Wednesday, July 23, 2014
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Feb 12, 2011 BCD luver
max is magical! adorable and absolutley stunning! im so happy this pup has got in, and i hope he has a wonderful life with loads of bikkies from me!
Feb 12, 2011 paulinespuppy
Oh Max ur a total sweetypie..lots of cuddles and treats from Daisy and her Mom in Ireland. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Feb 12, 2011 coonhoundmama
Another precious sleeping photo. How sweet! Max, I think Mom and Dad are on to your barking at the door. You're a smart little guy...and handsome. Many wonderful years ahead for Max and his people. Lots of treats and adventures. Thanks to Mom and Dad for adopting Max into your home and hearts.
Feb 12, 2011 tmacedcc
I really like Max enjoy
Feb 12, 2011 Barbywhodares
Max you are so wonderful. You are very cute. And smart. Big cuddles xxxx
Feb 12, 2011 wolfgirl66
All of Max's pictures are so sweet that it was hard to pick just one! Max is very sweet, lovable, cuddly, adorable, playful, wonderful and beautiful!
Feb 12, 2011 pupfanatic
Sweet sleepy pup. I won't tell your parents, my Mocha does the same thing; scratches the door to "go out" although she really just wants to frolic outside! Max, you are very snuggly and cute.
Feb 12, 2011 icedoglover
Congratulations, Max!! You are the official Daily Puppy! I love this picture - he looks so full of mischief! Your so adorable and smart!!
Feb 12, 2011 schnauzer
Hi Max, you are an absolute sweetie CONGRATULATIONS on being daily puppy. xxxxxx
Feb 12, 2011 mattysmom
Max you are simply ADORABLE!!! All your pics were beyond cute. As much as I DONT like snow, its fun to watch our lab frolic in it and I see you enjoy it also. Congrats on your special day :)
Feb 12, 2011 jasper1
Oh Max you are incredibly adorable!! What a face and little button nose! He is so cute!!
Feb 12, 2011 ECHOBLIZZ
Soooo Sweet! Precious Angel! smooches, belly rubbies, ear rubbies...and lots of romping! Treats too!
Feb 12, 2011 princelover
Max is adorable. I love his cute pose in this picture, with his paws crossed. Big hugs for this sweet boy.
Feb 12, 2011 goldenlover
Beautiful, curious and fun !!
Feb 12, 2011 kenna
You r soooooooooo cute!!!!
Feb 12, 2011 pamfontainepeters
Max is beautiful! What a sweet face! Biscuits and bellyrubs from Pam in Toronto.
Feb 12, 2011 daisy josie
This is the cutest little boy I've EVER seen!
Feb 12, 2011 Sharonatoo
Goldendoodles make adorable puppies!
Feb 12, 2011 LePenguin
Shhhh, sleeping
Feb 12, 2011 longislander
Max is adorable. I'm in love again. Every morning I wake up and fall in love with the puppy du jour. Max certainly does not disappoint. What a lovable boy.
Feb 12, 2011 drakes' granny
Max you are an adorable little baby. So sweet and innocent. I'd love to cuddle you in my lap. Sounds like you are a smart little boy and a great companion. Extra treats today!!
Feb 12, 2011 TyffanyKidd
Max is very adorable. He is the cutest. You are blessed to have such a bundle of joy. :)
Feb 12, 2011 puppylover777
Max,you are so adorable. You look like a perfect pet. I hope you live a long happy life! Hugs and buscuits!
Feb 12, 2011 phd723
Max is a very handsome boy. He reminds me of my Emma who is also a Goldendoodle. She is now 16 months old and was the Daily Puppy in December, 2009. I hope that Max brings you as much happiness and joy as Emma has brought me. Doodles are wonderful dogs and I wish you many years of joy and laughter with your little guy.
Feb 12, 2011 bluegigi
Sooooo cute!
Feb 12, 2011 bluegigi
Max you are soooo cute and adorable. You look like you cold play and play all day long.
Feb 12, 2011 GSDLVR
Awwwwww. Maxie, you are all tuckered out after all that playing. What a little cutie you are!
Feb 12, 2011 janaS
Oh Max is gorgeous! Wishing you many long, healthy and happy years together.
Feb 12, 2011 guerrero's grandma
Such a sweet picture of a sleepy pup... Max you are 100% adorable! Long & Happy & Healthy Life to you
Feb 12, 2011 dianel99
This is so much a puppy. Max plays and plays then a little nap to refresh himself and then on the go again. What a cute boy!
Feb 12, 2011 imissjess
What a smart looking sweet faced fuzz ball this one is. Very, very cute!
Feb 12, 2011 clemency
So cute!!! I wish I could play with you, Max! I'll bet you have lots of energy!
