Tuesday, July 22, 2014
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Oct 19, 2006 Mama Goat
His ears look cute just like they are!
Oct 19, 2006 Arian
He's so shiny. And Magnum is a brilliant name!
Oct 19, 2006 Stacey
WOW what a cutie i love all the pics.
Oct 19, 2006 Ani
Very cute, too bad though that his tail has been cut - other than that he's really handsome. :)
Oct 19, 2006 Serina
what a sharp looking puppy!! he looks very bright too so watch out for mischief hehe!! he's really cute!
Oct 19, 2006 Julia
That NOSE!! I just want to kiss it until he sneezes! His face is ADORABLE! Goodness, gracious, me. He looks so sweet. I want to gobble him up. I love his little black whiskers. I call dog whiskers "snickers". Don't ask me why, because I won't be able to tell you.
Oct 19, 2006 alice
Aww, gorgeous eyes! And such paws!
Oct 19, 2006 amelia
In the last picture, he looks like he is smiling! What a handsome guy he is!
Oct 19, 2006 Lisa
It's about time that they put a Doberman on this page! I have had Dobermans for almost 20 years now and I think that your Magnum looks absolutely wonderful!!!
Oct 19, 2006 DogMom
Gorgeous animal, handsome as tom selleck.....
Oct 19, 2006 becky
beautiful. i love his ears!!!! hopefully they will stay that way.
Oct 19, 2006 Kim
He's so cute and what beautiful eyes!
Oct 19, 2006 yujismom
his paws give me pause!
Oct 19, 2006 Lucy and Frag-s Mommy
So cute! He reminds me of my Frag. He is a min pin. He is also very loving and is always wanting attention. Best of luck with your puppy! He sure is gorgeous!
Oct 19, 2006 Rosie
He's beautiful! He reminds me of when my Jaimoe was a puppy, just breathtakingly gorgeous. I notice people are mentioning the ears, and I leave my Dobies' ears natural, too...they're just as beautiful, and I cause my dogs no pain.
Oct 19, 2006 mamapiper
Yeah, dont believe the hype. Dobies are like big babies. So are Rottweilers and Pit Bulls too, people unfairly label them because they are strong breeds who are often used and trained to scare people. When a dog makes headlines for causing damage of course its always a strong breed dog, if a poodle were stronger they too would be considered 'dangerous', its all in the upbringing and I can see that lil Mag-pie has it good! Can you believe that BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) has banned these cuties in many places? That is why we need to fight stereotypes and BSL's. Its not fair to the dogs or their loving people. Denver Co. confiscates and euthanizes their banned breeds on sight! No questions asked. :(
Oct 19, 2006 Trisha, Rusty-s Mom
Being his auntie, I know what a sweetheart he is! His parents have done really well raising him, despite all the "hype" about Dobermans. I've actually not seen all of these photos - it's amazing how much he has grown up, Sis!
Oct 19, 2006 tamsenita
Dobermans rock!!!
Oct 19, 2006 Danielle
What a sweet face! LOVE the paws.
Oct 19, 2006 Bridget
what a cutie!!! (don't crop those ears!)
Oct 19, 2006 Terry C
That is one BEAUTIFUL Doberman.

"The Consummate Canine Athlete"

I never bought into those stereotypes about certain breeds (Dobies, Pit Bulls or Rotties). It's a bad owner who makes a bad dog.

Magnum is gorgeous!
Oct 19, 2006 Terry C
Please leave his ears natural!
Oct 19, 2006 Chip
I hate to be the one that likes ears cropped and to tick everyone off...but

Anyway I believe that a dog acts according to how their raised...Looks like this little guy is going to be a trooper.

Let's hope the other dogs don't make fun of him because of his ears and make him mean.
Oct 19, 2006 Katt
Magnum is one magnificent PUP-PUP. Here's to a long, happy, healthy and loving addition to your family.
Oct 19, 2006 Shonnie
What a handsome guy. I just lost my I love that name too! And those floopy ears are the best!!!
Oct 19, 2006 mgsc
Funny, I have never heard bad things about Dobermans. I know they are good guard dogs, but I didn't know they had the same baggage as pits and rots.

