Tuesday, July 29, 2014
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Jun 4, 2007 goldenlove87
awww what an adorable baby!!!
Jun 4, 2007 kate4dogs
Too adorable for words!!! Such a sweet baby. hugs & kisses
Jun 4, 2007 lydster
I don't even know where to start - what a beautiful boy! You will continuously be amazed at the joy and love he will always bring to your life. Congratulations!
Jun 4, 2007 puppyluvr
What a sweetheart!! I love the picture with his foot in his mouth!!
He's so little his leash looks like it weighs him down in pic#4!!!
Enjoy your baby.
Jun 4, 2007 mandykw
so sweet!
Jun 4, 2007 pkb1
He is ADORABLE! I do have a concern, the pictire with the stargazer lilly, they are one of the most toxic plants for dogs [ but more so for cats!] the pollen that the stamen produces can kill a puppy or cat with only a couple of licks!............we always cut the stamens out as soon as the flower opens..................hope you dont mind me pointing that out?
Jun 4, 2007 jblacksf
O MY GOD. That is the cutest puppy-baby! I just want to kiss his face!
Jun 4, 2007 seeress83
He's just adorable! He looks a lot like my beagle, Hemi. I love the picture with his foot in his mouth...Hemi does that quite often, and it's cute when he does it, too!
Jun 4, 2007 jenga68
Oh he's sooo cute. One of the pictures reminds me of what Snoopy used to look like in the early days...

He is precious. I hope he's a great part of your family for many years to come!
Jun 4, 2007 Ray_Krebbs
What a super cute little fellow! :-))

Keeping pkb1´s comment in mind, though, I just thought I´d ask you to let me know whether Maverick really is alright?
Jun 4, 2007 rijbakluva
omigod - i LURVE the photo of Maverick with his paw in his mouth - sooo damn cute!!!
Jun 4, 2007 doggieaunt
Utterly and completely adorable! Having been owned by a beagle (and a runt, too -- runts rock!) as a child, I highly recommend the following compliments for Maverick: "silllllky ears" (with appropriate scritches) and "olive nooose." Our beagle (and others I've tried them on) loved those.

And, as you've no doubt already discovered, that same olive nose will lead young Mister Maverick into all kinds of trouble -- and you all over the place if you're at the opposite end of the leash!

A special assortment of scritches, coos, tummy rubs and treats to Maverick!
Jun 4, 2007 mdavis1256
Too cute for words! :)
Jun 4, 2007 jowaldo
In the first picture he seems to be saying...."That's right, I'm cute!" What a sweetie!
Jun 4, 2007 mayapple
I'm a Beagle owner/lover too and Maverick is too cute for words. His nose will get him into lots of trouble, including those flowers! How precious!
Jun 4, 2007 Terry C
Jun 4, 2007 Sashasmommy
What a cutie! I love the foot-in-mouth pic... my dog does something like that, too... it's very strange, haha.
Jun 4, 2007 2doggies
I am speechless! What a perfect little puppy!
Jun 4, 2007 llt214
Awww...what a sweet little guy Maverick is! Too cute, beyond words!! Smooches to the little "Buppy", he is precious.
Jun 4, 2007 sue
hes so cute
Jun 4, 2007 TwinBrittanys2004
What a little peanut! Nibbling on his little leg... ADORABLE! And so photogenic! Thank you for taking this little Maverick in to your lives. You will be most definitely be rewarded ten-fold.

