Friday, July 25, 2014
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Comments (81)
May 19, 2007 daddy's girl
May 19, 2007 untbunny
Maya is a beauty. What soulful eyes she has. I love the photos with the "beware of dog" sign. Just sort of says it all. Big puppy cuddle to Maya.
May 19, 2007 queenjada
What a cute little puppy. Glad that she has a nice home.
Keep up the good work.
May 19, 2007 allimarie
Oh wow, she's adorable! She looks like she has loads of great personality. I want to know how her mom is!! Did she go to a loving home, too? I hope she's all right, happy, and loved, just like beautiful little Maya is!
May 19, 2007 yummi600
what a awesome combination!!she is beautiful :o)
May 19, 2007 sue
shes absolutely adorable
May 19, 2007 Jetfixer
Thank God Maya is with you. She certainly is a cutie. What kind of lowlife must you be to use a dog for target practice? I'd like to take that @#%& and shoot at him/her.
May 19, 2007 Maz
Maya - you are such a special precious darling girl. You have that amazing look that seems to come with dogs that are rescued that just says it all. They seem to give back to us more than we can ever give to them. I'd love to cuddle and love to you to bits Maya. You are a treasure!
May 19, 2007 pauleenm
what a sweet angel. her mom's story is heartbreaking. hope she's ok.
May 19, 2007 bopeep
Beware of Dog? You, Maya? I don't see anything but sweetness and life. I, too, am wondering about your mom. Is she ok? Hugs and kisses.
May 19, 2007 pinky45882
Oh what a cute puppy, god bless people who take these dogs from those monsters who abuse animals. MY ONE PET PEEVE IN LIFE!!!!!!!!!
May 19, 2007 ezrinjaz
You are such a sweet, beautiful girl, Maya!!!!!
May 19, 2007 maggiesmith'smom
Wonderful dog. Lucky family. Blessings on all creatures that suffer the violence of ignorance.
May 19, 2007 JenK
She is just too cute for words!!! What a sad story... I am so happy for you and your family with your new addition!!
Shelby's Mom - Jen
May 19, 2007 jenbeagle
Adorable!!!!!! She is such a cutie and you can see her beagle and her lab roots in her cutie pie look! You are lucky to have such a sweetheart! You have the best of both worlds - labs and beagles are simply the best!
May 19, 2007 Lolabel
Is Maya's beagle mom ok now? (What a terrible story!)
Maya is very beautiful.
May 19, 2007 txmadre
Maya is one lucky little girl. I hope someone as good and kind as you has Maya's mother and is holding her close to their hearts and I hope the monster that abused her is in a cage.
May 19, 2007 Sashasmommy
I love the picture with the Beware of Dog sign... too cute!
May 19, 2007 Terry C
She's a BLAB!

What an adorable dog!
May 19, 2007 Terry C
I'm SO with Jetfixer.

I'd ALSO like to take those people who make pit bulls vicious and feed them to a pack of those poor dogs.
May 19, 2007 Kimbalion45
A beautiful puppy for a beautiful person. You know a long time ago there was a stop to people owning people, there should be some law saying that animals can't own animals. I just don't understand these type of people ( and I use that term very, very lightly). Do you know how the mother is doing? If you know could you please let us know.
May 19, 2007 Frogfaerie
She's learned how to use her ears then, in that flat-head "please stroke me - I'm so adoring (and certain to lick you when you do)"-look; see pic 6. Those are some mighty ears she has on her! Gorgeous!
I really hope her mum got better, I can't abide cruelty.
Best wishes to you both!
May 19, 2007 kate4dogs
She is SO cute. Love her soulful eyes. Hope her mom is ok. Cuddle her for me!!
May 19, 2007 Karen313
They used her as target practice? :( How sad is that. I hope her mom found a very nice home and I hope they hung the owners. I can't stand animal abuse in any form. Maya is a beautiful baby - how lucky she is to have you for an owner. Enjoy enjoy enjoy her!
Karen :)
May 19, 2007 wyldegirl
She is absolutely adorable!! I only hope and pray that her mother and all of the rest of the litter is as well cared for and loved as much as she is. To hear how her mother was treated just breaks my heart! :( Good luck and take good care of her!!
May 19, 2007 Sugar Pie
OOOOOO!!! I want to kiss her sweet little face all over!!!! What a beautiful little girl! She's such a precious princess!!!
May 19, 2007 sandi
I cried when I read the story-- her poor mom-- what kind of monster uses a dog for target practice-- they should be used likewise. I hope the mom is ok-- Maya is adorable-- that cute white spot on her chin and
those wonderful floppy ears- her beautiful snout and that white vest and those angel eyes-- how adorable can one puppy get?! All the pics are greaat but I think the 8th is my favorite- looking up with that cute head tilted-- just stoled my heart. What a doll-baby
May 19, 2007 sylvanbliss
It's often said here that one dog or another has triggered fond memories of a past dog for someone. Now, it's happened to me. If Maya's Mom's story wasn't a tear jerker, she has me missing my beloved Lucy too. It's good to cry for sad stories and faithful dogs that have been gone for years.

