Wednesday, April 16, 2014
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Jul 2, 2010 teeru
Handsome boy, kiss kiss.
Jul 2, 2010 teeru
Sorry, she is a pretty girl. (- -")
Jul 2, 2010 pupfanatic
Oh Maia, you sweet little puplet. I have to tell your Mommy and Daddy hooray for them ADOPTING you but also that I'm soooo very sorry for the terrible loss of their other baby. Sounds like you are helping them heal A LOT. Maia, I love your ears, your expression, uh, what DON'T I love about you! Nothing. Blessings sweet girl. Keep eating all your little heart desires on your special day!
Jul 2, 2010 av617
It sounds like Maia has a fabulous home, she looks like a very sweet pup.
Jul 2, 2010 Puppygirl93
Oh wow! What a beautiful puppy Maia is!!! I love that coat and her pretty eyes! What breeds is she mixed with?? Oh she she just darling!! a million treats and hugs, belly rubs and kisses for you sweetie!!! I wish Maia A long and joyous life!!
Jul 2, 2010 sarah92
Aww! Just adorable! Looks soooo soft and cuddly!! xx
Jul 2, 2010 kamakazikasey
Awww! He's so adorable!! i just wanna cuddle him! Hugs from Indiana
Jul 2, 2010 swanruadha
Oh, look at those big ol' paws! Got some growing to go to fit those! Beautiful puppy, and if she keeps that varigated coat, she will be stunning!
Jul 2, 2010 champfouquet
Such an adorable face! Many happy and healthy years together xxxxx
Jul 2, 2010 sarl6618
So glad Maia found a loving forever home. Maia is absolutely adorable !
Jul 2, 2010 shortyww22
I think you're Lil Maia is soon to be a Big she is Beautiful love her sweet eyes and lovely brindle coat coloring.she looks like she has gotten some mastiff in there.her paws are big and I'm sure she'll be a big girl fully grown.come see my lab mixes coda n kuva and my other dogs n comment please.I wish you many happy long years with pretty Maia..I'm so very sorry for the loss of your other pup...kisses n hugs Maia.hope to see her here as an adult someday.
Jul 2, 2010 daphne's mom
What a sweetheart! I hope you have many happy and healthy years together! Much love, many biscuits, and tons of cuddles for Maia!
Jul 2, 2010 longislander
What a sweet face. Sorry to hear of your other puppy, it's always sad to lose a pet. I hope Maia will always make you happy. Her brindle coloring is so pretty.
Jul 2, 2010 goldenlover
What a doll !! Congratulations on the rescue.
Jul 2, 2010 Lovinmalamutes
What a sweet baby and such gorgeous coloring. She gets 11 biscuits from me as well as lots of hugs!!!
Jul 2, 2010 jmill
Her coloring reminds me of an African Wild Dog, so interesting and beautiful! She is very sweet.
Jul 2, 2010 cluvsdogs
beautiful! adorable! sending many kisses, hugs, treats to Maia.
Jul 2, 2010 guerrero's grandma
Such a beautiful & happy looking girl you are Maia. I love your beautiful coat, your pretty eyes & your sweet smile. Long & Happy & Healthy Life to you sweet one
Jul 2, 2010 kmlewis
Beautiful! I am fostering some pups for the shelter that look exactly like her!
Jul 2, 2010 meganbooth
awww this little girl (not for long!) is so cute. She looks soft, sweet, and kissable!
Jul 2, 2010 Samba1260
What a sweet baby. Many cuddles and doggie treats.
Jul 2, 2010 amyliz
Maia, I love your brindle coat and sweet face! It sounds like you have a good home and are well-loved! (Sorry to hear about your first pup..I know he/she was loved,too.)
Jul 2, 2010 siun
OMG! you cannot get any cuter than this! I love her! she has the most beautiful coat i have ever seen! i wish i had bought her before you! if only! those eyes are just sooo sweet and innocent! I love the name, too! it's suits her exactly!
Jul 2, 2010 jocie3
It was hard to choose a picture. What a beauty she is. I am a sucker for brindle and Maia wears it very well. Have a blast with your sweet baby.
Jul 2, 2010 schutzhund
What a sweet pup and what sweet human caretakers. Your tender and loving devotion to your new puppy is affirmation that the human race still has a chance of survival. May you and your pup enjoy a long healthy and prosperous life. May all of our hearts be softened to each other as yours is softened to this beautiful puppy.