Feb 12, 2011 WATERDOG
Atta boy, even when napping, you keep an ear up. Must be sure to hear the dinner bell! Max, you are too cool. Many years of health and happiness, Cheers!
Feb 12, 2011 magic1
Oooo, I just want to kiss that ear! :-) Max is a really cutie.
Feb 12, 2011 amyliz
Max, you are a sly one with your barking-at-door trick! What a very cute and smart little pupster you are!
Feb 12, 2011 gem1945
Max, you are a very handsome Goldendoodle!!! Glad you like to play in the snow, our Brittany does, too. She runs like a horse around our front yard! You are such a good boy, Max. We wish you a wonderful, long, healthy, and happy life!!! xxxxoooo from our critter gang and me, too :-)
Feb 12, 2011 kian
Throw me a snowball! My dogs love snow as well. Enjoy many happy years and winters together playing in the snow.
Feb 12, 2011 stillwater20
just absolutely adorable! hugs from Memphis....
Feb 12, 2011 lovemylhasa
Max you are great,hope you have a happy an healthy life
Feb 12, 2011 lolbubby
have a good nap! my dog loves to sleep to
Feb 12, 2011 Goldenmom58
AWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!! Just like a sleeping little doll. Pleasant dreams filled with biscuits, belly rubs and hugs.
Feb 12, 2011 barb3b
Max: You are on your way to being one smart pup with that "barking to go out" thing. My mom tried to get me to stop barking at the window with I bark just to get the treats! My Mom thinks you are adorable! Noah (Golden Retriever)
Feb 12, 2011 margaret0474
Max, your face just grabs my heart. I love this photo; the grain of the wood floor contrasts with the swirls of your pretty coat. You are one giant sweetheart! Thank you for the big smile you put on my face this morning!
Feb 12, 2011 mkesj
Max is a handsome " dood ". I have a mini GDoodle who looks a lot like Max. Cute pose with his gaze and crossed legs.
Feb 12, 2011 The Raven
Max you are the cutest little lad. You are a great color and blend in perfectly with the fence, the grasses and the wood floors. But your make your presence know by your friendly intelligent nature. You are one happy fellow. A long and wonderful life to you and your family.
Feb 12, 2011 Mollywoggs
Oh Max are you ever sweet!!!! I love your little black button nose, and your cute little face!!! I would want to spend my whole day every day just with you and never have to work for a are sooo adorable. Many long years of love fun and happy memories to you and your family sweetie.
Feb 12, 2011 sigsbylover!
What a cutie pie!!! My dog loves the snow too and goes out side to sleep! :)
Feb 12, 2011 Beautiful Cookie
I wish I could play with you Max! You are too cute for words. Enjoy your forever family. Lots of hugs and rubs Cookie and her mom.
Feb 12, 2011 gail koup
Max you are adorable! You look like one cuddly teddy bear I could just snuggle with all day! I am so glad that you found such a loving forever home! loads of l ove and biscuits to you and your family! :-)
Feb 12, 2011 bestfriends
Feb 12, 2011 PuppyDreamer6
Too cute, Max!!!! :)
Feb 12, 2011 Scamp's Grammy
Max, I hope you are having sweet dreams! You are just adorable and you sound like a really smart puppy. Wishing you lots of belly rubs and biscuits from Scamp's Grammy.
Feb 12, 2011 lizanne
Max, You are a very handsome. Love you. Hugs from me and Cooper in NY~
Feb 12, 2011 PWD Shower
Very sweet little doodlebug
Feb 12, 2011 Jakes mommy
You are a beautiful baby boy! Have a wonderful, long happy life with your mommy and daddy....
Feb 12, 2011 amykeelinglovesdogs
ahhh Max's fur looks so soft.
Feb 12, 2011 iluvk9s
Awww sweet Max is all tired out from playing in the snow!! What a precious fluffy puppy! Endless kisses, hugs and biscuits!!!
Feb 12, 2011 shortyww22
Max, you are such a cutie.hope you have many happy years with you're have such a sweet face..kisses n hugs Lil guy!!!
Feb 12, 2011 reneeblain
so cute!
Feb 12, 2011 Jose
Your sooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute I just want to give you hugs and kisses! I hope that you have a great life Max.
Feb 12, 2011 pelligrino
Max you are an adorable, playful and happy boy! I love the action pic's, but this one made my heart melt! Love, kisses, hugs and belly rubs sweetheart!
Feb 12, 2011 47sandy
Looks like you are up to puppy trouble. Go have some fun Max. You are a handsome boy!
Feb 12, 2011 Corky'smum
Go the Oodles! Max, you're a honey. You're going to be a big boy too, I bet! And curly and golden and mischievious and just the BEST fun. :) Enjoy him!
Feb 12, 2011 mushermaggie
Sleepy baby! Not a bad pic in the lot!