11 biscuits to this little baby! So cute!!!
Jun 4, 2007 Alano
Too cute. His photos makes me chuckle.
Jun 4, 2007 DogMom
Goodness gracious, this is the cutest puppy EVER!!!! Kisses, biscuits and extra portions for this adorable little guy!!!!
Jun 4, 2007 rkincaide
Maverick should be in the modeling business. He takes such good poses in all the pictures. He is so adorable and cute.
Jun 4, 2007 bulldogmom
Oh wittle Buppy, you are too cute for words. I want to nibble on your paws too!
Jun 4, 2007 pauleenm
I love your little buppy! I had no idea the flower was toxic, but it's such a sweet pic. He has the most adorable eyes I've ever seen.
Jun 4, 2007 gem1945
Maverick is sooooo sweet!!! Love all the pics, but the one of him smelling the flower is just precious. May you have many happy years with him. I would love to rub his tummy and scritch his ears!
Jun 4, 2007 Suzy's Mom
Maverick is so sweet. My Suzy is a Beagle too. Beagle puppies are the cutest puppies in the world! Many happy years with your little sweetheart! 11 bikits and lots of tummy rubs for Maverick.
Jun 4, 2007 zoozieQ
I love beagles! yours is so precious!
Jun 4, 2007 jillm
Buppy - I love it! So adorable and little. Like a toy stuffed animal. Love the picture of him sleeping on one! The pic of him on the stairs is priceless too - such a good boy, posing so sweet like that!
Jun 4, 2007 cindsue
Words cannot express how darling he is. You guys are so lucky. That would be my perfect puppy to have.
Jun 4, 2007 Taffy Angel
I so totaly agree with you your dog is just the cutest I've seen on here but hey what can i say I'm a sucker for the runtsof the litter there so small and cut you just want to huge them all day
Jun 4, 2007 pinky45882
Ahhhhhhhhh love it, such and adorable dog!!!!!!!!!
Jun 4, 2007 Taiyin
OMG! What a scrumptious little muffin!! I just want to snuggle him!
Jun 4, 2007 BeagleMomPGH
there is nothing cuter than a Beagle puppy...or "Buppy". HA! i love that. i have a 1-year-old bubba named Samuel who is the light of my life. but i miss puppy-hood!! i swear puppy-breath is as relaxation-inducing as Valium! kiss Maverick for me and Sam...and enjoy goes by so fast!
Jun 4, 2007 Bobbie
What an absolute angel puppy! With little devil eyes! Having had a part beagle for 12 years, I know what they can be like and sweet as they are, the little dickens will try your patience. Our's did almost all his life! We did everything we could to keep him from digging out of the back yard, and he managed to get around, under, whatever barrior we put in his way! They are soooooo smart! As he is now a year old "Buppy" has been through all the puppyness, and I am sure you are well aware of all his little tricks. Long life and love for you all.
Jun 4, 2007 dogsrule
What a cutie patooootie!

Beautiful eyes. What a sweetie-kins!

Jun 4, 2007 bopeep
Pauline is right about the flower, but it is such a cute and addorable picture. Maverick has a very handsome face. Hugs and kisses.
Jun 4, 2007 jessaisright
Stargazer Lily
Common Name: Stargazer Lily
Scientific Name: Lilium orientalis
Family: Liliaceae
Toxic Principle: unknown
Clinical signs: vomiting, inappetence, lethargy, kidney failure and death is possible. Cats are only species known to be affected

