!!! Maggie you are so cute. One can only imagine rubbing your sweet little belly! Have fun little one! :)
Sep 13, 2007 yoliesf
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!! Look at that face. Sooooooooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuuuttttttteee!!!!!!
I want to talk a baby talk. What a luv! Enjoy!
Sep 13, 2007 roscoeroxypepper
oh my god i can see why this beautiful little peanut melted your heart, what an angel. i just want to kiss that little face.
Sep 13, 2007 shellyrini
Maggie you are adorable!!!! So sweet and snuggly. I love your colorings. I can't get over that face, it is sooooo cute!!!!
what a little love bug-
Sep 13, 2007 Tracy Kemmer
O' MY, what a cutie. I am getting a Maltipoo in a couple of years. This is my favorite mixed breed! I will look for an all white or cream color. However she is darling too. You are very lucky, as this is a sweet doggy and very smart too. All the best with Maggie.
Sep 13, 2007 tazziesmom
Maggie you are just about the cutest thing I have seen on here. What a delightful ball of fluff. Have fun with your people...
Sep 13, 2007 Tracy Kemmer
MY first comment didn't go through, so here I go again. I love this mixed breed of dog. I am getting a maltipoo in a couple of years. If I can wait that long. They aren't cheap. I love Maggie. I wish I could hold her and love on her. Please give her a kiss for me. Stay safe and healthy, Maggie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sep 13, 2007 kalvarad
What a cute little call of fur! ;)
Sep 13, 2007 kalvarad
BALL of fur!
Sep 13, 2007 Jeannie
A beautiful dog - looks so sure of herself and happy. Have fun together!!
Sep 13, 2007 jimandtrishp
Finally, a dog I can relate to. I had 3 Maltipoos and now have 2. They are very smart, funny and affectionate. We used to call my one dog Tina "Woodstock" from the Peanuts comics because when she was a puppy her hair stuck up all over. Your baby is very sweet and I wish you much happiness.
Sep 13, 2007 Terry C
Cute overload.

Most Maltese/Poodles crosses that I have seen were white or cream. This little girl's coloring is striking.
Sep 13, 2007 ellygh
She's just too cute!!! She's apparently going to be a little one -- which I love. Eleven biscuits for Maggie!!!
Sep 13, 2007 mari1
What a sweet little dog!! She deserves many, many biscuits for such cuteness.
Sep 13, 2007 skelty
Oh my goodness! I would never be able to stop snuggling this puppy. I want one!! 11 biscuits!!!!
Sep 13, 2007 mstrendytresses
This pooch gets 100 biscuits from me! What a cutie! I love her little face and curls. She's perfect. Be well! :)
Sep 13, 2007 free2travelmom
OK, this is got to be one of the cutest puppy breeds ever!! Are they hard to find? Maggie, you are on the top of my list!! As many biscuits as you can eat!!
Sep 13, 2007 tamijohansen
So freakin cute!!!!! :)
Sep 13, 2007 Honeybono
Oh my goodness, is she not the cutest ever? Tons of hugs and kisses to Maggie!!
Sep 13, 2007 carole
oh my goodness!!! words can't describe the level of cuteness on that face! how huggable and kissable she is! enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!
Sep 13, 2007 symbrian
maggie the multi-poo is multi-cute :)

what a gorgeous little girl :)

congratulations :)
Sep 13, 2007 cyndersmama
oh my gawd, cuteness overload!!! She is absolutely adorable, looks like a wee baby lamb. Kisses, cuddles, tummy rubs and lots of biscuits! :)
Sep 13, 2007 bopeep
Your Maggie is adorably cute. She has a terrific personality. My Maltipoo, Missy, has a white face, white/apricot body, and the fur of a Maltese. Hugs, kisses and 11 biscuits.
Sep 13, 2007 bordercrazed
what's wrong here? Give this adorable little puff-ball some biscuits! Is it because she's got so much hair???