Mags is a sweetheart.
Oct 19, 2006 puppyluver
oh he is amazing beautiful! doberman's are amazing! this little guy keeps like a keeper!
Oct 19, 2006 Jackie I
In the last picture, he has a beautiful smile....He is a keeper...
Oct 19, 2006 Tina Lawson
Looks like my doby and she is the cutest sweetest dog ever!
Oct 19, 2006 Becky
I also have a Doberman (her name is Nova) and I will never own another kind of dog either. My husband and I both adore her and we can't imagine life without her!!!
Oct 19, 2006 Becky
Magnum is beautiful...he'll be a great dog!
Oct 19, 2006 Wendy
What a cutie patootie! Looks a LOT like our min-pin. Those eyes are to die for! Congratulations on a beautiful addition to your family.
Oct 19, 2006 Linda
I will never move to Denver. I have a Rhodesian Ridgeback (Isis) and a rottie (Bettie). Bettie is the biggest baby and Isis is a big sissy dog. Both are on big, bad dog lists. Big,bad dogs are made by mean little & stupid people. This dobie is beautiful. I've never met a mean dobie either.
Oct 19, 2006 Savannah
awwwwwwwww how adorable i love it!!!!!!!
Oct 19, 2006 sophie
Gorgeous dog. Gorgeous ears. Leave them be.
Oct 19, 2006 Marie
Such sorrowful eyes in pic five. And he's smiling in the last pic. Cute.
Oct 19, 2006 FinzGal
Aw! He's such a cutie!! He looks like my Manchester Terrier (will be on grown-up puppies on Nov. 9th!) 'cept his paws are bigger!!!! Big paws = BIG dog! hehe!! So cute!! Leave his ears!!!!

Good luck with him, he'll be fine as long as he realises you and him are friends and you and your fmaily are top dog, which he will if you've had him from puppy... and what a cute puppy!!!!
Oct 19, 2006 Smoochies
Those ears set off his gorgeous eyes! (And as for my 2 cents, please let them be as God intented) ~..~
Magnum is magnificient!
Oct 19, 2006 Magnum-sMom
Thanks for all your nice comments...Magnum was happy to know you all think he is pretty!
Oct 19, 2006 jeannamom
Oct 20, 2006 by lala and panesita
Bueatiful puppy
Oct 20, 2006 ilovedogs
Awwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is soooooooooo cute!!!!! Adorable!!!!! I love his eyes in the 5th photo of him. What a cute puppy!!!! Doberman Pincher's are really awesome dogs!!!!!! 11 biscuits for you Magnum!!!!!
Oct 20, 2006 Roy Perera
Really beautiful and graceful.
Oct 20, 2006 Diana and Nico : )
Oh, congratulations!

He is SO cute!
Oct 20, 2006 W.SUESS
Oct 20, 2006 Johnny
I've had 3 dobermans they are without a doubt the ultimate friend
Oct 20, 2006 Rick
Muy bonito Doberman. Yo quiero comprarme uno de estos adorables perros, es casi una tortura ver lo bonito y angelical que parece en las fotos. In the 5th picture it seems too innocent.

Nice dog.

Oct 20, 2006 emily
he is the cutest i wish i had a puppy just like him
Oct 21, 2006 datchi
hi imdatchi
Oct 21, 2006 datch
uuuhhhhh is any wwwoonnnn here
Oct 21, 2006 that girl
Doberman's are mean. Better make sure he is properly trained.
Oct 22, 2006 Punish the Deed, not the Breed
Gorgeous! I own 2 Dobermans, a Fawn and Blue, and my handsome boy(pj) looks exactly like Magnum, but less dark and shiny.

I have 3 dogs all together, 1 is a Pit Bull Terrier, but all 3 are sissies. Afraid of their own shadows! My daughter's goldfish is more viscious! It makes me so angry that they plan to eliminate these beautiful breeds.

And by the way, I love that his ears have been left natural. My puppies(their brother and sister) already had docked tails, but their ears I left natural. I think the tail is a signature look, and is not as painful for the dog as cropping the ears.

Mucho amor de Magnum!
Oct 23, 2006 lindsey
haha maggy is cute and ryes is getting beet up...cute pics
Oct 23, 2006 Bonnie Brault
That is the most beautiful Doberman puppy I've ever seen. I own American Bulldogs...which are also a "bad breed." hahah
Oct 31, 2006 Lacreelin
precious pup
Nov 16, 2006 GoPups
PLEASE LEAVE HIS EARS NATURAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!It's so painful for the dog,don't be cruel!!!!!!!!!!He is a CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!
Nov 16, 2006 amandagrrl
mmmmmm . . . i just wanna smooch his muzzle. sooo adorable. the good thing too, if you opt to leave him un-docked, is that the average person will not realize that he is a dobie.
Nov 18, 2006 ~by Donna on 11/17/06 9:46pm
you dog is soooo cute. i am looking for a doberman right know.
Nov 29, 2006 dobies rule
crop the ears. they look so handsome and regal with cropped ears. get a show crop too.
Dec 6, 2006 BRITTANY
Dec 19, 2006 lovesdobermans
as my screen name will tell you i love dobermans they are sooo cute as puppys but magnum is adorable.
Feb 22, 2007 Loizhanne
i have met a lot of dobies, and have never seen one that was aggressive or vicious. thank God for the people who check out the breeds like you did. i'll bet magnum was a very pleasant surprise for you! he is probably the most handsome dobie i have seen. hope to see more!
Feb 27, 2007 Harley's Mom
He is such a handsome little man. I have two dobermans and am thinking about getting another one! They are the very best dogs and I would never have any other kind.