That was on the ASPCA website, where you can find a list of all the toxic plants for dogs or cats.
Jun 4, 2007 GOLDENPUP
[color=blue] He is soo cute! i just love his colors! [/color]
Jun 4, 2007 luvmybeagle
[color=red] Hello all! This is Maverick's mom and I am here to clarify for EVERYONE that Maverick is ok and very alive and well. These pictures were taken about 9 months ago. He never actually ate the pollen it more or less just got on his nose from sniffing it and has never done it since. Thank you all so much for your concerns for him but he is very healthy and even had Vet appointments after these pictures were taken. He has actually only thrown up once and that was about a month go. Thanks again to all the concerned puppy lovers out there! [/color]
Jun 4, 2007 kimknerr90
He's so adorable!! I think beagles are the cutest dogs God created!! Spoil him--he's worth it!!
Jun 4, 2007 guersh123
Many happy and healthy trails for Maverick. He is just adorable!!!
God Bless him!!!
Jun 4, 2007 luvbroncs
Love the "munching on my own leg" pic - what a cutie!
Jun 4, 2007 sandi
he is an absolute doll- the foot in mouth pic is just precious and the
4th pic down is awesome-- those ears, that snout, those eyes! I love his smile in the last pic
Jun 4, 2007 Chloe's Mom
Buppy is SOOOOOOO CUTE. I love every picture can't pick a favorite. Have fun and enjoy. Unconditional love is great.
Jun 4, 2007 MelissaJ555
Awww, this dog is absolutely gorgeous - great features, star qualities! I'd love to see more and what he looks like now 9 months later!
Jun 4, 2007 ANNAfoxlover
Each picture adds to his adorable cuteness! AWWWW...!!!
Jun 4, 2007 Matt loves pups
I believe he is ready to go on an adventure to PUPPY PALACE!
Jun 4, 2007 Puppy_Lover94
This is one of the cutest puppy's yet!!! Its so cute, and sweet! :)
Jun 4, 2007 doglovernvegas
CUTE! CUTE! CUTE! CUTE! CUTE! I know what you mean about being sweet, lovable & obedient. I have a Beagle mix who joined our family in December and just fit right in. We already had a very dominant Chihuahua mix but he eventually came around and made friends with our new addition. Our Beagle is the sweetest, most affectionate, loving & obedient thing in the world, but he can be a little mischievous when he's not being watched! My first furry baby is sweent & loving too but he tends to get a little grumpy at times. I tell people their relationship is sort of like Mr. Wilson and Dennis the Menice!
Jun 4, 2007 ARae
Extra biscuits for being a K-State puppy!
Jun 4, 2007 mldohm
Sometimes I see a picture or two worthy of comments, but every one of these are just precious!!! Great photography with a perfect little subject!! Would love to smell his "buppy breath"!!!
Jun 4, 2007 imtygra
Beagles are the BEST!!! My first Beagle was the runt and the most perfect pet for 15 years. This is my second Beagle and his personality is completely different but I love him just as much.
Jun 4, 2007 Dan76
OMG what a little cutie! thanks for sharing the pics.
Jun 4, 2007 Paula57
LOL! The foot-in-mouth pic actually made me snort, AND I NEVER DO THAT. Beagles are the best!
Jun 4, 2007 Judi
How utterly sweet & adorable. I love the picture of Buppy smelling the flower.
Jun 4, 2007 flashsma
What a cute little beagle-baby! Maveric reminds me of our Beagle, Flash, who is 9 now! He also likes to sniff my flowers! I just love the shot with his foot in his mouth! Have you noticed when a beagle yawns, they really do look like snoopy yawning?
Jun 4, 2007 w0of
I just love beagles. Their always so cute! But this one is defaintly the cuttest one I've ever seen!!!
Jun 4, 2007 ssj03
cutieeee.. little princess precious darling dainty fairy
Jun 4, 2007 ashlyniervasi
the 9th & 10th pictures is so cute!!xoxoxoxoxo
Jun 4, 2007 lovanamals
Jun 4, 2007 BTLabs
I've always loved those little beagle babies and Maverick is no exception! Smooch that little face for me!
Jun 4, 2007 ssj03
lovanamals plz chilll
Jun 4, 2007 chowmeyow
how completely adorable! He is the sweetest little puppy! I love beagles and Buppy is one of the cutest ones I have ever seen!
Jun 4, 2007 rdimonte
Buppy, Buppy, what a cute name & what a cute little dog. His face tells it all. He has so many facial expressions. Love the picture of his trying to eat his back paw. That is just too funny. He truly is a cutie. Watch over him carefully, & enjoy your precious Buppy for as long as possible.
Jun 4, 2007 tambore
What can you say about perfection? Maverick, that's what. Eleven is my favorite number and you are already bringing luck and love. You are too cute, however, but that's not your fault.