11 from me and the border girls.
Sep 13, 2007 bopeep
Fave picture.
Sep 13, 2007 Lizanne
This shot is tooooo cute. I love her Red Raincoat, but I couldn't see the Whole Enchilada, and THIS IS IT. Maggie, you are one sweet little girl. Hugs and cuddles from Elizabeth and Miss Katie=O)
Sep 13, 2007 Lizanne
This shot is tooooo cute. I love her Red Raincoat, but I couldn't see the Whole Enchilada, and THIS IS IT. Maggie, you are one sweet little girl. Hugs and cuddles from Elizabeth and Miss Katie=O)
Sep 13, 2007 LucyB
OMG! What a precious little moppet she is. Love her color!!
Sep 13, 2007 stormdog
She is definitely a cutie pie! Just look at that little face!?!?! That face would capture anyone's heart. Take very good care of her, and Dad, watchout where you put those size 16 feet ;o)!!!!
Sep 13, 2007 fabsnoopy
Precious little Maggie -- what a doll baby! All the biscuits in the world for you -- who wouldn't give you all the biscuits?!?
Sep 13, 2007 jinglesmom
Maggie is adorable...she get 11 biscuits from me and it will take her along time to eat them, she is so tiny...what a face..
Sep 13, 2007 muddypawsmom
I think that you are in for a lot of fun!! I've always heard that poodles are the most intelligent dogs!, well, I have got to tell you---I have a 14 year old maltese who is scary smart!! I also have a Kerry Blue and a yorkie-shih zu mix and the maltese is still EINSTEIN!!!!!! Get ready for a long and fun life! Not enough biscuits for this baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sep 13, 2007 Cheryl Herries
What an adorable tiny thing. My baby is 10 years old & 6lbs but I never got to see her when she was a pup. Except for the brown she must have been very similar. Your so lucky to have her! And she's so lucky to have folks who love her so much.
Sep 13, 2007 Puppylove13
This is an "aaawwwww" puppy if ever there was one!! What a cutie - and so tiny. You are luck to have her, give her a little hug for me.
Sep 13, 2007 olgadabest
My name is Maggie. I am cute, curly, cuddley and love to run and play all day long!!!!
Sep 13, 2007 kukie
Hi Maggie aren't you a wee cutie...I love your's very fetching.
Sep 13, 2007 kilroy
What a cute little bear! And very stylish in her coat!

Another one I would not stop hugging!
Sep 13, 2007 maddie's mom
Obviously Maggie gets 11 biscuits bc she is SO cute!!!!
She looks like she has a terrific personality I can see it in her expressions.
Sep 13, 2007 babydollp80
What a beautiful petite little lady!!!!!! I have three little poodle boys that I rescue & they are just little loves.

Enjoy your baby 100 of biscuits
Sep 13, 2007 plantsforjenny
She looks like a little flower!
Sep 13, 2007 Meow420
Oh my goodness! What a little teddy bear! 1000 snuggles for this little one....
Sep 13, 2007 cookiebaby
What a precious little soul! A lifetime of happiness to you with Maggie. She gets 100 biscuits from me! I don't know why EVERYONE wouldn't give her 11 biscuits???
Sep 13, 2007 LisaLisa
I've never seen a MatliPoo that isn't white - she's absolutely gorgeous! I love her white stripe too! How adorable - you're right, she does look like a teddy bear. She's simply precious!!!
Sep 13, 2007 Yankee-7
She's precious!
How big will she get?
Eleven Biscuits, of course... And... yeah, I agree with cookiebaby - How come she's only got ten biscuits right now??!!
Sep 13, 2007 2doggies
She's a sweet little curly Q!! I just love the cute little curls!!!
Sep 13, 2007 Bleu
I'm handing over a barrel of biscuits for Miss Maggie!

I think she is a stinkin' Q T ! She's got my vote!

What style and personality she has!

I Love the accessories - but, then again, I am *ALL* about accessories! =)
Sep 13, 2007 Jennb3
Sep 13, 2007 pauleenm
what a cutie
Sep 13, 2007 pauleenm
what a cutie
Sep 13, 2007 guido's mama
Maggie looks like a fluffy little ball of Ewok! She's adorable!!! And quite stylist, I might add. What a little sweet treasure and so lucky to have such a fine mom and dad. Love her each and every day and she will fill your lives with such joy forever. Thank you for sharing her with all of us. xo
Sep 13, 2007 puffball
awww! she's so adorable! she's looks a lot like my 1 year old shih-tzu Co-Ko, except she's not as curly as Maggie! Have a lot of fun with her!
Sep 13, 2007 Desiderata
She is so unique looking with her coloring. Absolutely positively DARLING!
Sep 13, 2007 cjsadlier
Tooo Cute! I have a white maltipoo. They are very precious. Too smart for their own good. Much biscuits for your cutie pie. Enjoy this precious little one.
Sep 13, 2007 more
:D :D :D
Sep 13, 2007 pomtzu
I can't believe that she doesn't have at least 10.99 biscuits. Some people just don't know a beauty when they see one!!!
Maggie - you've got 11 everyday for a lifetime from me.
Sep 13, 2007 Molly's Mommy
11 BOXES of biscuits for you Maggie! You are too precious for words.
I bet that's the exact face my Molly had when she was your age. If so you will grow into a beautiful gracious angel just like my baby.
Sep 13, 2007 Rainey
I don't know what to say .....she is soooo.... incredibily cute 100's of bones.....
Sep 13, 2007 Phantom1984
11 biscuits! It's love at first sight!
Sep 13, 2007 mollysmommy
She looks like a little teddy bear. Such a sweet face and pretty little eyes. What a doll baby. 11 cookies for you sweetheart.
Sep 13, 2007 lovespuppies4ever
I just want to kiss this baby!!
Sep 13, 2007 lovespuppies4ever
I just want to kiss this baby!!
Sep 13, 2007 pomtzu
Gee - another kill-joy by the name of "rogersryanc" throwing a dark cloud over all the nice postings about Maggie. And as to your question of "why?" - it's most likely that people WANT to, and what they spend their money on and how much they spend is their businesss and nobody else's.
I don't know about anybody else, but I sure would like to see a week go by without ANY negative postings about ANYTHING.
And Maggie - what ever class anyone puts you in, be it 'hybrid' or "mutt' or "whatever" - you're still the cutest little pup I've seen in a long time!!!
Sep 13, 2007 Phantom1984
I just love her cute button nose :) She has stolen my heart!
Sep 13, 2007 GymBunny
Maggie is ADORABLE! What a lucky mama you are to have such a precious little ball of joy. She is one of the cutest I've ever seen! What an angel!
Sep 13, 2007 anglepie
OMG! Such cuteness should be illegal!!!! I could eat her up like a chocolate brownie!!!!
Sep 13, 2007 daisy'smom
i LOVE her...she's adorable! 11 biscuits from me.
Sep 13, 2007 maggiesmith'smom
Put a brass button in Maggie's right ear and PRESTO! A Steiff!