Wish you many, many years with your new best friend!
Apr 25, 2007 AshleyKateWaller
Magnum is so adorable! We are wanting a doberman puppy too! Where did you get this little guy?
May 4, 2007 CTRUPERT
He is beautiful. I just got a new Doberman mix from Animal Services recently, her name is Heidi and she looks just like Magnum. I'm starting to doubt that little Heidi is a mix at all. She is my second Dobie, once a Dobie lover, always a Dobie lover!
May 17, 2007 jem1985
I met my first Dobie as a child... (around 3) she lived down the road from me and wandered into our garden where me and my Mum were. Mum was terrified and tried to grab me but I loved "doggies" and she didn't catch me before I got to her... as soon as I ran up to her she just laid flat on her back with her paws in the air for a cuddle. I used to go down and play with her all the time and her owners would let me walk her when I got a bit older...It was always a joke oin our small town cos I was this tiny wee girl with pigtails walking around with this "mean"... " vicious"..."monster" HA!!!...Dobies are lovely and only get a bad rap cos they love their families so much that they'll do anything to protect them.
Magnum is especially beautiful.
Jun 11, 2007 tristan.porter
That puppy is so cute
Jun 11, 2007 tristan.porter
his name is the best(if it is a he)
but it lover him or her anyway
Jun 18, 2007 ddsalazar55
Love him to death!! We just lost our 6 year old Dobie to cancer. There is not a day that goes by that I don't think of him. Asleep on his back with his front legs straight up in the air was a classic. They don't stay pups for long (even though Dobies don't really finish growing until well into their first year). Treasure these times and lots of photos!! Always tell him he is your gift from heaven as he is. He is so cute!! And love that Doberman smell. Not doggie at all. His ears are beautiful!! Cropping is too much emotional pain for us and physical pain for our Dobies. If you crop, please find a vet who has done this before. We will never do that again. give your boy a big hug and a wet kiss!
Aug 11, 2007 Mummm
He's a beautiful dog! I like his ears as is too.
Oct 9, 2007 AshleyKateWaller
Magnum, you are an absolute sweetie! I LOVE DOBERMANS!!!! Emma is our little baby girl Dobey, and she is sooo wonderful! I only wish you two could get to play together! Did you keep your beautiful blue eyes? How big did you end up getting? Details... please please please! Mwah! A million biscuits for you!
Nov 19, 2007 tla0126
What sweet puppy paws!
Nov 24, 2007 randomearrings
Magnum is absolutely beautiful. Dobes are the best dogs ever, gentle and so very intelligent. ( I was owned by one for twelve years). He's adorable. Wishing you many happy years together. xx
Dec 3, 2007 kellymarie
i laughed out loud when i saw the last picture, because he looks like he's giving the camera a little smile! adorable!
Dec 12, 2007 my_stoney_baby
What a great name for him! He is very handsome and looks like a real sweetheart! I love dobies!!
Feb 22, 2008 zoepup
Magnum is so cute! I had the same doubts about my dobe when my husband first brought her home. I didn't know anything about dobes except for what was portrayed in movies and tv. But, now that I have lived with my girl for 4 loving and fun years, i can't imagine owning another breed of dog! Dobe's are truly the cadillac of dogs!
Jul 12, 2008 Marley-the-white-lab
What a beautiful doggie!!! His face just says magnum
Oct 9, 2008 trishratliff1
I pick mine up this weekend and he is 1 1/2 yr old and they do not have the time for him so I hope mine works out as well as your and your cute magnum has worked out for you! I am anxious to get him and I have alot of time to spend with mine.
Nov 30, 2008 dobermenman10
doberman are the BEST dog in the world magnum is the awesomest dog i have ever seen. i have three and they all are the same color as magnum
Dec 18, 2008 tlbrown3365
I just want to grab him and love him up....It's cuties like him that make me just love the heck out of all puppies!!!!
Mar 8, 2009 zoe the doberman
what a handsome boy u must be so pround dobbys r my fav breed good luck with him
Mar 27, 2009 animalsoftheworld
Aug 8, 2009 jakethesnake
Doberman Pinchers Rock!!! There good watch dogs. My best friend Tiyler has on and his name is Harley. Harley is the man of the house.Harley is soo scaring looking but hes a great dog to have.
Aug 8, 2009 jakethesnake
Hes soo cute.Puppys Rock!!!+
Aug 22, 2009 Rottweilers r Awesome
Aug 25, 2009 puppymad17
Awwww I know I'm REALLY late on commenting but I was looking up Dobie pics on the internet and it came up with Magnum! He is adorable and Dobies are the best breed :)
Mar 23, 2010 darabin
Best puppy ever!
Jun 22, 2010 dmdelisle
he's just adorable. i'm getting a dobie puppy in a few months and your description makes me more excited to have my own!
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