Margay the Toy Fox Terrier

Puppy Breed: Toy Fox Terrier

Margay's mom says: Margay is named after my son’s kart chassis because she came from a family at the kart track. She wormed her way into my life at two weeks when I had the joyful task of bottle-feeding her as her mother could not handle the seven puppies that came to her. It was love at first site. When she was five and a half weeks old my friends called and said she’s all mine. I jumped in the car and went to get my new girl, and we’ve been inseparable ever since. Margay is very smart and very fun. Squeaky toys are her favorite, but taking the soup bone from our 11-year-old Brittany spaniel really gets her engine going. She shares her home with her mom and dad (her favorite place to nap), her 16-year-old human brother, a 16-year-old Yorkipoo sister, and an 11-year-old rescue poodle sister. Never a dull moment in our home.