Cute, cute, cute. Live long and happy.
Sep 13, 2007 BeckersUNC
Sending her a virtual kiss right on that adorable little chocolate chip of a nose! :-D
Sep 13, 2007 vllybllstar
aaww she is so cute! how could someone think that she is not cute?? she should have 11 biscuts! i tried! but u can only vote once...
Sep 13, 2007 Mom2Max
She's cuteness! Reminds me of Muffy... a poodle we had when I was a kid!
Sep 13, 2007 yogibear17
toooo cute..... at a loss for words!
Sep 13, 2007 judimc
Oh, my goodness!!!! She's adorable! What a sweetie.
Sep 13, 2007 DogyLvr
Just looking at your puppy makes me happy. Love her curly mop do!
Sep 14, 2007 oneacd
I'm not fond of little dogs nor of curly coats, but this little mix is really, really, ridiculously cute. Who wouldn't fall for this little mug?
Sep 14, 2007 puppynut
This little maltipoo is my favorite puppy to date. A teacup teddy bear, with such an alert, intelligent expression! I just love her so much! What a delightful little companion.

I've noticed that little dogs, even when they are amazingly appealing, such as Maggie here, almost never get the full 11 biscuits from most of the voters. I guess there is a "large dog" bias among viewers here.

But she is the clear winner. 100 biscuits from me. I have a much loved bichon but Maggie makes me want to go out and find him a maltipoo friend right now!!!!
Sep 14, 2007 piperpuppy
[color=green] What a fluffy little bundle of love. 1,000 biscuits, easy.[/color]
Sep 14, 2007 DogBoy454
Multipoo? Never heard of it. Cute little thing though.
Sep 15, 2007 tazjt
Absolutely adorable!
Sep 15, 2007 Rufus77
I'm speachless. The little doggy with her little raincoat. Awwwww *Melts into puddle*
Sep 16, 2007 puppynut
My favorite puppy among many! What a great expression!
Sep 16, 2007 iluvmydog
one of the cuttest puppies yet!
Sep 18, 2007 DogMom
This little girl doggie is too cute for me to express! Those curls, those eyes, those itty bitty feet, that wet nosie -- good lord -- snuggles, kisses, and anything this little peanut wants -- that's what I would give her. Absolutely a gorgeous morsel of puppitude!
Sep 20, 2007 Yorkie Girl
What a cutie pie!
Oct 3, 2007 fro01
awww, ive never seen such a small puppy with so much fluff, i just want to cuddle and kiss her, you are so lucky to have her
Nov 1, 2007 Cavyclan
Cooky coo , lil cutie XXX big hugs n kisses I adore liil black curly puppies, with black eyes , lil button nose , overload, I want one of these xxx!
Nov 1, 2007 Cavyclan
My fave puppy eva XXX
Mar 5, 2008 savon19
One of the Sweetest faces I've seen!!

Absolutely Adorable! :)
Jan 11, 2009 vickimd19
oh my god i am in love!!!!!!!i really want one of these dogs and now i want it in that colour 2!!!!
Nov 7, 2009 georgia04
Maggie is absolutely adorable. What a beauty....give her a hug from me. :)
Aug 1, 2010 chanceandellee
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