If Maya is half as grateful as Lucy was for another chance, your lives will be overflowing with the rewards of making room in your home for your new best friend.

A lifetime of happiness to you and your lovely Maya!
May 19, 2007 sewinggoddess
dead from terminal cuteness... **falls over!!**
May 19, 2007 dogluvagurl
Amazing story. It's hard to even imagine who would do such things to a poor innocent creature. She's beautiful, and I'm sure she'll bring much love and happiness into your life.
May 19, 2007 FRITZY
This is such a wonderful story. God bless you for adopting her and being such wonderful humans. All dogs need a good home!
May 19, 2007 yoliesf
Maya is a cutie patutie.

It makes me sick to hear that her mom was used as target practice. Ther person that did that must be heartless and ignorant. Ugh!!!!!!!

I'm glad Maya is safe and sound and loved!!!!! Enjoy her.
May 19, 2007 iwantthemall
[b]I love her ears.[/b]she is a doll
May 19, 2007 meowkittykitty
i love it!
May 19, 2007 jenga68
Aww so cute. And what a sweet-looking doggie too. Give her a pat for me!
May 19, 2007 Mazie
What a lucky dog and a lucky person to have each other! I have a beagle/lab mix myself and she's the best dog, very loving and mellow and loves to play. I hope you have as much fun together as
Abby and I do. hugs and kisses from both of us!
May 19, 2007 TDRG
I am currently fostering a 3 1/2 year old dog (through A Forever Home) who we thought was a Beagle/Lab mix, but now I know for sure! Our Katie is the spitting image of Maya; same white markings except just a few white hairs at the tip of her tail. She looks enough like Maya that they could have come from the same litter! Katie's a sweetheart.
May 19, 2007 vllybllstar
omg maya is a sweetie!
hey that rhymes!
anyway, she's a cutie and i hope her mommy is all better now!
xoxo :D
May 19, 2007 jillm
I feel sick when I think about Maya's Mom - Is she ok? Maya's eyes are beautiful, but sad, like she knows her Mom's pain. Thank God you are her parents and she is so loved.
May 19, 2007 Yourmomsage
so beautiful!
May 19, 2007 DelilahandSpencer
I have a BREW baby as well! Congrats on your new baby! She is gorgeous!
May 19, 2007 rkincaide
Some people can be so cruel to animals. My eyes tear up when I hear things like this. All hugs and kisses go out to Maya she is so adorable. Thank you for caring.
May 19, 2007 Betster
She is absolutly beautiful. I love her eyes they are so expressive you can see her love through her eyes. Give her big hugs for me
May 20, 2007 Noby
I totally agree; put Maya on the Puppy Train and "all aboard" to Cutest Puppy Town U.S.A.! You, little one, are the PICK of the litter! I'm sure you're as smart as you are beautiful. Congratulations to Mom and Dad.
May 20, 2007 Sparkle310
AWWWWWWW So cute!!!
..........Is her mother OK?
Goo goo, ga ga! Bee-boo, pee-poo! Poochie, poochie! Doo-doo, doo-doo! I just wanna sqweeze your wittle pwetty face! Boo-boo, boo-boo! Thank God, I don't know your address because I would kidnap you in all of your cuteness!!! Moo-moo, koo-koo!!! Giant, wet slobbery kiss across the 'net to you, Miss Maya Moo-Moo! I wish that you could be reincarnated as a woman so that I could marry you and spend the rest of my days will you! Please say YES!!!
May 20, 2007 Wacky Puppy Lady
Owwww! Two Beagle howls and a big Lab hug for this special little lady! I wish I could add her to my wacky packy of puppies!
May 20, 2007 petluver
What a horrible way for Maya's mother to be treated!! I don't know what is wrong with some people! Maya is such a sweet little girl! Big kisses and hugs to her!
May 20, 2007 monacoplease
What a precious girl. I am so sorry about her mommy. Please let us know she has a loving home breaks my heart to hear about cruelty to animals like that. I hope that person has had to pay for his abuse.......

