Marie and Babette

Puppy Breed: Unknown

Marie and Babette's birth family says: Our family got Cleo two years ago. We had always wanted an Irish Jack Russell and we were thrilled to find a breeder locally. Irish Jack Russells have shorter legs and a much milder temperament than the classic "American" Parson Russell terrier. We wanted to breed Cleo just once, and in August '06 we had four puppies: Harley, Cha Cha, Babette, and Marie. Babette was always the sweet one. She would wait her turn to do anything. She would wait patiently for the food bowl, for attention, for her mama. She went to a family with two small children and has an older black Lab brother who is very laid back. This family did not want a very active Jack Russell and it was a perfect match! Little Marie, the runt, was the last puppy to leave and was with us for 11 weeks. Marie was a little spitfire and Cleo just loved that! She was always Cleo's favorite of the litter, and it was really neat to be able to keep her a little longer and watch Cleo have so much fun alone with her. Marie was a very tough little girl and she was very bossy. If there was an altercation, a fight, or an argument of any kind in the litter, she was in it and most likely started it! She was definitely the smartest of the bunch and learned paper training in a snap. She went to a wonderful home with a local school teacher, two teenage girls, and a grandma at home full time. Babette Close Marie Close Kisses from Mom Cleo