Jul 2, 2010 yankigal
Awwww.....Maia is just beautiful!! LOVE her coloring!! What a gorgeous face!! We just lost our dog recently too and I couldn"t be without a dog so we just got a new puppy too and he has truly helped get us through some rough I know what you mean. Good luck with Maia because she is a beauty and will bring you lots of my little McGee is doing for me.
Jul 2, 2010 animalluvr110
Aw! She's so adorable. I want to see Maia chase butterflies. I'm sure she'll look just adorable...and funny. And I'm sorry to heard about your recent puppy. That's very sad. But 11 biscuits for you! Hugs and kisses to Maia! :)
Jul 2, 2010 jlover88
what-a-cute! 100% cuteness and instantly one of my favorites my dog has the same brindle color except the brown is lighter
Jul 2, 2010 HillCountryGal
awwww, what a cutie!
Jul 2, 2010 rescuesarebest
I, too, have a rescue pup that I named Maia! What a unique name for a unique, special puppy! Congratulations on your new family addition...she is beautiful!
Jul 2, 2010 fluffy ears
Is someone cozy??
Jul 2, 2010 gryt
Awww... hi sweetheart!
Jul 2, 2010 AnnM
Maia is a beautiful, sweet puppy. So glad you have found each other to share your life with. You are helping each other. Heartwarming.
Jul 2, 2010 katz66
very cute. Really like her markings and colors
Jul 2, 2010 molly's mom
Oh, how lucky you are to have found each other!!!!!!Enjoy and have fun...........
Jul 2, 2010 furriesrfantastic
Awww just look at those big brown puppy eyes, don't they just make you weak at the knees? You guys sound like the PERFECT puppy parents!! Truly! My sympathies for your loss, but you can help your grieving by putting all your love and attention towards this big, beautiful girl!
Jul 2, 2010 broadway245
Maia is beautiful!
Jul 2, 2010 w102663
Cute and sweet Maia! You sound like a wonderful puppy dog. oxoxox To Maia's parents: I am sorry and sad for the loss of your other puppy.
Jul 2, 2010 Dog-Lvr
First...I'm sorry for your loss of your other puppy. I know that must have been very difficult. Second...Maia is absolutely beautiful!! Her ears look so soft and fuzzy - and I LOVE her color! Beautiful. I wish her a long, happy, healthy life with you! Thanks for adopting from a shelter!!
Jul 2, 2010 gem1945
Maia is a beautiful little girl. Sorry about the loss of your other puppy :-( . So sad. But so glad you found and adopted Maia, she will bring you so much joy and fill you lives with fun. Many belly rubs and kisses for Maia from our critter gang and me!!!
Jul 2, 2010 Tzarinac
Just takin' five after some hard play! So cute. It takes lots of energy to be so cute (and to grow so fast, which I'm sure you are doing judging by the size of those paws)! Belly rubs to you Maia.
Jul 2, 2010 jsewell51
Maia - so glad you found a great home that loves you. You are beautiful! xoxo
Jul 2, 2010 sundayfriday
AWWWWW she is an adorable girl congrats Maia!!!!!Sooo sorry about your other dog.Anyway maia looks like a german shepherd mixed with a boxer!!!!!!!!!
Jul 2, 2010 ssmmtm
Want something sweetheart? Love that look in those eyes. She has absolutely beautiful markings. xxoooos baby girl. Biscuits, too.
Jul 2, 2010 lucybee
I am very sorry for your loss,but as we all know,new puppies can heal a multitude of sorrows.This is such a pretty girl.Love her name and that unusual coat.I wish you Many long years of happiness together!
Jul 2, 2010 sdv in slc
Maia, you are beautiful. I also want to smother you in kisses and love. I'm glad this lucky pup has found her lucky people.
Jul 2, 2010 BabiesforNana
What an absolutely beautiful little girl!!! Once in a while a puppy will appear on Daily that totally captures your heart and darling Maia you have mine!
Jul 2, 2010 brunomom
Jul 2, 2010 sputnik
Oh Maia! Being exceedingly cute can sure tire a puppy out! Lots of hugs to you, sweetie!
Jul 2, 2010 drakes' granny
Maia is very cute. Beautiful coloring. So glad you could save her but sorry about your other puppy. So sad..! Love you Maia, she is a treasure. Happy days.