On the bright side, you have a wonderful little girl and she will never know the suffering that her mother had to deal with. Thanks to people like you for making a difference in these angels' lives!!!
May 20, 2007 Lolabel
This update is so wonderful!!! It's really inspiring that Hazel has found a new, loving home, and that her puppies are so loved and happy.
May 20, 2007 kate4dogs
I'm so glad about Hazel. The reunion pics are great!!! Hope they have many happy get-togethers.
May 20, 2007 vllybllstar
thank you michael for putting the reunion pics on there!
maya and hazel are just sweeties and i am happy that they are both healthy
thank you thank you thank you!!!!!
and xoxo to maya and hazel :D :D :D :D :D :D :mrgreen:
May 20, 2007 Kimbalion45
Thank you Michael for sending an e-mail letting us know how Hazel is doing. I hope that I speak for other people that you may have e-mailed please don't apoligize. I broke down in tears when I read your e-mail thank you so much for letting me know. I could not stop thinking about Mayas mom all day and I would cry. Now I cry for her because I am happy and please let Hazels parents know that they are very special people and to just please give her many hugs and kisses and never let her feel that kind of pain again. Hazel and Maya look just beautiful together. I'm sure they will both live a very happy life. Let us see more pictures if they ever come available.
May 20, 2007 bopeep
Michael, thank you so much for your email concerning Hazel and Maya's reunion. I really appreciate that. Hazel looks like such a sweetheart and seems to be very happy. What a great story for a happy reunion. God bless you.
May 20, 2007 Michael
I want to thank Maya's human parents for the update and the pictures of Hazel and Maya's reunion. I got a litle weepy too when I opened their email a saw the great news.

Hats off to all Maya's mom and dad.... and all you other rescuers!
May 20, 2007 petluver
Thanks Michael for the update! I am soooo glad that Hazel is okay. I'm sure she has a good home now. It is wonderful that there are people like you to help unfortunate animals. There aren't enough people who care! Thanks so much!
May 21, 2007 Jetfixer
I want to thank you Michael for the additional info. Plus, the extra photos are a bonus. I'm glad everything turned out O.K.
May 21, 2007 2doggies
It's so nice to start the day with a story with a happy ending. Thank goodness for the good people on this earth! Both puppies are adorable and I'm sure are very grateful for their new homes! Enjoy!
May 21, 2007 txmadre
Ok, Michael, I'm not fond of Monday's to begin with, and now you've made me cry. But it was a beautiful cry. I just want to hug both set of parents. Maya's and Hazel's. What wonderful people and what wonderful girls. Hazel is so sweet looking. I can't comprehend someone purposely causing pain and injury to her. Michael, thank you so very much for contacting me with the updates. You are a good person, all the way through.
May 21, 2007 dogsrule
Aww. Nice doggie! EARS!!! Love the ears.

Target practice? I won't say what I'd like to do to people like that. It kills me.

Bless you for rescuing this marvelous animal who seems so loving and happy now. :)
May 21, 2007 piobaire
God bless you for adopting her, she's a sweetie. I'm so glad her mom is in a good home too. 10 bones for Maya and 100 bones to you!
May 21, 2007 yoliesf
Maya and her mom - wow! Thank you for letting us know that Maya's mom is doing well. I am sooooooo glad to hear that. I hope she get lots and lots of LOVE to make up for the pain she has gone through.

