Maximus the Welsh Corgi

Puppy Breed: Unknown

Maximus's mom says: Maximus is our little dog with a big name. Max, as we like to call him, loves to socialize with people, children, and other dogs. He is about ten weeks old now and rarely barks. Even when other dogs howl and bark, Max takes it all in stride. He does whine a lot but we often find his whining too cute! His temperament is very even keeled and laid back for the most part. This little furball has been a big bundle of joy for us. Both my fiance and I are engineers and typically spend a lot of time in front of a computer at work and, unfortunately, at home as well. But ever since Max came into our lives, we have spent much more of our free time playing with him outdoors in the backyard, walking him around the block, and training him. We feel so much healthier as a result. We can't wait until his ears stand up because it will be oh so cute. Typically when this occurs, only one ear will stand up, then the other a short while later. When this happens, as fun and cute as this will be, we will be a tad sad that this part of his puppyhood will be over.