Wednesday, July 23, 2014
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May 2, 2006 ellie
i like the last pic!!
so cute
and i like the name
May 2, 2006 nina
i like this one a lot. you just want to cuddle with it so badd. I NEED A DOG!! hm. well good pictures
May 2, 2006 Susan B
She is a sweet girl - you know she is a good snuggler!
May 2, 2006 Diana
She is adorable.
May 2, 2006 Marley-s mommy
awww-how she a pure bread? hey my dogs name is marley too
May 2, 2006 sputnik
Marley is so adorable... nothing cuter than a lab puppy!
May 2, 2006 Heather
She is too much. Ugh. Puppies this cute should be against the law. ;) I wish you many happy years with her.
May 2, 2006 Jennifer Jo
Marley is so cute I can't stand it! She makes me want to start a grass-roots movement to allow maternity leave for people with puppies.
May 2, 2006 Darlene
Too cute!!! I love the first picture! Makes me want to get a puppy!
May 2, 2006 Susan
So cute... now I need to brush my teeth. Congratulations on your sweet new family member!
May 2, 2006 Amber-s mom
Such a sweet puppy. The collie looks like she really likes her. A real cutie.
May 2, 2006 Ariel little and cute!!! Makes your heart just ache to get one like him.
May 2, 2006 Laurie
My goodness, could she be any cuter! Congrats!! I like the picture with the goose. Howie has a pheasant and it is his FAVORITE toy! Looking forward to many more pictures of your baby girl!!
May 2, 2006 puppyluver
wow is she cute! hey u know what/ i think you should post pix of Marley's friend Chloe in the grown up puppies section of the daily puppy! they are 2 cute
May 2, 2006 Uma
Awwww, the puppy actually looks stoned!
May 3, 2006 anonymous
Labbies = love! And I love this Labbie!!!!!! Marley, you're perfect!
May 3, 2006 Terry C
Such an exciteable girl.

Chloe the Sheltie is pretty cute, too!
May 3, 2006 Marly Pod
I like your dog. She is pretty and cute. She's pretty cute. I like her. Marly is a pretty dog. She's a cute one too. Is she your dog? Your dog is cuter than my dog. I dont have a dog. If I did that comment would be mean. I try not to be mean. It makes me feel insecure. I like cheesecake. But not cheese. Just cheeesecake. I dont like cake that has a lot of icing. My teacher says not to say alot cause she says its unprofessional. She's my favorite teacher. I like your dog. I have an ipod. My friend has a pet monkey. I like your dog.
May 4, 2006 KRH
Marley definitely looks like she’s got a “one of a kind” personality. Cutest yellow lab I’ve seen yet! Makes me want to get one.

May 4, 2006 Sarah
She really has to be the cutest lab I have EVER seen. Who could ask for a cuter cousin!!! :)
May 6, 2006 PV
Adorable! Reminds me of the book "Marley and Me"...but I hope your cutie isn't as much of a handful! Great book if you haven't read it!
May 20, 2006 Dogluv
Marley looks like a very funny puppy/frog (the whole leg thing) and i would love to be her mommy
Jun 20, 2006 Danielle
She is sooooooo cute! i like the last pic. Ha! Ha! My dogs like to lick the water but not climb in!! lol!
Jun 21, 2006 Carol in Germany with Ramona
Marley looks so much like my Ramona who is now 10 years old. Labs are wonderful dogs.
Jun 21, 2006 puppy freak
she is addorable and i want her in my kithchen to help out
Jun 22, 2006 mamasobuco
What a sweetie!
I'm reading Marley and Me. It is a cute book and I highly recommend it too.
Jun 22, 2006 puppyluver
the dishwasher pic is!!!
Jul 19, 2006 meryl
Jul 29, 2006 Creature Addict
I giggled OUT LOUD (and I'm alone right now) when I saw the dishwasher pic!

Absolutely the cutest one I've come across on this website!