Jul 2, 2010 soozn
She's a beautiful girl, and I hope you all have many happy years together!
Jul 2, 2010 The Raven
She is adorable, it is so sad to loose a puppy. I hate Parvo, terrible disease. Take good care of this beautiful baby. A long and happy and HEALTHY life to her and her family.
Jul 2, 2010 Lindsey0901
Maia looks like such a sweet baby. I hope she brings your home lots of joy and helps you heal during a very difficult time. Maia, play hard and make sure you get lots of belly rubs and kisses! You are adorable!
Jul 2, 2010 wheatie mom
Little Maia is brindle right down to her toes! What a cute little day brightener and heartwarmer she is!
Jul 2, 2010 sedentarynomad
Her adorable look brings a tear to my eye. Congratulations to all of you and wishing you all the puppy love you can handle.
Jul 2, 2010 RubyJeansMom
Maia is absolutely gorgeous! What an adorable girl.
Jul 2, 2010 DailyPuppy Admin
Just relaxing in the sun. What a precious pup!
Jul 2, 2010 Mary McCune
She looks so much like my Hopps. The Humane Society told us she was Lab/Retriever/Shepherd mix. Turns out she's Boxer, Am Staff Terrier, Gordon Setter and Portoguese Water Dog according to DNA. Maia could be her twin and of course, I think Maia is beautiful, too!
Jul 2, 2010 honeypie
Who wouldn't love that sweet face!!!
Jul 2, 2010 3saavik
Nothing like a sweet puppy resting!
Jul 2, 2010 monkeynbubba
Wow She is very pretty. I'm sorry about your puppy before her. I hope Maia lives long and happy and you all have a great life together.
Jul 2, 2010 malawi
What a beautiful and innocent little face she has! So sorry on the loss of your other pup
Jul 2, 2010 Reenah
Maia, What sweetness.....Best wishes to you and your new family.
Jul 2, 2010 catmother
May I have one more duvet, please? We princesses are very delicate, you know!! Your princess looks as if she is very happy and well loved -- you probably look the same, having found her!! All best to Maia and her family!
Jul 2, 2010 Lacy's Sis
Cutest face ever!
Jul 2, 2010 Yogii
She so cute!!! She loves to take pics.
Jul 2, 2010 dancequeen
She is so cute!!! I love her coat! Her ears look like my puppys! Love!
Jul 2, 2010 luvrescuelabs
Maia is absolutely gorgeous! Lots of hugs, belly rubs and kisses for this adorable baby. Glad that she is helping you deal with the loss of the previous pup. Labs are lovers and so sweet tempered. Many happy years together.
Jul 2, 2010 CrazyAnimalLady
Oh my goodness! Your Maia looks just like my foster baby Maya!! She was adopted by a friend of mine and I still get to visit with her all the time. The two of them could be twins!
Jul 2, 2010 Liza Jane
Just super awesome Maia!!!
Jul 2, 2010 Rastas
You look sooo sweet little Maia!!!!
Jul 2, 2010 luvlabsluvlife
Maia is very bautiful! She looks so soft! Very sorry for your previous loss. We also lost a pup many years ago to distemper even though he had shots. Anyway, best of luck with this new beauty!
Jul 2, 2010 Zabilka
LOVE her coloring!!! Pretty puppy!
Jul 2, 2010 Zabilka
Awwww, sounds like she has a big heart! That's sweet :)
Jul 2, 2010 Oliver & Henry's Mum
What a darling girl! I'm sure she is a love bug, with a bit of mischief thrown in to the mix. Sweet Maia! Hugs from Oliver & Henry, and their Mum, in London, Ontario
Jul 2, 2010 pandrews-4
What a sweet girl!
Jul 2, 2010 lynetz2
little maia! i am so glad you've found a forever home that is welcoming you with love and kisses! and it looks like you are enjoying every minute - and making their hurt for losing a puppy a little easier to take - because of your love and kisses for them! have a wonderful life, maia! hugs and biscuits for you!
Jul 2, 2010 amper
Beautiful! What a precious face! Not sure if I can pick just one favorite picture, but this one comes close! Lovely photos of your lovely baby; blessings to all.
Jul 2, 2010 ruthie
I am sorry for loss. Lucky you and lucky found each other. She is adorable, with a beautiful face and coat. Wishing you many, many happy healthy, love-fillled years together. & #10;
Jul 2, 2010 DebforNow
Maia is adorable and I'm so glad you found each other. Losing a dog is devastating, particularly a puppy. I know that Maia will win you over with love and kisses, just look at those eyes!