Thanks for the wonderful update.
May 21, 2007 JenK
I am soooo happy to hear the good news... I love happy endings....

May 21, 2007 Adam
What an inspiring story! Maya and Hazel are both beautiful! I firmly believe that rescued pets are the best because they realize how lucky they are to have loving parents! Best of luck to both of these lovely ladies! May there be many happy reunions! God bless the wonderful people at BREW who made all of this possible!
May 21, 2007 Langtry
As <b>BoPeep</b> said, a big "Thank You" for including info about Hazel, Maya's mom, being in a loving home. In addition to Maya's colassal cuteness, the fact that Hazel is getting well and is being loved, well, it just made my day!
May 21, 2007 jjanet4
what an adorable dog. you have the perfect dog, i always wanted a lab, but fell in love with my beagle. so how lucky you are to have a lab/beagle mix!!! i'm so glad she was rescued!
May 21, 2007 sandi
YEAH!!!! I'm so glad Hazel now has a happy home and was able to see some of her little ones. It is so good to hear that this story has a happy ending. Hazel likes so cute and lovin, just as sweet as she can be.

Thanks for the update Michael!
May 22, 2007 madziajk
She is so adorable! I love her eyes! What an adorable puppy! Kisses to Maya xoxoxo
May 22, 2007 godrulz
Can someone give me the info on the previous owner of 'momma pup'? I'd like to have a "discussion" regarding the inappropriateness of hurting animals.
May 22, 2007 lpricebo
Wow! We too were wondering about the breed of our new family member. We adopted her a year ago form a rescue in lab rescue in Arkansas. After looking at Maya, we are sure our Lucy is mixed with beagle. She is a dead on twin, only the other parent was a yellow lab and she is a beautiful golden color. Those ears are the wildest! So many people love her when they meet her and want to know what she is and we just say "mini lab". Now we cane tell them lab/beagle. Thanks
May 23, 2007 WheeIWuvK9s
Maya is simply sweet and looks like fun on four paws. And I'm truly thrilled to see that her mom Hazel is in a new forever home with humans that will love and treasure her for the rest of her years. Hazel is the 'Comeback Kids' er... um, pooch. You know what I mean. LOL. Hugs and tummy rubs to Maya & Hazel.
May 24, 2007 Cappo619
AWWWW....She is a Cutie!
May 29, 2007 goldenlove87
awwww I love them both!!!!
Jul 10, 2007 charrismo
omg....she's ssoooooooo sweet......she looks like a girl...!!!
Jul 12, 2007 shellyrini
thank you so much for this story. I am at my desk at work with tears streaming down my face. I cannot imagine how someone can do that to a dog or cat. It truly just blows my mind that people can be that cruel and filled with hate. I would love to do some target practice of my own to Hazel's previous owners. My only solace is they will be punished severly by God. they will get what they deserve some day. I am still just blown away by Hazels story. Anyways, I am so glad that I got to see the follow-up right away, and not have to wait and wonder how Hazel is doing. Hazel and her baby Maya are beautiful. Thanks to the new owners for loving Hazel and letting her know she can be loved.
Maya is just too cute for words. I could rub her ears all day long. Her face is so sweet and precious. Love them both and glad to know all is well with both. thanks again for your story.
Oct 17, 2007 sooozi
This just warms my heart. I hope both Maya and Hazel have happy, long lives.
in certain pictures..maya looks a little asian. its very intriguing!
Feb 1, 2008 Mrs. Aly
Praise Jesus that Maya and Hazel are both safe! Maya is one of the most beautiful babies in the world! I hope that she brings you as much joy as my little ones have brought me!
Feb 19, 2008 PipsMom
I saw your pictures, and I was amazed at how much Maya looks like our dog, Pip. We were always told she was a beagle/lab mix, but we never were quite sure. After seeing Maya's pictures, though, I'm convinced. They could be twins, from the looks of these pictures!
Jan 14, 2009 wtr3rd
our dog also looks like maya... and like samson on this same site...
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