Feb 12, 2011 puppyanddoglover4life
so cute!!! aw jack send a lot of hugs and kisses
Feb 12, 2011 Rio
Max you are so sweet, enjoy your life and play, play, play. That is the name of the game!
Feb 12, 2011 chelseapuppy
such a sweetheart
Feb 12, 2011 hyperdragon_ray
oh my gosh! he looks like a teddy bear!! have fun with him!
Feb 12, 2011 landolphe
Max is understandably tired; he had a really big day and needs his beauty sleep
Feb 12, 2011 jolieavon
All pics are great, but this one is just TOO TOO! Max looks like he's posing, with the one foot crossed over the other. What a cutie pie!!
Feb 12, 2011 w102663
Max, you're a "great" puppy and quite a "looker"! :) Love, hugs and belly scritches.
Feb 12, 2011 victoria_guo9
You are so cute!!!!
Feb 12, 2011 molly's mom
All tuckered out!!!Too much fun, Max is a handsome fella....have fun....
Feb 12, 2011 furriesrfantastic
Awww Max ... nuthin' cuter than that "I wanna play" lil' bum up in the air look!!! You have got one gorgeous puppy there .... colour me jealous!! Wishing you many, many, many years of fun and frolic with this beautiful boy.
Feb 12, 2011 pirosred
A real doll! Have a good life with Max.
Feb 12, 2011 mychiensr1
Max is so cute! You look like Teddy bear:-).
Feb 12, 2011 priceless
RRRRRRRRUUUUUUUFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF Lets Play.... My dogs would love you.... all 3 of them... You look like a fun puppy......
Feb 12, 2011 DoxMD
Did someone say 'treats' ... I may be sleeping but I 'ear you! So so cute!
Feb 12, 2011 monkeynbubba
Feb 12, 2011 Petria
Feb 12, 2011 stellysmom
i'll be very quiet...i don't want to disturb your nap, Max but just wanted u to know that u r one handsome boy. u don't have to dream to have a wonderful life, i know u will. Hugs!!
Feb 12, 2011 Holly Belle's Mom
Could NOT be cuter - no how, no way! What a doll baby - hugs and kisses and scritch scratches behind the ears for YOU, beautiful Max pup!
Feb 12, 2011 Summer Crystal
Such a cute dog........!He is adorable!His sleep looks like he's awake!!!!!
Feb 12, 2011 Summer Crystal
Have somebody add me as a dp friend?
Feb 13, 2011 Kindi13
Max the teddy bear :-)
Feb 13, 2011 Chow Parents
Max, You are too adorable for words and very smart too. Promise not to tell Mommy & Daddy about the bell. Kisses, hugs and belly rubs little man Chow Mom
Feb 13, 2011 mablizz
Sweet dreams,'re a gorgeous little boy. Lots of happy times and noms to you!
Feb 13, 2011 daphne's mom
Oh Max you are so cute! I hope you have a long happy and healthy life! Much love, many biscuits, and tons of cuddles for you sweetheart!
Feb 13, 2011 tbrown2
Beautiful. As a Golden owner I notice the Golden tail. Give plenty of treats!
Feb 13, 2011 ruthie
Max, you are very, very handsome! You have such a sweet face, beautiful coat and color, and wonderful expressions. Wishing you a long, happy, healthy, love-filled life.
Feb 13, 2011 coriebe
Max, you are absolutely adorable. Have a happy, healthy, long life in your forever home. Many, many biscuits for you...I luv ya! :)
Feb 14, 2011 puppyluv251
Too cute
Feb 14, 2011 veronica
such a cutie. x
Feb 14, 2011 Puppy Power
Sure a lovely pup! Too cute for words! xoxox
Feb 14, 2011 mhamm
I am ready to play. Get Ready, Get set, GOOO!!!
Feb 14, 2011 mel_chat
what a sweet and beautiful boy! many happy days playing in the snow to you max! you look so lovable and fun!
Feb 14, 2011 emadee
Play pose!! What a cutie. :)
Feb 14, 2011 lucybee
You look just like a stuffed toy here.Very huggable!
Feb 14, 2011 DailyPuppy Admin
Sleepy time for Max. What a precious pup.
Feb 14, 2011 goldenfamily
max is so adorable!! I hope to find a goldendoodle that looks like him
Feb 15, 2011 kitcaepup
What a cutie! Max is adorable!
Feb 15, 2011 gouldkb
I just love to watch puppies sleep! They are sooo cute.
Feb 15, 2011 piobaire
What a sweet little guy this is. And what an adorable looker!
Feb 26, 2011 siun
What an adorable goldendoodle! I love your innocent little eyes and your beautifully coloured coat! You are one cute puppy! xoxo
Oct 1, 2011 gmj
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