Jul 2, 2010 puppyfaces
Just look at this face!!!!! What a baby doll!
Jul 2, 2010 piobaire
Oh little Maia, you're going to get away with alot in your life with a sweet face like yours. Many cookies for you sweetie.
Jul 2, 2010 bkregh
You are a beautiful girl What pretty fur. Lots of love forever little one.
Jul 2, 2010 lucyny2000
Congratulations on finding each other! Maia is absolutely charming, and I think she knows how lucky she is to be loved by such wonderful people! Blessings from NY
Jul 2, 2010 slevinsmom
I would never stop kissing that precious striped face!!!
Jul 2, 2010 bestfriends
Very sorry for your loss. I know this sweet girl is doing her part to ease the hurt. Hurray for adopting! Maia will be your best friend all her life. I wish her a long, healthy life. It's obvious she is loved.
Jul 2, 2010 Coinshop
Wow! Maia is adorable. Her coloring is absolutely beautiful. Enjoy many years together!
Jul 2, 2010 loveheals
Maia is so beautiful---her soft gorgeous coat,floppy ears and intense eyes---WOW! So sorry for your loss. Wishing you many years of joy with Maia!
Jul 2, 2010 allmyshelties
Maia has such a sweet face and eyes full of love (and mischief I'm sure as she is still a puppy) While no dog can replace another, puppies do have a way of healing your heart. I hope you have many happy years with this beautiful girl. So sorry about your loss, as well.
Jul 2, 2010 tzumom
What a pretty princess you are wrapped up in your bed...have a wonderful life together.
Jul 2, 2010 Sunshi500
What a gorgeous girl!
Jul 2, 2010 StefanieM
Maya is such a sweet little girl! She reminds me of my Levi! What a beautiful face, and such a pretty coat! Maya is truly one of a kind! I wish you happiness and love!
Jul 2, 2010 coriebe
Maia is sweet and truly adorable :)
Jul 2, 2010 sheila
Maia is so cute. Sweet-faced baby girl and I love her markings. It sounds like her human parents love her very much. Long and happy life Maia!!
Jul 2, 2010 puppy world#1
Maia is soooooooooooooooooo adorable wen she does the sad puppy face keep it up it will help u!! Awww srry for the lost of another puppy i hope Maia will hlp that problem. I wonder wats her mix i have an idea wat it coul be.
Jul 2, 2010 lotsapets
You have such a beautiful little dog to love..........she will be good medicine for your sadness, From Robbie and Katie's "Mom"
Jul 3, 2010 meredithcook
That's so sweet!
Jul 3, 2010 lorenawalker
Es una ternura
Jul 3, 2010 Dog Master
Awe... sleepy puppy!
Jul 3, 2010 picture perfect
ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhh she is sssssssssssssoooooooooooooooo cute
Jul 3, 2010 ittilet
Maia sounds like a fun little guy to hang around with! she looks almost exactly like my puppy May! even the names sound alike!
Jul 3, 2010 ittilet
How old is maia? may is 4 months
Jul 5, 2010 iluvk9s
Maia is so adorable!! What a sweet little face. Tons of biscuits, kisses and hugs!!!
Jul 6, 2010 kiljey
What a doll. how lucky for you and her. xoxoxoxoxo
Jul 6, 2010 RheannaMarie
So Cute
Jul 6, 2010 kumadog
Maia is so precious! She actually looks a lot like my puppy, Kuma, but with different coloring! Do you know what she is mixed with?
Jul 12, 2010 asiasmum
What a pretty, realxed little girl :)
Jul 13, 2010 Sophia_the_Pom_Chi
Awwe she looks so sweet!!
Jul 14, 2010 4sharpy4
i love your dog it is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooo cute cuteness overload your dog must be tied for being soooooooooooooooooooooooo cute
Jul 21, 2010 dianel99
Some people might look at the flowerbed thinking it's crushed. Not me! I see a sweet, sweet baby.
Jul 27, 2010 Catherine Chivers
Cute but comment on are Monty and Milo
Dec 17, 2010 pelligrino
Maia has a very sweet and gentle face. She has so much love and loyalty in those big brown eyes. It's great she found such a wonderful and loving home.
Dec 29, 2010 CoopersAunt
Awww so adorable *-*
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