Marley the Australian Shepherd Mix

Puppy Breed: Australian Shepherd / Mixed

Marley is a sweet and snuggly puppy we adopted from an area animal shelter. He's an Australian Shepherd mix of some type. He's a little bit shy but is also a lot of fun once he gets to know you. He loves to go for walks, play in his backyard, and he helps in the garden. He also loves to chew and shred papers in the office. He loves other dogs and cats and is friendly to everyone he meets.

Comments (29)
DaveTheDog Sep 15, 2013
"Now I lay me down to sleep/ I pray to God that little creep/...

Kelpie Roo Sep 15, 2013
Dear little pup. Feel sure he is an Australian Kelpie. If you Google...

roo91 Sep 15, 2013
What a cutie!!!!

nycRed714 Sep 15, 2013
It's so nice to see a mixed breed. He's adorable - looks...

goldenlover Sep 15, 2013
Can't even imagine a beautiful little guy like this not having a...

mljgranny Sep 15, 2013
very cute!

Tickletooth Sep 15, 2013
Marley looks like he's half Rat Terrier!

Mmmousemaid Sep 15, 2013
"...and he helps in the garden". Marley, you are iconic. ...

maz Sep 15, 2013
Marley - did you know those spots above your eyes are called kissing...

longislander Sep 15, 2013
Aw he's very cute and this pic is adorable

daphne's mom Sep 15, 2013
How cute! I hope you have many happy and healthy years together! ...

mummm Sep 15, 2013
What a cutie!

GSDLVR Sep 15, 2013
I love this one!

drakes' granny Sep 15, 2013
Marley is a real cutie. Love the tan and black pattern and the dark...

DTW Sep 15, 2013
Cute !

amyliz Sep 15, 2013
Marley, you are such a precious little guy! Many happy and healthy...

buzzy Sep 15, 2013
Marley, I love all your pictures. You don't look much like an...

Abiglen Sep 15, 2013
Look at precious Marley - what treasures are found at a shelter :o) ...

RobynRichardson Sep 15, 2013
Such a sweet little guy! Thank you for rescuing him!

nancybatt1 Sep 15, 2013
what a handsome face you have Marley. It sounds like you are a hard...

Economist Sep 15, 2013
Love this pic of Marley and friend - until, of course, he starts...

bluegigi Sep 15, 2013
"..he helps in the garden. He also loves to chew and shred papers...

kelpiesrule Sep 15, 2013
Looks like an Australian Kelpie, not a common Breed. Very Cute.

Irina S Sep 15, 2013
Marley is a Black and Tan Kelpie (mostly). Adorable dogs. Very...

westiefan99 Sep 15, 2013
I'm hanging on hard to this fluffy towel 'cos I keep on...

The Raven Sep 15, 2013
"Just resting and relaxing and storing up energy to be ADORABLE...

Frankt Sep 15, 2013
Hey you like my tatoo on my chest. Had it done when I...

poochielover Sep 15, 2013
Marley is such a sweetheart. Bless you for rescuing him!

piobaire Sep 19, 2013
Total sweetness