Happy Life everyone.
Jun 4, 2007 iwishihadadog
omg, ur totally right in deeming him the cutest puppy ever!!!! like, wow, my heart is exploding just looking at him! i just want to eat him up and slobber his little face with kisses! oy!
Jun 4, 2007 Betster
OMG He is sooo cute I really like pictures 6&7 where he's sleeping with his stuffed animal!!!! I'm a bit partial to beagles I had to hand raise 10 puppies because the mother got killed. I'm happy to say they all survived!!!! I also love his nick name Buppy how cut is that!!! Well Maverick a bag of puppy bones for you!!!! Hugs and kisses for the darling little guy. xoxox
Jun 4, 2007 dogluvagurl
Too cute for words. Huge eyes! 8)
Jun 4, 2007 Annie03
Reminds me of my very first dog, yes a beagle, her name was Rascal. AND she lived up to her name. Loving and adorable.
They will always love you. Buppy looks great.
Jun 4, 2007 kschopper
He is sooooooo adorable! Almost as cute as my Chloe ;) but still 11 biscuits! Beagles are just so adorable he just melts my heart completely! Give him kisses from me!
Jun 4, 2007 krisl73
What a cutie!!!
Jun 4, 2007 hmschenher
Super Cute!!!!! Those eyes pull you in!
Jun 5, 2007 TheaterDiva1
Add another biscuit for extra cuteness!
Jun 5, 2007 Woofins
We wuvFF you maverick. The half way up the stairs trick is sooo brilliant!
Puppy snogs to you from Mack and Maesy dogs
Jun 5, 2007 Catd264
Maverick is so cute. We have 2 beagles and you can't ask for more loving dogs. They are busy dogs but so sweet and cute.
Jun 5, 2007 lonjac
Awww.. What a cute little puppy!! love the little round head its so so so cute!!!:) :0
Jun 5, 2007 beaglemama cute! I have a 13" beagle who is about 9 years old named Barney who could be his big brother! They look just alike! Beautiful. I have a real soft spot for beagles and this one is great! Good luck with him!
Jun 5, 2007 puppypoo
soooo cute! Love the puppy pic with the lily! :)
Jun 5, 2007 puppyluv
Beagle puppies are just delicious.....ymmmmmmm
Jun 5, 2007 bopeep
This is my second comment about this cutie pie. I just noticed he is a K State fan - yea! Hugs and kisses again to Maverick (Buppy)
Jun 6, 2007 jjanet4
I agree, one of the cutest puppies ever, next to my beagle of course! so adorable!!!
Jun 6, 2007 shimmertwist
I've said it before and I'll say it again!
Beagle Puppies should be a CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE!!!
Jun 7, 2007 vllybllstar
aawww MAN look at that cute little FACE!!!!! i agree with shimmertwist
just that 2nd pic (and the 1st one) made me smitten!
how cute can dogs GETT????!!!!?!?!??!!?
2 CUTE!!
enjoy your cutie buppy!
Jun 7, 2007 vllybllstar
forgot to mention this--i adore the pic of him biting his foot, the last one, and the flower sniffing one!
Jun 8, 2007 baileykix
Adorable to the max!
Jun 9, 2007 Glinda08
ooooowwww...what a cutie!!! i love those big puppy eyes and the very cute ears!!!
Jun 11, 2007 Anne
I liked the thought that from the age of only 2 weeks he had such a great future home ahead of him! What a lucky dog to have a family waiting to bring him home to spoil him. Beautiful eyes and smile!
Jun 13, 2007 willow
Oh how I love Beagles!!!! Of course I have one too and she is my constant companion. Little Maverick reminds me of my Lucy. Don't ya just love their little velvet ears and heads. Try to imagine someone dumping a puppy like that off at a police station and leaving him there. That's how I adopted my Lucy, and I couldn't believe someone could be so cold that even a sweet beagle face couldn't warm them up. Enjoy many years with your sweet Maverick!!
Jun 21, 2007 cocoapuff123
I want it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jun 21, 2007 banditsmama
OHHHH!!!!!! Just look at that face, he's such a beautiful boy!!
Jul 1, 2007 lovemybabygoose
my puppy's name is goose...him and maverick should really meet and become BFFs...considering top gun would truly want it that way :) BEAUTIFUL puppy...loves to baby maverick
Dec 12, 2007 luvmylil
love Beagles!!!!!!He looks like my dog!Her name is LILLY!!!!!!!!!!
Mar 8, 2008 CO
OMG he is sooooooooo incredibly adorable!! My house would be wallpapered with all those gorgeous close-up shots. He is one photogenic dog isn't he?? Get him into modeling for a puppy calendar or on a dog food bag! Wet sloppy kisses for Maverick!!!
May 25, 2008 dogz94
Maverick is sooooooooooooooooooooo cute. I love the picture of him smelling the flower, but the other ones were also incredibly cute. He looks like a great dog to have. :D
Jun 16, 2008 divokc
Gorgeous! hehe
Jul 10, 2008 bakebrownie
awwwwwwwwwwwww she is so cute i want to eat her up j/k
Aug 6, 2008 SexiLexi
he is soooooooooooooooooooo precious and cute
Aug 17, 2008 grandma helen of ct
ouch ouch ouch. mmmmmmmm tastes good
Sep 16, 2009 georgia04
That is the face of a happy dog! Maverick is ling, darling, darling, darling. Kiss that cute nosie for me.
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