Maverick the Beagle

Puppy Breed: Beagle

Maverick's mom says: Maverick was the runt of his litter of 11 puppies, but he has not lived up to the typical "runt" stereotype. He is one of the most loving, smiling, obedient, friendly, and social puppies I have ever been around. We are truly blessed by his presence and cannot imagine our lives without his cute smiling face. We could not have asked for a better first dog for us. We had Maverick picked out since he was two weeks old and could not wait to bring him home. He is now a year old and a joy to be with and play with. I love how excited he gets each time he sees us. I like to deem him the cutest puppy ever. His nickname is "Buppy" because he's our beagle puppy. He will always be our precious little puppy.