Give that big wiggly puppy a super-huge hug from his self-appointed "Aunt Keli"!
Aug 8, 2006 Courtney
Labs are sooooo..... cute
i love them and my gorgeous dog 'Kimba' is so adorible
Nov 12, 2006 Logan
I love your Lab puppy! She is so beautiful! The Foto with the goose is the best, I have a lab 2 her name is Jade. my Jadey is 10 and i love her to bits, lookin forward to mord fotos
Nov 17, 2006 Bill
Golden Lab?
There are Yellow, Chocolate, and Black Labradors
There are Golden Retrievers

Does not matter she still is a lovely dog
Nov 19, 2006 Animefreak
Heh, I keep laughing when I see the dishwasher picture. Very cute! I feel like congratulating Marly Pod for typing all those words...
Nov 24, 2006 j the puuppy & kittty fan
i realy think she is cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nov 24, 2006 j the puuppy & kittty fan
very pretty keep on taken care of her so she has a happy life.
Nov 28, 2006 Melissa
she looks so playful!! I love her!!
Dec 6, 2006 Kathy
Oh, I love your puppy. She is so cute. I am looking at getting a yellow lab and this has made me think about it even harder. I can imagine how much fun (and work) she is. (and how sharp her little teeth are when she bites). yes, the thrill of having a puppy. I wish her long and healthy life. Cute Cute Cute.
Jan 4, 2007 Yourmomsage
Are you sure she's dishwasher safe?
Feb 26, 2007 jayla
Love the dishwasher pic... That's so adorable.
Mar 15, 2007 animal lover
I love how she lays in the second and third pictures! Too cute!
Apr 22, 2007 x-lab_lover-x
oh wow what a sweetie i could just eat her up labs are the best...kisses from me and my 3 labs xxx
Apr 24, 2007 hetzlerl
OMG!!! These pics are sooo cute!!! I especially love the last one!! Awww, labs are the best - I am totally obsessed with them :) Kisses to Marley!!!!
May 4, 2007 llt214
I have to agree...there is nothing cuter than a lab puppy, Marley looks so sweet!!! What a perfect little girl. Kisses!!!!!
May 6, 2007 Taryn
May 14, 2007 vllybllstar
she is the cutest little thing! i bet you get stopped a lot when u are on walks...I am with my dog!
Jun 2, 2007 goldenlove87
Jun 15, 2007 xMJx
absolutely one if the most adorable little pups i have ever seen, i only think one could be cuter and that's just coz she was my ikkle baby lol! Kim a pom! anyway Marley gorgeous!
ohhhhhhhh you can tell she's going to get into trouble- but that's OK cuz she's just so darn cute that one look from those sweeeet brown eyes and your just gonna love her more! I just want to squeeze her and give her belly rubs! Your so luck to have such a sweetpea! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOX
Aug 3, 2007 donna jo
New to the Daily Puppy. Today I had time to explore. I must make sure that you have read Marley and Me or maybe this IS Marley!
Mar 15, 2008 kittymom
Awww, Marley, dishwasher doggie, tooooo cute!!!!!! You go girl!
Apr 5, 2008 Melissa99
OMG!!!! Marley you are beautiful! I cant believe how cute she is and she is only so little. She will be gorgeous when she is fully grown. :) :)

[color=red]WOOF WOOF :)[/color]
Jun 21, 2008 wolfgirl66
They are lovely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jul 15, 2008 JoeveJoy
Adorable and funny!
Nov 30, 2008 iluvmypupsash
Is that his fav chew toy??? She is TOO adorable!!!!! I luv her! Such a sweet-t-pie!!! She is sooo on my favs! If any of you other Pup fans have read "Marley and Me", than you would understand the comparison, he was named after Bob Marley also too! I luv that book, and i luv little Marley!!!
Nov 30, 2008 iluvmypupsash
I would sooo give her 11 biscuits!!!
Dec 23, 2008 biff
"Hi, I'm Marley the dishwasher troll, and you canNOT put any dishes in here without me licking them clean first." What a beautiful dog. May you have many happy years with her and Chloe.
Feb 4, 2009 huskyluvr
Marley is so so so so so so so so CUTE! I luv this pic! Such adorable-ness!!!
Jul 18, 2009 Saptember
that is the best picture ever :)
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